Where is DBX??? | DEATH BATTLE Cast

Join Chad, Ben, Sam and Sean as they discuss the future of our show, DBX. Ben is also dissapointed with the most recent Star Wars news and Sam's knowledge of bird anatomy is... really disturbing. This episode originally aired on April 16th, sponsored by HelloFresh (get $80 off your first month of HelloFresh at hellofresh.com/cast80 and enter promo code: cast 80)
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    DEATH BATTLE!7 ай мурун

    In honor of last week's #StarWarsCelebration, the Community Death Battle is an X-wing piloted by Poe Dameron VS an Arwing piloted by Falco from Star Fox. Who would win? Vote in the poll and tell us why your pick should win using the hashtag #DeathBattleCast! twitter.com/DEATHBATTLE/status/1119307098578227200

  2. JOHNNY Walker

    JOHNNY Walker7 ай мурун

    Moonknight vs dark Knight

  3. Black Pantha

    Black Pantha7 ай мурун

    @Gekke Brothar I'm pretty sure reading the damn comics would answer your question

  4. Gekke Brothar

    Gekke Brothar7 ай мурун

    @Black Pantha that's not true, with this fight we can find out wich metal is stronger vibranium or adamantium

  5. Black Pantha

    Black Pantha7 ай мурун

    @Gekke Brothar so there's no point fighting him

  6. Gekke Brothar

    Gekke Brothar7 ай мурун

    @Black Pantha i don't know wolverine is fast to and has a healing factor so black panther can't stay out of range when he hit wolverine otherwise wolverine wil heal so black panther's damage can heal just back so he need to stay in range if he wanna defeat wolverine

  7. Bobbydog66

    Bobbydog662 ай мурун

    19:28 Every single time sam said hello fresh, it didn't sound like hello, substitute the o for an a, a very sam like euphemism. 48:10 Why didn't that happen then during injustice? 50:06 Thank you for addressing that.

  8. Bobbydog66

    Bobbydog662 ай мурун

    2:35 Oh good.

  9. Pika Zilla

    Pika Zilla4 ай мурун

    ...Shazam 'wanted to die?' :|

  10. Langford_artist

    Langford_artist4 ай мурун

    Ben said he's a Star Wars fan really it's hard to see because he doesn't even know common Star Wars knowledge and he's a guy who reads comics.

  11. Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr5 ай мурун

    2 months later, Still waiting.

  12. Godzilla1282

    Godzilla12825 ай мурун

    Ya'll are crazy. When my kitty pulls his claws out and starts pawing me it feels great. It's like a nice backscratch!

  13. Vishal Kalicharan

    Vishal Kalicharan6 ай мурун

    Do a DBX between Optimus Prime and Twilight Sparkle.

  14. John O'Brien

    John O'Brien6 ай мурун

    Goku vs superman 3

  15. Johnny The Dark

    Johnny The Dark7 ай мурун


  16. Hypa Taiga

    Hypa Taiga7 ай мурун

    i really hoped you finish that sun vs that character from Killer instinct for DBX

  17. Aléxio Menezes

    Aléxio Menezes7 ай мурун

    11:04 kinda what i was expecting

  18. the gravemind

    the gravemind7 ай мурун

    hunter (halo) vs xenomorph (alien) let's make it happen!

  19. Takamichi Inooka

    Takamichi Inooka7 ай мурун

    Do Waluigi vs Piranha Plant in DBX

  20. allan Broady

    allan Broady7 ай мурун

    Superman lobotomized Shazam too In the injustice comics

  21. kcwjunior1

    kcwjunior17 ай мурун


  22. Accelerator

    Accelerator7 ай мурун

    Ironman vs wall (fairy tail)

  23. Kevin Nolasco

    Kevin Nolasco7 ай мурун

    Toph (Avatar) vs Crocodile (One Piece)

  24. Paul L

    Paul L7 ай мурун

    How often do you guys have to say like? Couldn't make it 5 mins into this video. Like like like like like. Expand the vocabulary.

