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  1. rk caniglia

    rk caniglia6 саат мурун

    It sucks she may not have ever spoke with a registered lactation consultant. All of the difficulties were common and can be overcome more easily than suddenly weaning the baby and " just letting boobs dry up". It was painful because it was an uninformed, unguided and risky way of doing things. Teaching the baby to latch on, nursing for weeks, months or years, having supportive bras and weaning slowly and with help all help with infant mental and physical health as well as the mother's.

  2. Alyssa Hutton

    Alyssa Hutton19 саат мурун

    Props to you for trying and like you said as long as he’s happy and fed that’s all that matters 😊

  3. Vanessa Serna

    Vanessa Serna23 саат мурун

    R E C Y C L E those boxes pleeeeaseeee!!! 😭😭😭

  4. Estephanie Monsivais

    Estephanie MonsivaisКүн мурун

    Leslie is so sweet and cute why tf am I barely finding her 😭

  5. Samantha Rose

    Samantha RoseКүн мурун

    🗣Recycle them boxes, 👏🏼👏🏼at work we have a regular trash and another for cardboard it is the besssttt! But I love seeing what you ordered from amazon!! 💓

  6. Kathy Gomez

    Kathy GomezКүн мурун

    Omg les has a amazon shopping addition 😜

  7. Jeanne Belo

    Jeanne BeloКүн мурун

    Not everyone is the same, and don’t worry about what ppl say! I too couldn’t breast feed my kids and they are all healthy happy adults now💙

  8. Dess Balb

    Dess BalbКүн мурун

    Fed is Best !! It doesn’t matter if they’re breastfed or formula fed. As long as the baby is getting the nutritions they need. I was able to breastfeed my oldest but had to formula feed my second cause her body wasn’t absorbing enough calories, so she had to be put in a special formula. So not everyone is able to, and even if they are able to they DONT have to if they don’t want to.

  9. yadii561

    yadii561Күн мурун

    Alex is meeeeeeeeee venting about my spouse 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Fresh Mann

    Fresh MannКүн мурун

    As a man, what I choose to take from this video is...based on the size of a women breast, breast feeding can be dangerous. I also noticed the multiple physical elements a woman's body can go through from pregnancy. As men we tend to objectify a women body, with no empathy of current or future health issues that may arise. Congratulations on having a healthy baby, for that is what is important. This was highly informative.

  11. Maggie

    MaggieКүн мурун

    I relate to this so much! I had to subscribe because you seem so normal and that’s refreshing for KGwork. 🥰🥰

  12. Mariah McMaken

    Mariah McMakenКүн мурун

    I wish I could follow you on Amazon omg 😂😂😂

  13. Stefany Lopez

    Stefany Lopez2 күн мурун

    Well honestly breastfeeding is not for everybody. Sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally (latch) I thought when you put the baby to the breast it come easy and naturally but sometime is not the case if you want to breastfeed you should look for help and talk to a lactation consultant.

  14. Antonia Vega Morales

    Antonia Vega Morales2 күн мурун

    -You can pump and give him the bottle. -You can give him formula. -You can fully breastfeed. AS LONG AS BABY IS FED, HAPPY & HEALTHY IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK! You do what is best for your baby 😊 I struggled with breastfeeding but I continued because that’s what I wanted for my kids. First born I got mastitis and it hurt like hell! But I pushed through it. With my second and third born I was an expert lol

  15. Diaannee

    Diaannee2 күн мурун

    Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos is pitching Amazon’s facial recognition software to ICE which helps track, deport and separate immigrant families. Just something to consider i know we can’t all be cautious of everything we do! 💖

  16. francquee acosta

    francquee acosta2 күн мурун

    I didn’t produce enough milk to breastfeed. I was sad but it’s super stressful

  17. Mireyda Renteria

    Mireyda Renteria2 күн мурун

    Mireydarenteria 💕

  18. Heaven &Kenn

    Heaven &Kenn2 күн мурун

    Breastfeeding Is Such A commitment, My Son is now 8 months and I've been exclusively breastfeeding ever since, We are strong mommies❣❣❣, SUB to my channel

  19. Alicia Urbano

    Alicia Urbano2 күн мурун

    Alex dándonos quejas 🤣🤣 girl it’s your baby don’t let anyone tell you what to do or how to feel ❤️ best wishes love you 😘

  20. Viviana Estrada

    Viviana Estrada2 күн мурун

    Alex: "what did you order?" Les (me): I don't remember 😂

  21. jessica mendoza

    jessica mendoza2 күн мурун

    I’m watching this video so comfortably and my husband is here wondering how I understand everything she is saying 😂😂 him: dammm she talks so fast.

