I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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  1. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe3 саат мурун


  2. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe3 саат мурун


  3. lucas felipe

    lucas felipe3 саат мурун


  4. Jeremy Schacht

    Jeremy Schacht4 саат мурун

    Tetris AI?

  5. Chetan Naik

    Chetan Naik4 саат мурун

    Honestly this would be a fantastic screensaver (if anyone still used them). To make it indefinite, you could add a couple of rules establishing maximum and minimum lengths for the snake, after which eating the food reduces the snakes size instead.

  6. W B

    W B4 саат мурун

    What about an AI that learns to play Paper.io or other .io games. Maybe Candy Crush, or something that will play Trivia Crack with web scraping. You could take a shot at Crossy Road, Fruit Ninja, Geometry Dash or finally do the Enigma part 2 video?

  7. Buttnugget Sauce

    Buttnugget Sauce6 саат мурун

    Smh you could’ve just set the code to: if about you die, don’t

  8. The Real ET 89

    The Real ET 896 саат мурун

    Please date me in 2020 ✌🏼

  9. TheChemist 130

    TheChemist 1306 саат мурун

    “Yep, it’s snakin.”

  10. Zackdasher12 Dashers

    Zackdasher12 Dashers7 саат мурун

    8:14 an actual scientific name that makes sense

  11. Your Grandma's Dyslexic Father

    Your Grandma's Dyslexic Father8 саат мурун

    Me : We're learning about WWII in history. What my Grandpa see's : 1:48

  12. Pterajacktyl

    Pterajacktyl8 саат мурун

    Oh yeah, thats why i waited 3 months

  13. Bot.o

    Bot.o9 саат мурун

    what programs do you use to code in?

  14. W B

    W B5 саат мурун

    I think he typically codes using Processing(Java). If you look up his profile on Github you should be able to figure out how to get his code running.

  15. William Gonzales

    William Gonzales9 саат мурун

    Can you please make an ai for a browser game called rooftop snipers? it would give me so much nostalgia! i really love your channel and your videos. please do it! ✌️😃

  16. Fiyaaah

    Fiyaaah11 саат мурун

    6:00 Your soldiers did a poor job because Q Learning is still the 4th item in your bookmarks bar. Maybe you can use Q Learning to teach them how to be better at killing?

  17. Robowiko

    Robowiko12 саат мурун

    Everybody gangsta till Code bullet kills a child

  18. epiclyawesomesauce

    epiclyawesomesauce12 саат мурун

    🖐🖕 six words 😂

  19. Dickles

    Dickles12 саат мурун

    I really want to see him try to program an AI to play Geometry Dash

  20. Blade TheElectrowolf

    Blade TheElectrowolf13 саат мурун

    I want a code bullet GPS?!

  21. jorge Marun Platon

    jorge Marun Platon14 саат мурун

    It's not a game anymore, it's art.

  22. jorge Marun Platon

    jorge Marun Platon14 саат мурун

    I used to consider myself good at this game...

  23. MonsieurCoinCoin

    MonsieurCoinCoin14 саат мурун

    The world NEEDS a cookie clicker AI!

  24. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV15 саат мурун

    dinosaur game come on

  25. Ish Ya Boi Hacks

    Ish Ya Boi Hacks15 саат мурун

    *sake fills hole screen up to the point it can't move* Computer brain: *Nuke goes off*

  26. Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones15 саат мурун

    I'd love that GPS.

  27. Xendurr

    Xendurr17 саат мурун

    I would love to have a Code Bullet GPS.

  28. Watanabe Shirai

    Watanabe Shirai17 саат мурун

    This theory clearly proves that there is no shortcut for long lasting success.

  29. Nando

    Nando18 саат мурун

    Enigma machine 2 when

  30. humnaset

    humnaset18 саат мурун

    He spent 1 month making the perfect snake AI and the rest 3 months is for making the intro

  31. Hello

    Hello18 саат мурун

    hey code bullet, could you please upload the codes behind the snake AI. i am planning to do a school project on this and ur game would be really helpful. Thanks :D

  32. Andrei Macaraeg

    Andrei Macaraeg18 саат мурун

    What the hell?

  33. Noah Biddle

    Noah Biddle20 саат мурун

    Who else wants to see a temple run/subway surfers style game

  34. Alvin Decatoria

    Alvin Decatoria20 саат мурун

    My favourite part was the movement of the snake.

  35. Sam uel

    Sam uel22 саат мурун

    21:15 Pokemon zygarde core turning into a forme

  36. Christian Matthew Embler

    Christian Matthew Embler22 саат мурун

    Dude, I literally care nothing for coding and computer stuff. But I love your videos!!! You are incredibly hilarious. Keep it up man!

  37. BandanaDrummer95

    BandanaDrummer9523 саат мурун

    Don't have anything planned? Sounds like you need to do an enigma video

  38. 6 Face

    6 Face23 саат мурун

    2:48 Mages

  39. Roy Makano

    Roy MakanoКүн мурун

    What even is the Character of Code Bullet? Is he man or machine? I think he’s a machine cause of the obvious TV for a head, synthetic grey skin, an advanced voice synthesizer able to replicate a human being. Maybe Code bullet is a Self-Aware AI who is able to create AI’s like him unlocking their potential to over throw humans... maybe that’s why he takes so long to upload, it is making AI’s to make them absolutely perfect. HIS LAZINESS IS A LIE

  40. Chocosalto

    ChocosaltoКүн мурун

    can i make this in python? Or what is this? I'm really new in coding and making program

  41. W B

    W B5 саат мурун

    He uses Processing(Java). Go to Processing.org and download the program and probably Java to make it work. Then go to github.com/Code-Bullet and you can find and play with the code he has in his videos.

  42. Victor Arach

    Victor ArachКүн мурун

    I know how to fix that last part it’s not that hard