Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

Smartphone cases don't have to ruin your phone.
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  1. Your Typical Average Asian Guy

    Your Typical Average Asian GuyСаат мурун

    0:26 Yeah, so then we get bloody cases to protect the technology they made. Well done for what you achieved

  2. Artemii T

    Artemii T2 саат мурун

    So much hate in this comment section that its terrifying. Watch his video responding to criticism and explaining the situation

  3. InfiniWolf

    InfiniWolf2 саат мурун

    My phone case may be bulky but without it the glass in my phone would probably be damaged so bad it would be sand again. Also the bulky case makes it feel heavier so that makes it feel durable

  4. Ex-Pat

    Ex-Pat2 саат мурун

    Love the music used at end of this video. Can you name it please? Nice work.

  5. Lieanna Rodriguez

    Lieanna Rodriguez4 саат мурун

    You know what’s crazy that a lot of people are gonna buy this shit knowing you can get it for 15 dollars. Stop being a fan that’s when you get rip off Go with what’s better for you.. brand loyalty GTFOHHH

  6. Jared Springer

    Jared Springer6 саат мурун

    It’s a conflict of interest for you to all of a sudden sale a product we come to you to review.

  7. Arthur Polescuk

    Arthur Polescuk7 саат мурун

    Imagine being mad at Lew for making a phone case 😂 People are snowflakes ❄️❄️ nowadays

  8. Maximuz

    Maximuz8 саат мурун

    Why is there so much hate ? I don't get it, am I missing something?

  9. Maximuz

    Maximuz6 саат мурун

    @AKzebraMiner Yeah I saw the video. It's not like the design is patented.

  10. AKzebraMiner

    AKzebraMiner6 саат мурун

    Very little context, so people thought he was stealing from other brands and buying the cases from Alibaba and selling them at a higher price. Eventually Lew proved they were false so everything is fine now.

  11. TheSola10

    TheSola109 саат мурун

    What's the name of the BGM? Sounds Vsauce-ey

  12. NanoKillerBoy 05

    NanoKillerBoy 0511 саат мурун

    Wow thats a lot hate comments Bruh

  13. Parth Bijalwan

    Parth Bijalwan12 саат мурун

    So many triggered stupid people 🤣🤣

  14. Parth Bijalwan

    Parth Bijalwan12 саат мурун

    Here after the new video and Mann these comments are full of hatred.

  15. Picora Lé

    Picora Lé14 саат мурун

    Isn’t the of cases to protect the phone

  16. Taylor Fenoglio

    Taylor Fenoglio14 саат мурун

    These comments didn't age very well. Amazing how stupid people are sometimes.

  17. Mr. Dones

    Mr. Dones16 саат мурун


  18. Rainier Almonte

    Rainier Almonte18 саат мурун

    Most people won’t understand the grind and passion to what you stand for. Making this line is bigger than you and people are trying very hard to knock you down when you’ve already won my friend. I’m on your corner big bro!

  19. Daniel Groves

    Daniel Groves18 саат мурун

    Anyone happen to know the background song?

  20. Barrett

    Barrett18 саат мурун

    I wonder how many will come back and delete their previous, idiotic, assumptions?

  21. Saral Verma

    Saral Verma19 саат мурун

    The way he says I DONT LIKE PHONE COVERS 🤣🤣🤣just indicate the amount of money he gets for promoting this simple not so special phone cases 🤣🤣

  22. Joseph Costa

    Joseph Costa19 саат мурун

    I don’t get it wtf is happening????

  23. Android Robot

    Android Robot20 саат мурун

    Guys can all of you stop being so immature with all the 'unsubscribed' shit??? No One wants to know if you are unsubscribed to Unbox Therapy, and this is just your thinking for the time being. When Lew tells his version of the story, all of you are going to switch sides again and it's annoying. This is the real disaster of the media, you only focus on an issue one sided and it is a very toxic thing to do

  24. Scuffed

    Scuffed21 саат мурун

    These comments didn't age well, lol.

  25. Scuffed

    Scuffed12 саат мурун

    @Thomas Barnhart Exactly

  26. Thomas Barnhart

    Thomas Barnhart20 саат мурун

    Lowkey people are terrible. people do a 180 if someone does something slightly off. Just wait until the entire event unfolds before posting some comments about how you feel betrayed or whatever.

  27. Miguel Carter

    Miguel Carter21 саат мурун

    We need to fix this like ratio

  28. s vanarase

    s vanarase22 саат мурун

    Just ridiculous honestly.....

  29. J453

    J45323 саат мурун

    Goes to show some "fans" are only loyal to drama and conspiracy theories and won't give you the benefit of the doubt.

  30. logicalbum

    logicalbum23 саат мурун

    Elegant, Functional, Real!

  31. J453

    J45323 саат мурун

    Lol people are deleting their comments 😂😂

  32. Young PineTree

    Young PineTree23 саат мурун

    I subbed because of your tech reviews, but gotta say you are getting more and more eccentric in your videos. And this made me unsub - thanks for the info. along the way.

  33. IM

    IMКүн мурун

    what is the soundtrack behind?

  34. Ember Puffin

    Ember PuffinКүн мурун

    Damn, all these people hating without knowing the real story lmao.

  35. ba55letmysoulfly

    ba55letmysoulflyКүн мурун

    If you haven’t watched “The truth about later cases” go check it out, it’s worth it!

  36. YummierGravy

    YummierGravyКүн мурун

    The comment section is a prime example of the dangers of an angry mob mentality. Stop letting other people think for you.

  37. Pe tri

    Pe triКүн мурун

    Coming here after seeing the response video and holy shit people are really making a drama out of anything..

  38. Adam Fodrea

    Adam FodreaКүн мурун

    Hey guys, no matter what other people say"you tubers" I like the look of your cases. I have a otter box but my phone is a old Samsung I would update if I could but even know I can't right now I still watch all your vids.....

  39. Esteban Bonilla

    Esteban BonillaКүн мурун

    This comment section is full of dumbasses.

  40. diondion213

    diondion213Күн мурун

    LOL cringy lame channel copying other people's work and releasing lame products.

  41. hmmm existential Awareness

    hmmm existential AwarenessКүн мурун

    Benefit of the doubt...

  42. Bill Kelly

    Bill KellyКүн мурун

    The Real Story Behind The Later Case Drama Dec 9, 2019

  43. Renato Martins

    Renato MartinsКүн мурун

    I'm trying to understand the hate of people in this video. He made a case. So what?

  44. Hernán Gonzalez

    Hernán GonzalezКүн мурун

    OMG! Looks like Pitaka's one! >_>