Convicted killers and child rapist pardoned by former Kentucky governor

In his final days in office, former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issued more than 600 pardons and commutations. Many were to people convicted off heinous crimes. Ed O'Keefe reports.
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  1. Anonymous Alcoholic

    Anonymous Alcoholic21 күн мурун

    660+ pardons, anyone else sensing the + is estimately 6?

  2. sara parker

    sara parker25 күн мурун

    democrats pardoned the rapist bill Clinton. always believe the woman unless the Clintons tell you you cant. they are god.

  3. Valore Dramack

    Valore Dramack28 күн мурун

    So the Kentuckians are Pro-Trump voters and they elected vile people like Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin in the first place. Donald Trump even campaigned for Bevin's re-election. Matt Bevin is giving Kentucky exactly what they keep voting for-- criminals and pedophiles infecting their communities. The voters shall reap what they sow.

  4. Jeffrey Turner

    Jeffrey Turner28 күн мурун

    They have no shame! Trump may do worse "when" he's rejected outta the Oval Office! Vote blue

  5. Muhammad Arsalan Bela

    Muhammad Arsalan Bela28 күн мурун

    Wow u guys r corrupt

  6. Human Being

    Human BeingАй мурун

    This look like revenge against the Kentucky people.

  7. Sarah Reid

    Sarah ReidАй мурун


  8. randy johnson

    randy johnsonАй мурун


  9. Noteman

    NotemanАй мурун

    Hope these killers find his house. Just think what the victims families are going through.

  10. freeze peach

    freeze peachАй мурун

    to think that trump supported this dude. oh wait, completely obvious.

  11. ProudPapa 38

    ProudPapa 38Ай мурун

    Ok KY lawmakers. Hope you walk this walk and do everything possible to hold this joker accountable for his irresponsible and dangerous actions...All eyes on you guys now to get this ball rolling


    EJ GIGGEYАй мурун

    What if somebody raped or killed oneor two of his TEN Children: Brittiney Bevin (Daughter), Danial Bevin (Son), Grace Bevin (Daughter), Isaac Bevin (Son), Jonah Bevin (Son), Lydia Bevin (Daughter), Mackenzie Bevin (Daughter), Madison Bevin (Daughter), Olivia Bevin (Daughter), Sophia Bevin (Daughter) Wouldn't it be ironic.

  13. Kevin Dasilva

    Kevin DasilvaАй мурун

    Its almost like hes doing this to spite Kentucky for not re electing him... i totally get pardoning people for something like non violent drug offenses... but to pardon murderers and rapists is just pure stupidity

  14. Run Run Shaw

    Run Run ShawАй мурун

    Ugh.........660......I wonder how many blacks or hispanics are on that list.

  15. Agatha Poirot

    Agatha PoirotАй мурун

    This guy is probably a closet pedophile.

  16. kerry folden

    kerry foldenАй мурун

    hmm yall elected little boy

  17. krizna beatty

    krizna beattyАй мурун

    Sad day! I say that the only one who should be able to pardon is God. Put him jail'

  18. carolyn gordin

    carolyn gordinАй мурун

    ask him about emily summerlin and cop

  19. carolyn gordin

    carolyn gordinАй мурун

    hey emily summerlin know you and your boyfriend oklahoma cop are dropped

  20. Ascension 669

    Ascension 669Ай мурун

    Bevin gave Democrats what they wanted. LoL and now all the Democrats are upset. Kinda sounds like Sanctuary cities in Democrat States eh? DID WE NOT HEAR BESHEAR RUN ON THAT? get what you vote for. Thanks to some of you for keeping the legislation as Republicans. Now Liberal Extremist Beshear is a sitting duck.

  21. ImmortalQueen DivA

    ImmortalQueen DivAАй мурун

    This is pure horror

  22. Debi Lee Mauterstock

    Debi Lee MauterstockАй мурун

    He better jump at his own shadow with the likes of him roaming our streets...

