Meghan & Harry: Queen agrees 'period of transition' after crisis meeting

There was something Shakespearean about the Royal family crisis meeting today at Sandringham. The warring factions of a troubled family parlayed in Norfolk. Cornwall, Cambridge and Sussex, all huddled under the ire of the Monarch.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to meet with the Queen to try and clarify their plans to step away from life as a royal couple. They agreed to a ‘period of transition’ before the couple move out of the spotlight of the royal family. ‘Megxit’ appears to be happening.

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  1. Lilja Einarsd

    Lilja Einarsd3 саат мурун

    Allt MM fault

  2. Barbara Marchand

    Barbara Marchand4 күн мурун

    Who honestly gives a heck about these two unspeakable brats?

  3. Gloria Bort

    Gloria Bort4 күн мурун

    She knew She was marrying a Royal together with The duties. If they want To be out, then out. Not half half. Their photos mostly with African Children /People. Too one sided. She is also half white. Some Africans think they are always being discriminated if there are criticisms about them. Why? Food For thought! They are a public Figure. Criticisms are normal . Does She thinks She is exempted from criticisms ? She could have taken criticisms more maturely. They are just married a few years. She has To get used To it And stay above all These. My goodness! Sorry To say this, but Harry seems To have been influenced with too much African. Off-balanced! Sad To see them leave!

  4. Benny Bees

    Benny Bees5 күн мурун

    the absolutely vile and foul lies the UK press were spreading about Meghan were wholly unacceptable. No wonder she wants to flee!! Sickening reporting.

  5. Alfred The greater.

    Alfred The greater.5 күн мурун

    Normal people around the world, don’t really care, go and live in Canada Harry with your wife and enjoy the rest of your life.

  6. TheLuistabla

    TheLuistabla6 күн мурун

    you know England is long overdue when all the british being interviewed in an article on the royal family, are actually black... (and i'm not being racist, just stating the facts here...)

  7. S G

    S G6 күн мурун

    Idky, but queen Elizabeth is coming off like a witch in this story.

  8. BRIAN

    BRIAN6 күн мурун

    I blame media the Piers Morgan nasty types and racist media. But I support Harry and Megan

  9. Anna Spahl

    Anna Spahl6 күн мурун

    I the last part o this video the interviewer is so horrible! he insecretly doesn't want to hear the opinion of a laywer woman by always giving a word to the royal commentator and reacting at the woman's opinion absolutely critical and discrasefully - what is this inteview about? is it about the different opinions on a given topic or is it about shutting the mouth we don't want to hear and only listen to a preffered commentator by giving him all the speaking opportunities? dusguisting such an obvious, absolutely demonstration of conflict of interests, what a shame, wow

  10. Chloe Wright

    Chloe Wright6 күн мурун

    It's ridiculous that they're calling this a crisis.

  11. VC

    VC6 күн мурун

    That lady is ........... I saw her everywhere, she is the only RIGHT ALWAYS!!!!🤬🤬

  12. Yali Franklin

    Yali Franklin6 күн мурун

    This interview & interviewer was pathetic. 🤢

  13. FernandoAvelarify

    FernandoAvelarify6 күн мурун

    Trying to hide the racism in UK by blaming Harry's lost of his mother. The UK media have ATTACKED Megan

  14. Roxy Van

    Roxy Van6 күн мурун

    Bottom line she is a complete LEFTY LIBERAL!!! HOLLYWEIRD NUT JOB!! We don’t want her back

  15. CaliforniaHiker

    CaliforniaHiker7 күн мурун

    Meghan is a breath of fresh air. Harry and Meghan have done a lot of good, yet they are have been persecuted by the British tabloid press. When Kate does something it‘s cute. If Meghan does the same thing she‘s being shamed. Judging by the queen‘s statement, I think she‘s in agreement. (“... will enable them to build a happy and peaceful life”). Peaceful. Less tabloid press. Fewer insulting headlines. Meghan said “it’s not enough to survive. You need to thrive”. How can they thrive facing those unjust ugly headlines every day? Why is the biggest story not about Prince Andrew and his aberrant leanings? Why keep such a negative focus on these two royals who are such good ambassadors? How are Meghan and Harry hurting the monarchy? How is Andrew hurting the monarchy?

  16. scary times

    scary times7 күн мурун

    Hilarious that they're that retarded to move to Canada with daily fallout from Fukushima.

  17. Margaret Chen

    Margaret Chen7 күн мурун

    Harry had been blind-sided since the day his mother was killed.

