Kevin Gates Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Kevin Gates goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about his friend Odell Beckham Jr. inspiring him to get into shape, his love for VaporMaxes from playing soccer and getting his charisma from Muhammad Ali.
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  1. Complex

    Complex12 күн мурун

    What is your favorite sneaker to work out in?

  2. Mo Hussein

    Mo Hussein21 саат мурун

    Complex prestos

  3. Darryl Wyckoff

    Darryl WyckoffКүн мурун


  4. Bezonker

    Bezonker2 күн мурун

    What ever these $20 shoes are off amazon. 😂😂

  5. Adisa Cumberbatch

    Adisa Cumberbatch3 күн мурун

    Ultra boost

  6. Dakeyra Wayford

    Dakeyra WayfordСаат мурун

    I been waiting on this video been my favorite rapper for 3 years now my man kevin Jerome gilyard

  7. Joe Cruz

    Joe Cruz3 саат мурун

    Awwwww Kevin's a sweet heart

  8. D R

    D R8 саат мурун

    I love his outfit

  9. Savage Young

    Savage Young13 саат мурун

    RIP Soulja slim with the reeboks And he started the song 👇👇👇

  10. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia17 саат мурун

    "Three thousand!?"😂

  11. Jeniqua J.

    Jeniqua J.17 саат мурун

    Kevin is me when I’m at Walmart and my total is $100.... 😂

  12. Queen Skylar

    Queen Skylar17 саат мурун

    Right now, today

  13. Lil Dumpling

    Lil Dumpling19 саат мурун

    I'm learning too

  14. Troy Coney

    Troy Coney20 саат мурун

    kevin gates a good dude man

  15. L.A Lucas

    L.A Lucas21 саат мурун

    I love how every beep worked like a snare lol

  16. OMGits Amiri

    OMGits AmiriКүн мурун

    3,000 in my day it was 50 cents 😂😂

  17. Swervo

    SwervoКүн мурун


  18. Journalis Aninion

    Journalis AninionКүн мурун

    I had to look him up! But yeah I fuck with him.

  19. John Doe

    John DoeКүн мурун

    Cocaine white b**tches. Fo life.

  20. Meze Da Gamer

    Meze Da GamerКүн мурун

    Gates that guy

  21. John Doe

    John DoeКүн мурун

    10.5 thats was up.


    SOLIDNATION JayКүн мурун

    Right nah today!

  23. Jose Amezcua

    Jose AmezcuaКүн мурун

    That boy gay as fuck!

  24. Cameron Frierson

    Cameron FriersonКүн мурун

    Gates might be the first to buy some hats on here.

  25. El 33

    El 33Күн мурун

    IDK Kevin is giving off this clone energy to me lol

  26. Ran Dom

    Ran DomКүн мурун

    Bruh...Let me be your stylist… I can make you look way better for a quarter of that price… He spent 3000 on two hats and two pairs of shoes… What the fuck

  27. DJ Aerodynamics

    DJ AerodynamicsКүн мурун

    Can I get a 10 1/2 no we don’t have 10 1/2 here

  28. The Goat

    The Goat2 күн мурун


  29. A Matalo

    A Matalo2 күн мурун

    his whole vibes when from just trying to surviving, living through the past and now hes all the way the fuck up...smiling non stop..big inspiration man. thank you

  30. Official Maher

    Official Maher2 күн мурун

    Bro wallah this is the best dude to have as a Friend he’s so fucking lit

  31. Gamervbdul _

    Gamervbdul _2 күн мурун

    I’m surprised he don’t got his shirt off 😭😭

  32. Reduced Lunch Ent

    Reduced Lunch Ent2 күн мурун

    When y’all gonna put the CEO of Disney on here. Bob is a sneaker fanatic


    TYLER MCPEEK2 күн мурун

    What song are those lyrics from bruh😂😂 those the only lyrics I’m stumped on

  34. My Shit

    My Shit2 күн мурун

    You love your homies thats gay

  35. Jeramia Simpson

    Jeramia Simpson2 күн мурун

    Kevin - *goes sneaker shopping. Also Kevin - *buys hats.