  23. Julius Newman

    Julius NewmanАй мурун

    This governor should go to jail. Abuse of power and gross negligence

  24. firenze55

    firenze55Ай мурун

    Totally. If any of these criminals are recidivists, he should go straight to jail.

  25. T cnBrooklyn

    T cnBrooklynАй мурун

    They should not be able to get out of jail

  26. Justin Tupts

    Justin TuptsАй мурун

    Yo Matt pardon my warrant in Shelby county 😅

  27. GodSon

    GodSonАй мурун

    I always knew that the Republican Criminal Organization was really filled with racist, evil, vile crooks. But this has to stop. This ex governor should be brought up on charges. I heard one of the pedophiles brother raised 21,000 for the Ex goveenor campaign. He only served 18 months of a 23 year sentence. The ability to pardon someone needs to have a review board look over each case before it can be approved.

  28. Arthur S Dancer

    Arthur S DancerАй мурун

    WTF ! How is this even legal ?

  29. Life's Adventures

    Life's AdventuresАй мурун

    And the senator is not an ounce better seeing that he has already and in advance of the Senate impeachment trial, stated that he will coordinate lock-step with the Trump legal attorneys to assure Donald Trump's acquittal. The other pervert in the Senate, Lindsay Graham has said that he has already made up his mind, even before the trial to also acquit. So what the heck is the difference??!!

  30. jg a

    jg aАй мурун

    He should be jailed for this action....

  31. TheCommanderShepherd

    TheCommanderShepherdАй мурун

    Good job kentucky

  32. Sonya Nutter

    Sonya NutterАй мурун

    The only thing that trickles down from the top, high offices is corruption and lawlessness....

  33. One for all

    One for allАй мурун

    Go get your guns everyone!

  34. Gilbert Bedolla

    Gilbert BedollaАй мурун

    Wait to what sTump is going to do if his voted out or impeached.

  35. Amy A.

    Amy A.Ай мурун

    You think these people are going to stay in ky not all 620+

  36. Guacamole Queen

    Guacamole QueenАй мурун

    Louisville be like, I’m finally becoming my own state after this crap

  37. Allen C.

    Allen C.Ай мурун

    Really? Then why does it seem to only apply to certain types of people? As "Christians" shouldn't that mantra be applied to all. Then why are so called "Christians" sitting on juries and convicting people? The pathos of religion is real. And its crippling reality with its hypocrisy.

  38. Ed L

    Ed LАй мурун

    To victims and families affected by the pardons to criminals by EX governor Bevins, make him the focus of your outrage and do what you must to pass justice! Then focus on the criminals next.....

  39. Grim

    GrimАй мурун

    The people who voted for this evil demon are partially responsible.

  40. miamiwax

    miamiwaxАй мурун

    You think this is bad? Wait until Trump loses the 2020 election!!

  41. Morg Ellon

    Morg EllonАй мурун

    The latest Republican terror tactic.

  42. Mr E

    Mr EАй мурун

    Let ALL The Scumbags He Pardoned, Move Next Door To Bevin's Family.

  43. Dave Foreman

    Dave ForemanАй мурун

    Electing a democrat governor is about the same thing as releasing convicts. Be careful what you ask for.😐

  44. Milhouse

    MilhouseАй мурун

    Trump endorsed this criminal

  45. Kara Amundson

    Kara AmundsonАй мурун

    Just 660? Six short for the devil money

  46. Anonymous Alcoholic

    Anonymous Alcoholic21 күн мурун

    they did say 660 plus im betting 6 was the +. besides 666 isnt the devils number, its 21

  47. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel GonzalezАй мурун

    Let me guess, Is this dude a Republican? He probably mad because he lost the election.

  48. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel GonzalezАй мурун

    Oz Key that figures

  49. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel GonzalezАй мурун

    Oz Key right

  50. Oz Key

    Oz KeyАй мурун

    Yes he's a Republican and he refused to concede for several days after the election. But who knew he'd take being a sore loser to this extreme?!