  18. علي احمد علي باشنيني

    علي احمد علي باشنيني7 күн мурун

    خطوة ممتازة وردة فعل راقية جدآ لعلها تجلب السعادة للجميع هاكذا الحياة لقاء وفراق نتمنئ حظ سعيد للجميع.

  19. Kold Kave

    Kold Kave7 күн мурун

    listen to black women more.

  20. Wicz Rabin

    Wicz Rabin7 күн мурун

    MEGEXIT it's a misleading title, it's HAREXIT He left the royal family, of course, you have to blame Meghan ...😋🙄😳🤣

  21. Amudat wuraola

    Amudat wuraola4 күн мурун

    I wonder o.

  22. Kold Kave

    Kold Kave7 күн мурун

    Oioi sapphire!!!!

  23. Talit Aslam

    Talit Aslam7 күн мурун

    Thanks Queen, 150 million will do, see you soon XXX

  24. Starlove Records

    Starlove Records7 күн мурун

    good riddance to bad rubbish. Harry and Megin are trashy to begin with.



    It's right for Harry and Megan to ask for early exit... They are not in the direct line but always have a direct attach of bullying... Harry won't stand by looking while his wife was being attack. They can serve the Queen and country without being HRH.

  26. Leslie Bessesen

    Leslie Bessesen7 күн мурун

    let them be,,,at least they want to go and make their own money and live a different life....

  27. E P

    E P7 күн мурун

    The transition? They only want Big Hollywood money and fame! They don’t fit in the Royal Family. They don’t want the obligations but want to keep the perks. I don’t think so, missy.

  28. Teresita Ekim

    Teresita Ekim7 күн мурун

    The public contributed to the problem. Some are too prejudicial to Megan. This is the result now.

  29. Paula Rode-Benjamin

    Paula Rode-Benjamin7 күн мурун

    A great nothing to distract people from the child molester/rapist Andrew, the Queen's favorite child.

  30. peter chapman

    peter chapman7 күн мурун

    Harry was born into Royalty and should accept his duties, Meghan has married into it but must have realized what was expected of her, they are given many privileges including considerable wealth and should not have been given a choice.

  31. Elvira Ella Salibasic

    Elvira Ella Salibasic7 күн мурун

    The lady presenting a new country for Susexes... Canida! Well, maybe they are truly going there and we will never know where is that! Nor will they! 👋👑

  32. Elvira Ella Salibasic

    Elvira Ella Salibasic7 күн мурун

    Canida!!??? 👎😂😂

  33. Terry Kane

    Terry Kane7 күн мурун

    In America racism is blatant but in the UK it's far worse. The things that Brits said about the baby Archie is reprehensible. Meghan will be happier here.

  34. George Wilson

    George Wilson5 күн мурун

    What do they say?

  35. wattlesong

    wattlesong8 күн мурун

    Well done Meghan and Harry, stay away from that vile, racist, ignorant country as much as possible. Liz destroyed the life of her sister Margaret, glad she's not going to repeat the cruel mistake this time around.

  36. mikael mcfarlane

    mikael mcfarlane8 күн мурун

    It's an affair of distruction corruption and confusion , Islam is involved

  37. Abisoye Ojulari

    Abisoye Ojulari8 күн мурун

    Am sorry this is just about over privileged people making noise go stay who cares

  38. Some One

    Some One8 күн мурун

    Wth is a “Royal commenter”?

  39. Some One

    Some One8 күн мурун

    Arthur Edwards looks terribly distraught...and desperate. Could it be he is out of a job now?

  40. FISHER king

    FISHER king8 күн мурун


  41. Rose Hooper

    Rose Hooper8 күн мурун

    We all know how tabloid manipulate everything.

  42. Rose Hooper

    Rose Hooper8 күн мурун

    They deserve to be happy away from media negative and racist attacks.

  43. Rose Hooper

    Rose Hooper8 күн мурун

    Too bad for the media, can't benefits from them anymore.😂

  44. Joe Bitgood

    Joe Bitgood8 күн мурун

    Who cares

  45. Kyle Fontenot

    Kyle Fontenot8 күн мурун

    The question on has the media been accepting of Meghan. Anyone ever heard her called Princess Meghan by the media or just Meghan Merkel? There is my answer.

  46. Kyle Fontenot

    Kyle Fontenot8 күн мурун

    Prince William seems like he is rude and arrogant while Prince Harry is more of like the rebellious and liberal type. Prince William reminds me of my brother, traditional and conservative while I'm more like Prince Harry, liberal and much more attractive lol. Go Prince Harry and Princess Meghan. They never call her Princess on media

  47. Heather Anderson

    Heather Anderson8 күн мурун

    I think their age is always difficult

  48. Phyllis Payne

    Phyllis Payne8 күн мурун

    Hold the press, a real crisis is looming. Harry and Megan are grown up. And they wanna move. Boo hoo hoo.

