25 Easter Eggs You Missed In A Holiday Reunion Xfinity E.T. Commercial

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Special thanks to Joshua for helping me create my intro


  1. Tom Sullivan

    Tom Sullivan10 күн мурун

    So well done! But, shorten the long intro and eliminate the profanity. It diminishes your brand on a produced piece like this.

  2. toy gun gamer AD

    toy gun gamer AD12 күн мурун

    Btw I bet they could/should have made a E.T 2 with this concept

  3. Jonte Fett

    Jonte Fett18 күн мурун

    Is no one talking about the Easter egg about that Elliot’s wife is the girl he kissed in school? They are both blonde

  4. MasterFilms

    MasterFilms22 күн мурун

    Hang bricks Lego classic space ship is so cool

  5. Chris Villegas

    Chris Villegas28 күн мурун

    Oh so that's why E.T. Ride is still there at Universal Studios. RIP Jaws, King King rides.

  6. Kip Crawley

    Kip Crawley28 күн мурун

    Its kinda weird that Elliot's son's room is basically a shrine to his own childhood experiences.

  7. I Am Mythology

    I Am Mythology29 күн мурун

    I like to believe that the Green Orb is a communication device now Elliot and E.T. can keep in contact. Maybe the reason Elliot kept the Speak-N-Spell communicator all of this time was because he has been trying to contract his friend.

  8. Mason Anderson

    Mason AndersonАй мурун

    Also when the kid jumped on the couch the kid was wearing the same pjs as when he was sick

  9. Mr AngryMan

    Mr AngryManАй мурун

    This same ET ad was changed to promote the UK satellite TV company SKY. It is a branch company of Xfinity.

  10. Rudy Briseno

    Rudy BrisenoАй мурун

    Love the video man. Hope you a great Christmas Johnny

  11. Deni Roper

    Deni RoperАй мурун

    Love spotting the hidden gems..3 more I noticed were the scarf that Elliott wrapped around E.T in the movie is on him whilst he is playing in the snow with Elliott's children. Also, Elliott's daughter is wearing a striped top; in the movie Gertie wore a striped turtleneck with her dungarees. Thirdly there is a tree decoration on Elliott's christmas tree of an astronaut...definitely a nod to the movie.and the Nasa guys in spacesuits surely? I so love this new commercial!!! 😃

  12. rvpstudioscanada

    rvpstudioscanadaАй мурун

    I didn't see any easter eggs... only stuff from the original movie.

  13. Irsyad Aman

    Irsyad AmanАй мурун

    I saw jangbricks custom made spaceship thats filled with easter eggs if you watch his video

  14. Don Bagert

    Don BagertАй мурун

    Nice that they got a Gertie look-alike for Elliot's daughter, and that she uses the same yellow cup, but I'm happy they didn't have her say "Give me a break" LOL

  15. ElectroShock

    ElectroShockАй мурун

    I need to go to the ET house in California. And all the locations.

  16. ElectroShock

    ElectroShockАй мурун

    This is like a short so it should win best short of 2019.

  17. ElectroShock

    ElectroShockАй мурун

    Spielberg is my idol as well.

  18. Cassiano Ory

    Cassiano OryАй мурун

    Fucking high sound in beginning... learn to edit

  19. Joey Howard

    Joey HowardАй мурун

    Right in the feels with this one. Can we get a series, miniseries, special or something? NETFLIX, you listening?

  20. Mr Invader

    Mr InvaderАй мурун

    this is. my FAVORITE COMMERCIAL . .. EVER!

  21. THE Shiny Trainer

    THE Shiny TrainerАй мурун

    The Lego Set Was Built by the KGwork channel Jangbricks

  22. Silver The Hedgehog

    Silver The HedgehogАй мурун

    “I’ll be right here”

  23. Minecraftdad apb

    Minecraftdad apbАй мурун

    Also that Lego Spaceship kgwork.info/videos/Luiue7jMvA8-video.html

  24. Steven C

    Steven CАй мурун

    M.A.S.K. Walkie talkie! Watch the Easter Egg part of this video toward the end... kgwork.info/videos/t3tRp4UdoMY-video.html

  25. Charles Tran

    Charles TranАй мурун


  26. Jerold Boy

    Jerold BoyАй мурун

    This is how many times he said “VERRRRY SIMILAR!” 👇🏻

  27. meghan looye

    meghan looyeАй мурун

    Only one? Huh.

  28. Annie Warbux

    Annie WarbuxАй мурун

    That was really really cool! Thanks! I saw E.T. 3x in the theaters when I was a kid. They handed out Free Reeses Pieces to every kid when ya got your ticket!! Yummmm!