  51. abe lincoln

    abe lincolnАй мурун

    Bevin another good christian they love child rapist, woman haters and murderers. Christianity and republicans are curse on this country.

  52. James Devine

    James DevineАй мурун

    Yup the child rapist was white, bet they all were

  53. James Devine

    James DevineАй мурун

    I'm curious as to the racial breakdown. I'll take a guess most pardons went to whites. SOP for repubs.

  54. Angelica RoseMarie

    Angelica RoseMarieАй мурун

    Soooo, the Republican former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, think it's OK to pardon and grant commutations to whomever/heinous crime murdering prisoners and child rapist/molesters. Will other Republican Governors do the same ... when they lose their elections?!?! What about our current president ... Who will Trump pardon if he, loses the 2020 presidential election?!?! Recently, President Trump said, "I can do whatever, I want." OOOKAAYY!!! President Donald J. Trump should remember, he's not the dictator of the U.S.A. Each day, draws closer that he and other Swamp Era Republicans might be ... VOTED OUT!!! Should Republican voters consider if any Republican Governor candidates/representatives, they vote for ... might in the future, pardon and grant commutations to convicted murders and child rapist/molesters (like the now deceased Epstein) due to campaign donations/financial contributions ... or through outrageous back channel ... unlawful bribery schemes. SHAME! SHAME! SHAMEFUL!

  55. blakefeeldz1

    blakefeeldz1Ай мурун

    Somebody should do something!

  56. eliot

    eliotАй мурун

    Oh yeah!, I Lost the Election! I'll fix y'all, "Open The Floodgates"!

  57. Ascension 669

    Ascension 669Ай мурун

    @praketing richraft are you trying to ignore the policies you endorse? This has nothing to do with Trump style idiot.

  58. praketing richraft

    praketing richraftАй мурун

    +Ascension 669 Yes, Blame Democrats for something a Republican did. Typical Trump style lie.

  59. Ascension 669

    Ascension 669Ай мурун

    that's what democrats want. right?

  60. michael covey

    michael coveyАй мурун

    another Drump POS

  61. Linda *

    Linda *Ай мурун this how you get revenge on the citizens of Kentucky? Shame on you for putting everyone in danger including innocent children!☹️ you have shown to be a real “TRUMPER”!

  62. aj groome

    aj groomeАй мурун

    I was heart broken over Bevin Bells fire, but we don't need this guy back in CT

  63. Bacons Strip

    Bacons StripАй мурун

    Say what you will about Democrats, some of their policies are idiotic and transparently pandering, but they aren’t the level of pure evil I’m seeing out of the post-Trump GOP. I’ll never vote for another republican again. Ever.

  64. Bos Don

    Bos DonАй мурун

    We the people of Kentucky stand better. This guy shall reap the justice of the Lord amen....

  65. Créole Lady

    Créole LadyАй мурун

    A child rapist ⁉️ Really ⁉️

  66. Micah Tyler

    Micah TylerАй мурун

    Just my thoughts. Politicians should have to take a morality classes before running for office. I'm a Democrat but I believe there should be a time limit on all elected officials jobs. 2 terms max. Age limits, older generation politicians poison the up and coming replacements. Politicians have become to comfortable in there chairs. Some Dems and repubs. Stuff like this here let's everyone know that we need restructuring in the governmental level.

  67. Doberman Dad

    Doberman DadАй мурун

    He took money to release them. His idea of a retirement plan. Hope he is the one that meets the killers and rapists in an alley. Not one of our wives or children.

  68. joe kewl

    joe kewlАй мурун

    Its nothing they didn't just do at the request of Beyonce & the Black community. They let out molesters, rapist and killers. Get used to it. They admire wicked people & death. Have you seen the new Joker movie? I haven't.