  36. Therrington Scippio

    Therrington Scippio3 күн мурун

    3k on a pair of neon green AF-1s and all black Vapormax smh... the Hypebeast trend needs to end asap!! This was painful to watch. Both shoes are trash and only sell for that price because of young lame, no personality having kids, that only wear shit that they see other people wearing! So glad I'm an 80's baby and when I was in school kids actually did their best to NOT wear the same fits as everyone else! 🤷🏾‍♂️✌🏿💯

  37. Mocasa ?

    Mocasa ?3 күн мурун

    Such a humble and outgoing dude, ppl probably mistake him as stuck up or plain out mean, but is a good dude overall❤️

  38. miami flow

    miami flow3 күн мурун

    A vapor max for 1600 what the Fruitssss

  39. ASAP_ Robert58

    ASAP_ Robert583 күн мурун

    Right now today 😭😭


    EARRAPE DJ3 күн мурун

    Go all the way down on ya push ups gates those are kindergarten pushups

  41. Nicole Alexandra

    Nicole Alexandra3 күн мурун

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    THE SERPENT KING3 күн мурун


  43. E B

    E B3 күн мурун

    cocaine everything😂

  44. OseK

    OseK3 күн мурун

    Kevin is one of the few artist who's voice sounds almost identical in his songs and off songs

  45. j317

    j3173 күн мурун

    nigga said right now today like u can say right now and mean next month

  46. Jerry Perkins

    Jerry Perkins3 күн мурун

    Take care of my lil feet😂

  47. Brandon Milline

    Brandon Milline3 күн мурун


  48. Jacqueline Dixon

    Jacqueline Dixon3 күн мурун

    Love this man!!

  49. stoner_sim_sim _37

    stoner_sim_sim _373 күн мурун

    I'm not a human being I came up from nothing and just imagine that ! : Kevin Gates one of my best rapper from this generation...

  50. Rawb Rawb

    Rawb Rawb3 күн мурун

    "I almost died for you people" he can say you people but it got don cherry fired. Foh. Anything a white person says is racist. Smh

  51. BigWilly562

    BigWilly56214 саат мурун

    Bro its 2019 go get sum colorful flavorful pussy stop with ur negativity and save your soul

  52. Edgar Payan

    Edgar Payan4 күн мурун

    "In My Day It Was 50 Cents"😂😂😂

  53. Tasha Jackson

    Tasha Jackson4 күн мурун

    Kevin gates looks good now

  54. Xavier Llamas

    Xavier Llamas4 күн мурун

    get his breath smell like ass dirty ass

  55. Xavier Llamas

    Xavier Llamas4 күн мурун

    ass eating sick sum bitch!!!!!

  56. Xavier Llamas

    Xavier Llamas4 күн мурун

    complex a bitch and kg a bigger bitch really they shrimpy ass pussys

  57. Damarcus Mitchell

    Damarcus Mitchell4 күн мурун

    Air Max's

  58. Kevin Gates

    Kevin Gates4 күн мурун

    I love it but its a distraction 2 keep u focused on the bs instead of ownership and brand building but enjoy

  59. AD Drizzy

    AD Drizzy4 күн мурун


  60. Ant410

    Ant4104 күн мурун

    I like how he bought shxt that matched what he had on instead of buying a bunch of shxt he probably wouldn’t wear.

  61. SouFLoTV

    SouFLoTV4 күн мурун

    He is sponsored by Nike and he use to Box , and he works out before every show.. not smoke , drink, get high and stupid. Watch and learn

  62. Ms Jackson

    Ms Jackson4 күн мурун

    He’s so handsome ❤️❤️❤️😩😩😩

  63. phareallos

    phareallos4 күн мурун

    🔥🔥🔥 20 bars by phareallos Out Now! Im making my way into the industry whether they want me or not. Plug me in bby🖤💯

  64. Marie Williams

    Marie Williams4 күн мурун

    He a goofy ass nigga

  65. Noemyskillz

    Noemyskillz4 күн мурун

    He lowkey look like Muhammad ali