  22. Bere S. Herrera

    Bere S. Herrera2 күн мурун

    Les making her face is me when my dad is yelling at me 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣


    JOANNA TORRES2 күн мурун

    Les i feel you with ordering I try to hide it from my husband lol

  24. Karen Garces

    Karen Garces3 күн мурун

    😂😂😅 Alex’s fart 💨 Girl your boobs were humongous!!! You did what was best for you and I love how you keep it so real 👌

  25. Mila Camela

    Mila Camela3 күн мурун

    You can recycle your boxes!!!

  26. Bianca Celaya

    Bianca Celaya3 күн мурун

    Im so glad i watched your video. I only can pump and give my breastmilk to my babygirl through a bottle. I am so exhausted honestly and I want to stop pumping but I feel so guilty and disappointed. your video really did help me make a decision. My newborn and my 1 year old need me to be 100%. "All that matters is that they are fed" thanks for making this video makes me feel so much better

  27. Aurora A. Munoz

    Aurora A. Munoz3 күн мурун

    😂 Les reminds me off my sis and me...boxes 😂 😂 😂 🛍 📦 It’s a girl thing Alex get use to it! So the UPS/FED EX/ mail man, etc. must know you guys very ours 😂 in regards on if 🤱 and formula it’s up to you! Just pump milk out and save on bottles sometimes a bit easier. Nurse said if you do fórmula since it comes out faster than breast milk that’s why they get frustrated. So yeah easier to do what your doing. Yup they hurt

  28. Lauren McGehee

    Lauren McGehee3 күн мурун

    Love you Les!! ❤️ My boobs became a 34DDD when I was pregnant too and I’m still the same size now and my daughter is almost 3!! I loved breastfeeding and I’m sorry you had a hard time but I’m glad you chose your happiness/sanity and not wanting to stress about it too much! You’re doing amazing, I can’t wait to watch Baby G grow 🤗❤️

  29. julissa nunez

    julissa nunez3 күн мурун

    WHEN HE FARTED 💀💀💀💀💀

  30. Angelica Sanchez

    Angelica Sanchez3 күн мурун

    Omg Alex is my husband and Leslie is me!!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  31. Aixa Navarrete

    Aixa Navarrete3 күн мурун


  32. Lauren M

    Lauren M3 күн мурун

    Goes to show the size of the breast doesn’t matter. I only went up to a B size and I was milking like a cow.

  33. Elizabeth Landriault

    Elizabeth Landriault3 күн мурун

    Exact same thing happened to me. Too big of boobs would suffocate her and super frustrating. I would cryyy. . She got jaundice cus she wasn't getting what she needed so I ended up back in the hospital and the nurses couldnt help me get her to latch.

  34. Elizabeth Landriault

    Elizabeth Landriault3 күн мурун

    And so painful yessssss. Mine were so engorged.

  35. Desiree R

    Desiree R3 күн мурун

    Les is MEEEEE with the organization 👏🏻😬💞

  36. Jessica Almaguer

    Jessica Almaguer3 күн мурун

    I feel you..same thing happened to me I felt like I was going to suffocate my baby .. I breastfeed for only 1 month and I couldn’t no more 🤷‍♀️

  37. Dora Hernandez

    Dora Hernandez3 күн мурун

    Please recycle all the amazon cardboard. Online orders have a huge impact on the environment because everything is sent in individual packages. This vreates so much waste.

  38. Cortnee Mae

    Cortnee Mae3 күн мурун

    Lucky about your size, my boobs are GONE now 😭😭 I couldn’t breastfeed all 3 times either so I totally understand!

  39. Marisol Salazar

    Marisol Salazar3 күн мурун

    You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers

  40. Marisol Salazar

    Marisol Salazar3 күн мурун

    You listened to your body hun💗 only advice is to wrap your boobs with an ace wrap or tighten up your bra also sleep with a tight sports bra to make sure you dry out completely. If not you can develop an infection in your milk ducts. My sister has already had two surgery’s to remove infected milk ducts. I hope you see this 💗 lots of love and prayers

  41. Alexandria Gonzalez

    Alexandria Gonzalez3 күн мурун


  42. Olivia Boardman

    Olivia Boardman3 күн мурун

    "What comes from packages?" "Happiness" 😂😂😂😂 yes girl!

  43. savannah marmolejo

    savannah marmolejo3 күн мурун

    Good job for at least trying. 👍👍👍 I breastfeed for 2 years!!! It was no easy task. I had my boob almost exactly the size you had yours for the entire time. Back pain was horrible. As soon as he turned 2 I stopped. And yes it's very sad to see my boob no longer how they used to be but I'm very happy knowing I was able to do that for my son. So congratulations Les you did great. You are the only one that truly know what is best for you and baby.