  25. Black Anger

    Black Anger7 ай мурун

    Sad to say this channel is on life support ..it won't be much longer

  26. Ian Stewart-Vital

    Ian Stewart-Vital7 ай мурун

    Lame, I love DoDB.

  27. Ekko X

    Ekko X7 ай мурун


  28. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez7 ай мурун

    mickey mouse vs mario

  29. Blarx

    Blarx7 ай мурун

    Try making a DBX battle royal I got a list of them just 6: 1. Avenger: Iron man vs Thor vs Black widow vs captain America vs hulk vs vs Hawkeye 2. Justice league: Batman vs super man vs wonder woman vs flash vs Aqua man vs cyborg 3. Sonic the hedgehog vs Silver the hedgehog vs Shadow the hedgehog 4. Teen titans: Cyborg vs Raven vs Beast Boy vs Star Fire vs Robin 5. Red vs Blue: Doughnut vs Sarge vs Grif vs Simmons vs Tucker vs Grif's Sister vs Caboose vs Church (aka Alpha) Ok last and not least please don't hate me but for number... 6. RWBY: Ruby vs Weiss vs Blake vs Yang

  30. indira silwal

    indira silwal7 ай мурун

    Make jaslolin a part the death battel resuch to help wiz and boomsick.

  31. Beastosterone

    Beastosterone7 ай мурун

    Black Panther vs Jax

  32. Chang Siah Lim

    Chang Siah Lim7 ай мурун

    where is the point when they say DBX?

  33. Pedro Arroyo

    Pedro Arroyo7 ай мурун

    Make Guts (Berserk) vs Sekiro (Sekiro-Shadows Die Twice) but 3D graphics.

  34. Dr. J. Protobum

    Dr. J. Protobum7 ай мурун

    there isnt a single instance of shazams healing ability curing deatj, any time he has died his magic has not let him come back to life

  35. stoneji man

    stoneji man7 ай мурун

    Liu kang vs kazuya Mishima

  36. Scott Rollins ,jr

    Scott Rollins ,jr7 ай мурун

    why did star wars fail anikin skywalker, snode, boba fiet, vasiage, grevence & tyranus were under the red imperial guard uniforms - destabilizing planets into civil war giving them weapons; killing force wielders familys & friends so they turn to the darkside - as darth aprentis maul was with darth sideous ... all trying to kill the next lvl up - to learn lightning bolt & gain control of all the construction sight. verified by the not so dumb clone army... the jedi should have warned them to not use re_purposed sSith Clone Tech...

  37. Green Day FTW Baby Shows FTL

    Green Day FTW Baby Shows FTL7 ай мурун

    Wario Vs King Dedede I Can’t Wait For This Battle

  38. Scott Rollins ,jr

    Scott Rollins ,jr7 ай мурун

    birds evolved from dinos who during the ice age began climbing up trees to escape ,but as the predators began to follow - the prey had to jump off. time passes: legs become wings ;from trying to run in the air to hands become talons trying to grab the next branches... birds have upside down pelvis's. seed, egg, larva , f&m hair, nail, scale, feather

  39. Nelson Hooper

    Nelson Hooper7 ай мурун

    Rey is a Palpatine. Watch it happen

  40. #1 Puerto Rican

    #1 Puerto Rican7 ай мурун

    Eren yeager vs Astonish

  41. #1 Puerto Rican

    #1 Puerto Rican7 ай мурун

    Even yeager vs ant man

  42. #1 Puerto Rican

    #1 Puerto Rican7 ай мурун

    Colossal titan vs giant man (one punch man vs attack on titan

  43. Benette Dela Torre

    Benette Dela Torre7 ай мурун

    Frost (MK11) VS Alisa (TEKKEN)

  44. David Leonardo Lobaina

    David Leonardo Lobaina7 ай мурун

    Any chance u guys can do Teresa from claymore and anybody else plz, or anybody from Claymore

  45. Fisher Bun

    Fisher Bun7 ай мурун

    LSP (Adventure Time) Vs Pony Head (Star vs the Forces of Evil)