DaBaby - Walker Texas Ranger (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Instagram: @DaBaby
Directed by @reelgoats
Director of Photography/Editor @ricodidit


  1. Hugo Fredriksson

    Hugo Fredriksson6 саат мурун

    Raper of the year

  2. PandoLives

    PandoLives15 саат мурун

    I thought dababy was all about rockin them iced out grills, but them pearly whites tho...

  3. Barack Obama

    Barack Obama20 саат мурун

    “ no means no”

  4. Kosher Dill

    Kosher Dill22 саат мурун

    This song instantly makes me want to fuck and suck my boyfriend.

  5. Victoria Murray

    Victoria MurrayКүн мурун

    If you like the dababy. Songs like this

  6. Willie Bell

    Willie Bell2 күн мурун

    He can't fuck with my nigga fabolous fab mixtape is better then this bullshit

  7. Willie Bell

    Willie Bell2 күн мурун

    I don't know what Is the fuss is about this dude this nigga sound the same on every song I don't see how his album got number one I must be miss something cause his album is boring

  8. Amourr layyy

    Amourr layyy2 күн мурун

    What’s the end song?

  9. Ian H

    Ian H2 күн мурун

    Spirit animal

  10. Emmanuel Baynes

    Emmanuel Baynes3 күн мурун

    Dababy is a good great rapper but I never listen to his music unless it has a video cause his vids be funny asf

  11. Matt Beats

    Matt Beats3 күн мурун


  12. Orbite flow

    Orbite flow3 күн мурун

    Dababy watches a lot of porn.

  13. Amazing Amy

    Amazing Amy4 күн мурун

    All hell done broke loose...... fix it Jesus

  14. Young Landscape

    Young Landscape4 күн мурун

    give this song a chance, trust me open.spotify.com/track/6RiroqP03URHy4n6EgPOp0?si=Yo_lwtamSXCq1afiMNLwaA

  15. Unpopular Politics

    Unpopular Politics5 күн мурун

    DaBaby is the best rapper of 2019.

  16. WeirdozChannel

    WeirdozChannel5 күн мурун

    Lil nas x dababy

  17. Travelle Moore

    Travelle Moore6 күн мурун

    Did anybody actually pay attention to the video

  18. Stop the Like beggars

    Stop the Like beggars6 күн мурун

    Chuck norris would be proud


    OBEYKMG6 күн мурун

    Georgia Georgia 😂😂 1:15

  20. MirrorMommy

    MirrorMommy6 күн мурун

    Da baby is what happens to ADHD in Adulthood 🤷🏽‍♀️💯😭

  21. Mr GBET

    Mr GBET7 күн мурун


  22. Amber Kinnane

    Amber Kinnane7 күн мурун

    He is silly af🤣🤣

  23. Jonathan Ciesla

    Jonathan Ciesla7 күн мурун

    Texas Chuck Norris man or the G.I. Joe people targeting those who wanted proof and say YES but after a few seconds no you heard this before it is not real sorry I am depressed I can't up my brain due to brain high killers but wait I can get happy too when rounded up people are here on XXL quotes too.

  24. nobodys_winds

    nobodys_winds8 күн мурун

    damn, RDR3 looks lit

  25. KingParisBuckingham

    KingParisBuckingham8 күн мурун

    He dreseesd like lil nasty x,be careful he come out da closet


    GODZGANGSTA8 күн мурун

    Jesus is King

  27. Coral Bishop

    Coral Bishop9 күн мурун


  28. Michael Sutton

    Michael Sutton9 күн мурун

    Haha Ram got a plug!

  29. mr pennie wenie

    mr pennie wenie10 күн мурун

    Wot is dattttttttttt hikey 🔥

  30. Jacob Croxford

    Jacob Croxford10 күн мурун

    Dababy would expose on Wildn out

  31. Life of Kev72

    Life of Kev7210 күн мурун

    Tbilisi Th

  32. E Z DUBZ

    E Z DUBZ10 күн мурун

    So we not going to talk about how he robs a blind guy

  33. Aiden Houk

    Aiden Houk10 күн мурун

    Suck my poop

  34. Jay Lan

    Jay Lan10 күн мурун

    Dont like the song but his videos🔥🔥😂

  35. TheRustyCracker

    TheRustyCracker11 күн мурун

    What language is he speaking?

  36. Original Juice

    Original Juice8 күн мурун

    nIGGa Joose

  37. Pablo Vera

    Pablo Vera11 күн мурун

    Name of the dex's final song?

  38. Elaisa Eyvette Matthews

    Elaisa Eyvette Matthews11 күн мурун

    When someone edits their comment and say “Thanks for the likes!” I feel like taking my like back. 🙄

  39. Chris omari

    Chris omari12 күн мурун

    Also subscribe to my channel

  40. Chris omari

    Chris omari12 күн мурун

    This song is fire🔥🔥🔥


    CAIRAN GORE12 күн мурун