I Tried Period Leggings

THE PERIOD VIDEOS ARE BACK! I saw these period leggings, so I tried these period leggings. What do you guys think? Would you try these for your period? A big thanks again to the sponsor of this video, the Clue app: xq5r.app.link/tmO8uVTeZC
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You can get the period leggings, if you want them, here! www.pantyprop.com/
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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard2 жыл мурун

    HELLO LOVES!! happy friday! who is on their period here?! would you try these things??

  2. Drama Club

    Drama Club7 күн мурун

    Safiya Nygaard yeet 300th commenttt

  3. Junk Yardagans

    Junk Yardagans8 күн мурун

    Safiya Nygaard the way you say things cracks me up 😂 “i think if anyone saw they would just glance away like ‘I’m not sure what that is’ i replayed that 5 times and laughed so hard

  4. Mary Lareau

    Mary Lareau10 күн мурун

    I would

  5. Jocelyn J

    Jocelyn J12 күн мурун


  6. Sana Yaseen

    Sana YaseenАй мурун

    Me sadly

  7. Shant Arakelian

    Shant Arakelian5 күн мурун

    Safiya’s laundry room looked great!

  8. M N

    M N8 күн мурун

    1:23 𝚠𝚑𝚢 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚠𝚎 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚂𝚊𝚏'𝚜 61000+ 𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚕𝚜?!

  9. Bayley White

    Bayley White9 күн мурун

    He's so sweet when she was explaining he was looking at her the whole time with adoring eyes not even worrying about the camera

  10. denise gingnagel

    denise gingnagel10 күн мурун

    Im also on clue and when i shared it with my bf he was like "whats this" and then he opened it and was like " oohh... well... okay"

  11. denise gingnagel

    denise gingnagel10 күн мурун


  12. Maya Rogers

    Maya Rogers12 күн мурун

    i have to where white sometimes on mine its torure

  13. tera tera chan

    tera tera chan17 күн мурун

    I could never trust these with my period

  14. Brooke Cozzi

    Brooke Cozzi18 күн мурун

    My friend is like putting in a tampon doesn’t hurt and I’m like really wtf how 😂

  15. #1 CRATE!!!!

    #1 CRATE!!!!22 күн мурун

    "and a period haver"- Saf June 16th, 2017

  16. Nikki Moore

    Nikki Moore24 күн мурун

    Can we just appreciate her boyfriends maturity. 🙏🏼😇

  17. Megan Breen

    Megan BreenАй мурун

    I swear KGwork knows my period cycle as everytime it's that time of the month, I get recommended the period videos 😂

  18. Rebecca Koehl

    Rebecca KoehlАй мурун

    i’m just hung up on the fact that she has 61,000000000 EMAILS!! cummon saf ur better than this

  19. Ugly Mxnh

    Ugly MxnhАй мурун

    why am i getting recommended this right when i get my period

  20. Veronica Frame

    Veronica FrameАй мурун

    I couldn't get clue cause of the type of model my iPhone is

  21. Peace Love Livi!

    Peace Love Livi!Ай мурун

    i love that in the intro she was wearing RED lipstick 😂😂

  22. Bisexual Banana

    Bisexual BananaАй мурун

    8:10 AND 8:14 listen to the audio very carefully Am i the only one hearing that???

  23. Bisexual Banana

    Bisexual BananaАй мурун

    @ethereal ••• explorations maybe??? At first I thought it sounded like snoring (Tyler?). Lol i thought there was something wrong with my ears

  24. ethereal ••• explorations

    ethereal ••• explorationsАй мурун

    That low pitched sound? I think that’s just the background music.

  25. Lizzie Bear

    Lizzie BearАй мурун

    After I watched this video I downloaded clue

  26. maude leonard

    maude leonardАй мурун

    I always wear leggings with long shirts or tunics; yoga pants or athletic pants can be worn with short shirts, they have the structure for it but not leggings, they are more like tights in my mind.

  27. Qienna

    QiennaАй мурун

    The website pictures are also in greyscale with the leggings appearing all black, it makes it near-impossible to see what the crotch looks like. Were they a NZ company, I would make a complaint for misleading advertising.

  28. potato_tot

    potato_tot2 ай мурун

    *Males have left the chat*

  29. Kirsten Tippit

    Kirsten Tippit2 ай мурун

    I understand this because I ware that combo and this is the same if u just use regular leggings

  30. Hannah Cortez

    Hannah Cortez2 ай мурун

    ok my question is why is there a "for him" section on the drop down bar on that website for period garments 😂😂

  31. Squishy B

    Squishy B2 ай мурун

    Are we not going to talk about 61,530 unread emails? 😯

  32. Janae O'Shields

    Janae O'Shields2 ай мурун

    I’m way late to the party and just recently started binging everything on this channel... and I just have to say, Tyler’s super chill attitude toward menstruation is how all men should be but almost no men are. Thank you both for being awesome and gifting the KGwork universe with your existence. 💙

  33. Pamela B

    Pamela B2 ай мурун

    I feel like adding material to the crotch is what they used to do in the olden days and we’re just going backwards here

  34. Anisah Kauser

    Anisah Kauser2 ай мурун

    Soo... they gave you a thigh gap? I’m confused? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  35. Jasmine Sophie

    Jasmine Sophie2 ай мурун

    Yo wtf I just started my period and this was recommended, rude.

  36. Space Ace

    Space Ace2 ай мурун

    Honestly, kudos to the Panty Prop website for having a For Him section on their site :’)

  37. CookieHeaven679

    CookieHeaven6792 ай мурун

    WHY CANT I BE A BOY!?!?!?!!!?? 🥺🥺😊

  38. Kristal Price

    Kristal Price3 ай мурун

    Period are not fun and the small is horrible ☹️ that. Why you should use summer Eve vagina wash and whips on are periods

  39. Cady Castle

    Cady Castle3 ай мурун

    OMG I LOVE your Northface GOT tank top!!!! So fucking cute🖤

  40. Kiki Bunny

    Kiki Bunny3 ай мурун

    Gusset (noun): a piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or the crotch of an undergarment.

  41. Queen of The world

    Queen of The world3 ай мурун

    I got clue because of you!

  42. Dead Begonias

    Dead Begonias3 ай мурун

    Take a drink every time she says gusset

  43. Dead Begonias

    Dead Begonias3 ай мурун

    “I’m gonna show you my crotch...not like, bare” SCREAM

  44. sophia marsh

    sophia marsh3 ай мурун

    I miss your period videos D:

  45. Gabi Victor

    Gabi Victor3 ай мурун

    Girl you look so fresh!!! I am usually turned into a zombie😂

  46. Molly Likes Tacos

    Molly Likes Tacos3 ай мурун

    1:22 Anybody else notice she has 62K+ things in her mail???

  47. Evelyn Lee Barney

    Evelyn Lee Barney3 ай мурун

    Thankfully I no longer HAVE a period, but these would have been a fail.