  29. Wes Wade

    Wes WadeАй мурун

    Agreed Sinister Kid. I caught maybe 5 of those. Great job to all involved.

  30. rvpstudioscanada

    rvpstudioscanadaАй мурун

    That was SO Cool. And Observant. Good Job!

  31. LadyLuckyLu

    LadyLuckyLuАй мурун

    I didn't know there were that many easter eggs! Amazing!

  32. Jessica Dorsey

    Jessica DorseyАй мурун

    Nice job!

  33. Andrew Peters

    Andrew PetersАй мурун

    It's a great commercial, but anyone else bothered by the fact that E.T is outside in broad daylight sledding? There would be a strong possibility that a neighbor would notice the alien playing with the kids resulting in E.T getting turned into the government.

  34. Frizzurd

    FrizzurdАй мурун


  35. Jennifer Lomascola

    Jennifer LomascolaАй мурун

  36. Todd Hodges

    Todd HodgesАй мурун

    Really, this guy must have no life, you would have to go frame by frame in order to get these

  37. Todd Hodges

    Todd HodgesАй мурун

    @Nikki Monet Didn't watch it, just clicked it to see what the E T Reunion thing was about, turned it off within 1 minute so didn't make anything off me, wasn't negative it was truth buh bye

  38. Nikki Monet

    Nikki MonetАй мурун

    This guys channel is likely monetized so he gets paid to create the kind of content he enjoys. Did you get paid to watch this video and be negative? If not, who was it you were saying doesn’t have a life?

  39. Todd Hodges

    Todd HodgesАй мурун

    @Jennifer Lomascola i havent even seen the E T video, just clicked on this to see what he was talking about, I have a life

  40. Jennifer Lomascola

    Jennifer LomascolaАй мурун

    Sounds like your just butthurt that he did it first.

  41. Alloneword

    AllonewordАй мурун

    A few more easter eggs: The scene in the Reunion where Elliots son goes out at night and sees ET in the shed with the bike, the shed is the same style (with all the gaps/holes) as the shed where Elliot meets ET in the original. The hat with the flower that is on the snowman is the same hat that Elliots sister put on ET when she dressed him up in a wig, the hat and clothes. Elliots son picks up a red torch as did Elliot in the original. I think the low hanging light above the kitchen table is a nod to the low hanging light above the kitchen table in the original (this one is my own opinion)

  42. Don Poland

    Don PolandАй мурун

    excellent catch!!!

  43. Alloneword

    AllonewordАй мурун

    The T-rex VR scene is of course a nod to Jurassic Park, but it is specifically the Jurassic World: Blue VR game on Oculus.

  44. hsbvt

    hsbvtАй мурун

    I had the yellow cup in #17 when I was little!! I was really crying at that point!

  45. Malynn Conch

    Malynn ConchАй мурун

    You just made the best commercial ever made... even better! AWESOME job Johnny Awesome! New subscriber here, thank you!!! :D

  46. Irisa Anne

    Irisa AnneАй мурун

    I was so distracted by the fact that ET came back to notice the easter eggs til now. 💚💚

  47. John Williamson

    John WilliamsonАй мурун

    Aside from all of these easter eggs being very cool, they also say so much about Elliott as a character. Meeting and befiending E.T. all those years ago as a child had a profound and deeply everlasting effect on Elliott's life. After E.T. left Elliott and his family collected and cherished everything that was associated with their friend from another world who they loved as much as any family member. Seeing these items around Elliott's home in this commercial was very poignant.

  48. SpaceBarbarian

    SpaceBarbarianАй мурун

    I can’t say 100% but the toys to the right of the globe kind of look Star Wars ish. Maybe a storm trooper and something else which would be a a nice little call back to showing ET’s species on the galactic senate in the prequels

  49. GamerMan2330

    GamerMan2330Ай мурун

    Yo Johnny! You gettin' some attention here!

  50. Travis Bell

    Travis BellАй мурун

    Great video! BTW this person from the Daily Mail website Ralph Ortega published an Article about the 25 Easter Eggs in this video that is basically word for word what you did. It was even in the same order as yours. You can find the article on Facebook on the Ready Player One page.

  51. Johnny Awesome

    Johnny AwesomeАй мурун

    Travis Bell he credited me and included my video in the article so I’m fine with that

  52. Shannonm75

    Shannonm75Ай мурун

    Many of the references we're obvious. And the Halloween picture at the end from the movie next to Elliott's family picture on the fridge.

  53. Tracy

    TracyАй мурун

    News Flash : The T-Rex in Jurasic World is the exact same T-Rex that was in Jurassic Park. So it seems odd that you would start out saying the commercial pays homage to Jurasic Park but then say the T-Rex ET is watching looks like the one in the 6th film.