  44. Norma Gutierrez

    Norma Gutierrez3 күн мурун

    What faja did you use? I saw that you had posted it on insta but I totally forgot the name of it lol

  45. Teresa Madrid

    Teresa Madrid3 күн мурун

    I feel you on this one and although my bobs aren’t as big as yours I felt your pain cuz I went through it with my second pregnancy... my first pregnancy I blessed to have fed my daughter up to age 3 and before anyone talks shit idk yes she was 3 years old and she was sucking on my chichi... reason I stopped was cuz I got pregnant and I mean even thought my dr told me it was ok to breast feed while pregnant I didn’t cuz it was super painful.. anyway so when my second daughter was born it was so hard for her to latch on cuz of my chichis being so big (I’ve never had big chichis I’ve always been in the B cup and I went up to D cup ) well I was only able to breastfeed her for 4 months cuz omg my back would kill me and anyway since I was also giving her formula she started preferring the formula over my milk and it totally okay, breastfeeding for almost 4 years straight was a blessing but so painful as well... once I stopped omg it was the worse pain in my life! It took me a whole ass month for my milk to dry out 😭 and the funny thing is that even after all this years I still prouduce milk 🤯 like when I get my period I leak 😳 I mean I don’t leak a lot but I do have to wear pads... I’ve asked my dr if this is normal and he said yes since I breast fed for 4 years non stopped... I don’t plan on getting pregnant anytime soon but I do want to get my chichis done cuz boy they went from a b cup before Pregnancy to a D cup while breastfeeding to an A cup after done breastfeeding 😭😖 (not really but that’s how I feel my chichis look like lol) well I want to get a breast augmentation and want to get 300cc implants.... but that’s only if I’m not planning on having anymore kids

  46. jessica zuniga

    jessica zuniga4 күн мурун

    The background music when les is explaining about her orders 😂

  47. Kurly 1 Kubes

    Kurly 1 Kubes4 күн мурун

    Love to see what you buy lol I want everything you buy jaja

  48. Money Talkz

    Money Talkz4 күн мурун

    I was wondering what kind of formula are you giving your baby ?

  49. Levi Morales

    Levi Morales4 күн мурун

    3 kids, 1 non breast fed, 1 pumped, 1 breast fed 3 months, do whatever is best for you, congrats on your baby

  50. Isamal Mejias

    Isamal Mejias4 күн мурун

    I had the same problem with my son I could not get him to latch. I had a c-section and was a single mom so I didn’t get much sleep and breastfeeding and breast pain was a hassle. I tried for about a week and then went completely with formula which in the end I did regret it because formula is soooo expensive ! And my baby was always hungry lol whenever I have my second baby I’m definitely hoping for a better experience with breastfeeding 😊

  51. Krystal Estorga

    Krystal Estorga4 күн мурун

    Omg I work with Karina lily girl than try out the detox now

  52. April Nunez

    April Nunez4 күн мурун

    I’m a first time mom too my baby is 1 month old today ❤️ I was so set on strictly breastfeeding. For the first two days I would try literally every hour. He was struggling to latch on so much and it was stressing me out. I felt like I was starving my baby so I caved in and decided to give him formula. I still try to breastfeed him but I don’t produce enough milk to fill him up so I still have to give him formula. I wish I didn’t cave in so fast and I wish I would’ve tried harder to breastfeed cause formula is so expensive and he eats so much lol 😩😂

  53. Kalah Alvarez

    Kalah AlvarezКүн мурун

    April Nunez I think people lack support. In the first few days it’s just colostrum. And a very small amount. Your baby wouldn’t have been starving. They’re so resilient. Breastfeeding is so so hard! Maybe if you have another in the future you can fully breastfeed ❤️

  54. fatima escalante

    fatima escalante4 күн мурун

    Your baby is so cute

  55. Cecy Vasquez

    Cecy Vasquez4 күн мурун

    You should put the bigger taller bottles on bottom and the smaller short bottles on top so it’s not as high

  56. kimberly bueno

    kimberly bueno4 күн мурун

    Omg les gave me anxiety every time she would sit the baby 😩

  57. Jasmin Lynett Garcia

    Jasmin Lynett Garcia4 күн мурун

    You are doing great!!!!!! And like you said as long as the baby is being fed that is what matters!!! Hard boobs suck big time!!!!

  58. Marge Caramanna

    Marge Caramanna4 күн мурун

    Les you are an amazing mom! ❤️

  59. angie Rodriguez

    angie Rodriguez4 күн мурун

    I never breast fed my son and he is now 11 and has never been sick tyj . So yes breast feeding is a major bonus but doesn't make me less of a mom. Your good Les thank you for letting us in to your life. Yet people want to be judging you . Some are gonna make her just go private then be mad at her

  60. La reina de Sinaloa Y Jalisco

    La reina de Sinaloa Y Jalisco5 күн мурун

    I have a question do u have to breastfeed 🤱🏻 your baby after haveing it or no ?

  61. Giggz05

    Giggz055 күн мурун

    Omg yes it was painful when they were engorged and when I got a plugged milk duct it was the worst pain ever.

  62. Kimberly Zepeda

    Kimberly Zepeda5 күн мурун

    Alex farts* Les: No you didn't Alex: What happened ? Lmao 😂😂😂