#5 Alabama vs #15 Auburn Highlights: Bama suffers HUGE loss in a wild 2019 Iron Bowl | CBS Sports

The second-highest scoring Iron Bowl in series history was a thriller from start to finish, but it was a missed 30-yard field goal with 2 minutes remaining that doomed No. 5 Alabama as it lost 48-45 on the road at Jordan-Hare Stadium to No. 15 Auburn. The Tigers, which faced an exceedingly tough schedule this year, ended the regular season with a signature win for coach Gus Malzahn and Co.

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  1. jose martinez

    jose martinezКүн мурун

    I only have to wait 9 months

  2. jose martinez

    jose martinezКүн мурун


  3. jose martinez

    jose martinezКүн мурун


  4. jose martinez

    jose martinezКүн мурун


  5. jose martinez

    jose martinezКүн мурун


  6. Braden Waugh

    Braden Waugh3 күн мурун

    LSU’s gonna take it all

  7. Kat Angeron

    Kat Angeron3 күн мурун

    You guys never could kick bama clubfootin machine r you making your fans come bama lost last three to only teams the finish ranked have

  8. Kat Angeron

    Kat Angeron3 күн мурун

    Aurburn welcome to the future can't even beat a top 25 team with a return td in both game. Sabin said it was unfair he tricked our db we didn't cry lsu Aurburn will enjoy our payback or future nomatabama Sabin looked you only denying the future

  9. Kat Angeron

    Kat Angeron3 күн мурун

    Diggs can't stand up a lsu back can't cover Aurburn

  10. Travis Rehder

    Travis Rehder5 күн мурун

    Here cause the Outback bowl

  11. Marc D

    Marc D5 күн мурун

    Fire Saban

  12. chrisc8141

    chrisc81416 күн мурун

    Funny how I see people thanking Auburn for winning this game when you really should be thanking the decision to put Tua back in against Miss State resulting in his injury. If Tua plays in this game, Alabama wins by 2 or 3 touchdowns.

  13. Samuel Edwards

    Samuel Edwards7 күн мурун

    Yeah Auburn and my Cowboys need a knew coach 😂

  14. William Handy

    William Handy7 күн мурун

    Say what you want I thought Jones played well

  15. Feleti Pula

    Feleti Pula7 күн мурун

    Them kids did everything they could do and did great. They won the game fair and square in a way, but the truth is that Alabama did not lose because they did something wrong but the Devil, Satan and his helpers the witches and warlocks, freemasons and illumanati and all haters in the world wanted Alabama to lose and to prove that Christianity has no power, but noone in Alabama knew what was coming until it was too late. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spirits, principalities, against powers, rulers of darkness against spiritual wickedness in high places. The Alabama organisation did everything they needed to do but the Devil and his helpers needed to make it look like it was Saban fault for making Tua play while he was injured. Tua was always going to be hurt because the witches and warlocks wanted the Christianity faith to look bad in everyone eyes. So when Nick and Alabama learn to put a foot in these witches and warlocks mouths and necks then the tide will destroy any team... LSU is team that come from a place that is governed by witches and warlocks and and is abomination to God so dont be surprised by their sudden success because it all witchcraft... Tua learn how to break those curses that is affecting you with your ankles and you hip it is just demons send it back to them a 100000 fold make them eat their curses and vexes, hexes, ginxes, enchantments, bewitchments oh there is someone on your team that is bringing these curses on the field with the whole team get rid of them dont trusdt anyone who dont fear God. Not even your relatives who dont fear God, just because someone says they believe on God does not mean nothing if they dont abide by his laws...

  16. samuel brengelman

    samuel brengelman7 күн мурун

    That 100 yard return by Auburn made me think of when Alabama missed a field goal and auburn won the game by returning it 100 yards.

  17. Cody Merrill

    Cody Merrill7 күн мурун

    I'm a alabama fan still roll tide

  18. ThisIsEduardo

    ThisIsEduardo7 күн мурун

    @12:42 the commentator had an orgasm after watching that run 😂

  19. TheDon

    TheDon7 күн мурун

    Oh, another big 12 style game

  20. No Way

    No Way7 күн мурун

    Best part of game was when genious Saban has shitfit at end of game. Thanks Auburn.

  21. J.J. Sutton

    J.J. Sutton7 күн мурун

    If Auburn wouldve had alabama's schedule (no UGA; no UF) theyd have only 1 loss-coming at LSU by a field goal. Theyd be the favorite for that fourth spot in the CFP, and it wouldnt even be close.

  22. J.J. Sutton

    J.J. Sutton7 күн мурун

    ........actually, now that I think about it, If they had Bama's schedule then that means that theyd have played LSU at home. So theres a likelihood that Auburn would be undeafeated and probably cemented into the CFP, win, lose, or draw in the SEC title game.

  23. Carlis Mcclanahan

    Carlis Mcclanahan7 күн мурун

    Anytime Bama loses is a great day

  24. Leonardo Torres

    Leonardo Torres7 күн мурун

    Alabama is still playing yes or no

  25. Words 2 live by

    Words 2 live by8 күн мурун

    Great game

  26. Nickolas Smith

    Nickolas Smith8 күн мурун

    At the end the announcer said he’s never seen a game end with 12 guys on the field? Michigan state just did it this year against Arizona state.

  27. Coulter Gaske

    Coulter Gaske8 күн мурун

    Can Gus Johnson call this game next time pls? It would be a lot better.

  28. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith8 күн мурун

    First Clemson Tigers, then LSU Tigers, now Auburn the real Tigers. Bama better be glad they didn't play Missouri Tigers, Memphis Tigers, Tony the Tiger, Rocky with the Eye of The Tiger etc...

  29. Pharoah M

    Pharoah M9 күн мурун

    Why are people so happy for Auburn LMFAO 😂 bama would literally be up by at least three touchdowns if it wasn't due to penalities. Obviously bama had the better players they just didn't execute and Auburn got lucky. Lol bama had their worst game all year and Auburn barely won Auburn is ass I see why they lost three games. Also they had the home field advantage 😂. And oh let's not forget that the field goal kicker literally missed it by no more than an inch,it would have gone to over time. Bad games happen bama can't win all the time just not how sports works. I rather give credit to a team who lost to two rank teams that were due to penalities and no more than a touch down.

  30. Jerm Johnson

    Jerm Johnson7 күн мурун

    Sure bud lmao

  31. michael88h

    michael88h9 күн мурун

    These announcers really wanted bama to win you can tell lol Wtf did that guy mean at 9:03 was the play killed. That dude was so bama biased it was painful. He was offsides and a first down. It was good to see they get served some humble pie

  32. xavier harris

    xavier harris9 күн мурун

    9:33 Worst play call I've ever seen! Give the ball to Harris!