  54. Alloneword

    AllonewordАй мурун

    the T-rex is from the Oculus rift game, Jurassic World:Blue.

  55. Stephen Lozano

    Stephen LozanoАй мурун

    Wow! Very observant! Great video 👍🏼

  56. Rob Locke

    Rob LockeАй мурун

    Your intro was longer than the commercial

  57. Beau Ferret

    Beau FerretАй мурун

    At the end of the commercial, E.T. says his line "I'll be right here!" a lot more fluently than he did at the end of the first film. I think it's a small detail that shows that E.T. had improved on his human speech over the past 37 years.

  58. Frizzurd

    FrizzurdАй мурун

    He's an adult alien now.

  59. Beau Ferret

    Beau FerretАй мурун

    Well, either that or he just needed to speak quickly due to this being a four min commercial. But I like to think he got better at his speech.

  60. E B

    E BАй мурун

    I taught ET can telepathically connect with Elliot so I guess he learn more English that way.

  61. E Drew

    E DrewАй мурун

    Despite not speaking English for 37 years. LOL

  62. newking70

    newking70Ай мурун

    Et is a pedophile

  63. Daniel Kranich

    Daniel KranichАй мурун

    I love the spot !! Especially because E.T. It looks exactly what it should look like!

  64. J's Watch

    J's WatchАй мурун

    Not to mention it's an animatronic puppet

  65. LTWeezie

    LTWeezieАй мурун

    What a marvelous job you did! I caught several, but you really knocked it out of the park! I am sure you had some tears too when you first saw it, like everyone else I know who has seen it. Xfinity is actually our cable and internet provider..funny how they turned off the comments on their youtube channel. This little 4:18 ad is more than just that...they really gave us all a gift. It totally floored me because I had not heard anything about it until I saw my FB buddies raving about it. I don't watch the parades, but of course, it was available in its entire form on the youtube by then. Good thing we live in the mountains in a remote area, because I literally screamed like a banshee when it came on. My poor horses came running up by the kitchen window to see what the heck was going on. I had a five-tissue crying fit..even after watching it again and again. Hubby and I vividly remember when we saw in back in 1982, and at the sci-fi conventions we attended back then, it was the talk of the cons! It was a huge surprise to all us fans and when I heard John Williams' music...well that just put the icing (or Reese's Pieces) on the cupcakes! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on finding these eggs. You have a terrific eye and I am going to share this with my FB/YT buddies! Funny that to watch it again and again, I just have to talk into my Xfinity remote like Elliott did and say "ET holiday reunion" and it has the icon right there! Have a great day, and to quote my very favorite (half) alien, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

  66. Secular Guy

    Secular GuyАй мурун

    I found one not mentioned here. Elliot and his son's nightwear are the same. From the hospital scene in the movie.

  67. Secular Guy

    Secular GuyАй мурун

    Well, we've learned that Elliot is an hoarder. Haha! Still has a lot of the stuff from his childhood like the record player and the speak and spell lying around.

  68. Johnny Awesome

    Johnny AwesomeАй мурун

    Secular Guy I mean if your best friend when you were a kid was an alien and he left and have nothing to remember him by I would keep that stuff too lmao

  69. fireresq7

    fireresq7Ай мурун

    WOW Great Job finding those Easter eggs! They did a good job honoring the movie

  70. IXOYE

    IXOYEАй мурун

    It’s a commercial about pedos.

  71. Alloneword

    AllonewordАй мурун

    What? That makes no sense. Run along child. This thread is for smart people.

  72. Caliope

    CaliopeАй мурун

    Stfu troll

  73. Life With Lee

    Life With LeeАй мурун

    AMAZING!! I officially believe this was the best commercial/ advert ever!! An award should be given for the intelligence. Yah I fell apart after seen it for the first time!

  74. Leah InAnotherLife

    Leah InAnotherLifeАй мурун

    The Muppets did a pretty great series of commercials this season as well. I'm very conflicted about them, because while well done and certainly sentimental to those of us in a certain age bracket, they're for that Facebook Spying/Video Chat device. The advertisers certainly know who their target audience is this year and how to pull at our heartstrings.

  75. audguy

    audguyАй мурун

    The dinosaur is just a demo from Oculus.

  76. darthom1

    darthom1Ай мурун


  77. darthom1

    darthom1Ай мурун


  78. Marcus Aurelio

    Marcus AurelioАй мурун

    Great job!!

  79. Heather Cerruti

    Heather CerrutiАй мурун

    I love that their Halloween photo is on the fridge.

  80. J's Watch

    J's WatchАй мурун

    I know right it's incredible