  49. Emily An

    Emily An8 күн мурун

    Why are we not talking about Andrew? I think what he did is more serious don’t you?

  50. ali

    ali8 күн мурун

    on Christmas, all royals come together and pray wish for a tunnel wish for a drunk driver it worked last time why not again ????

  51. ali

    ali8 күн мурун

    on Christmas, all royals come together and pray wish for a tunnel wish for a drunk driver it worked last time why not again ????

  52. patricia burell

    patricia burell8 күн мурун

    They have already sat down w/ Oprah for a tell-all!!! They are using the Royal family!!!

  53. Emily An

    Emily An8 күн мурун

    face is actually very pretty but her character is not. She's tired of faking so now she pull the bully/victim card to escape. She's the bully here.

  54. Michael JoToya Jackson

    Michael JoToya Jackson8 күн мурун

    +Sarah Beth 966 : You didn't buy the Epstein killing his arrogant self either lol 🤣 😂 l didn't buy that freaking "LIE" either that 😈👺 👿👹 Devil is hiding out in one of those D.U.M.B Caves in EUROPE somewhere KILLED himself my behind what a JOKE.....!!!! 😜😝😛 "LIARS" .......!!!! 😠😤😡

  55. Donna Ciorra

    Donna Ciorra8 күн мурун


  56. patricia treslove

    patricia treslove8 күн мурун

    The Queen is to blame for a lot of this, she has known what they were doing and has chosen to keep her head in the sand, when is the Queen going to do something for the people, her reign has been one long episode of her families disgraceful behavior, and yet when the people want something done like we wanted the Union Flag flown over Buckingham Palace when Diana died at half-mast, day after day we asked, in the end, all she agreed too was for the duration of Dianas Funeral, she wasn't even there, so what was the problem, well for a start she had no respect for Diana, even though Diana was the mother of a future King of this country─ and the Queen was never going to give in to a request from the people who support her lavish lifestyle. I am sick and tired of this heartless spiteful woman, who thinks that we should all bow down to her, she has done nothing for this country, that she hasn't been very well rewarded for, I have lived through her entire reign and it has been one scandal after another from her family, in the case of Charles disgraceful treatment of his young wife we had to watch Diana suffer for 12 years before the Queen did something, and that something was to end in 3 people dead in a Paris tunnel, taking Diana's protection of HRH away was the most spiteful act, the mother of a future King not having an HRH, Diana would have been much more difficult to murder with an HRH, but to then give it to the woman who was really the guilty party, shows what the Queen is really all about. She is only happy with her head in the sands, however, this time her family scandals have surpassed anything we could have imagined, remember she has paid hush money, which has made Andrew look even more guilty, and she has shielded in full view.

  57. soinu foig

    soinu foig8 күн мурун

    Yall are a bunch of crybabies. A man is wanting to take his wife and live his own life without being in the spotlight as much as they are. Leave them be

  58. Pure Explorer

    Pure Explorer9 күн мурун

    Meghan pretending she’s not listening when Harry asks for a job on behalf of her :))

  59. Cassie

    Cassie8 күн мурун

    This trumps trump

  60. Pip Pipster

    Pip Pipster9 күн мурун

    And here’s my one fingered salute 🖕

  61. Pamela Meadows

    Pamela Meadows9 күн мурун

    Let's go back 9 and 10 years to how Kate was it one time treated by the press! That woman more than paid her dues with all the awful publicity much worse than what Meghan's went through. And summer trying to make it about race so we don't focus on the self-centeredness and mistakes Meghan's made

  62. soinu foig

    soinu foig8 күн мурун

    This trumps trump

  63. Pamela Meadows

    Pamela Meadows9 күн мурун

    I totally believe now Harry had mental health issues prior to meet Meghan. This would explain a lot.

  64. Cassie

    Cassie8 күн мурун

    Dat grandma is smart

  65. Cassie

    Cassie9 күн мурун

    I don't think Harry ever wanted to be part of this hoopla; Megan or not

  66. Georgie Salgado

    Georgie Salgado9 күн мурун

    Meghan is a bit stupid or naive. She married Harry thinking “oh yay! I’m a princess and I get to live a lavish lifestyle, spend tax payers money.” When you marry a prince, you don’t just marry him, you marry his family too and all that comes with it including media scrutiny by the British press. If she doesn’t want the scrutiny, she shouldn’t have married Harry. It’s the same reason Cressida Bonas didn’t want to marry him because she knew her life would never be her own.