Meanwhile... WalMart Apologizes For "Cocaine Santa" Sweater

America's largest retailer had to pull a holiday sweater from its website this week after customers noticed it depicted Santa up to no good. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Comedy
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  1. - Buehmann

    - Buehmann11 күн мурун

    "Pork Apocalypse" I believe the correct term for that would be "A-pork-alypse". And the last comment he made makes me think the guitar player, Steve Stevens, will never perform on the show. If anything, he'll come on the show and beat Colbert up with his guitar.

  2. Aderinsola Adesida

    Aderinsola Adesida22 күн мурун

    We need a book of the Meanwhile intros, thanks!

  3. Greg House

    Greg House23 күн мурун

    Missed an opportunity for "Porkalypse"

  4. Mary Rose Kent

    Mary Rose Kent29 күн мурун

    You are NOT sorry, and Steve Carell surely knows that!

  5. T D Pearson

    T D Pearson29 күн мурун

    Tf happened to Steve Carell?!?! 🤤🤤🤤

  6. gr33ndest1ny

    gr33ndest1nyАй мурун

    He dosn’t like meat either does he?

  7. Star Butterfly

    Star ButterflyАй мурун

    Makes sense, Santa has magic powder!

  8. Evolution Hotline

    Evolution HotlineАй мурун


  9. Benjamin Brewer

    Benjamin BrewerАй мурун

    Crowds just a little bit too excited about a mediocre rhyme.

  10. Joe Gonzales

    Joe GonzalesАй мурун

    That sweater was dope lol

  11. S Li

    S LiАй мурун

    That's one expensive banana crap.🍌 💁‍♀️🗯 SIR THE BILL $120,000 🙆‍♂️🍌🗯WHAT!!!!

  12. first last

    first lastАй мурун

    So was that banana eating thing a planned stunt?

  13. JesusDaFucking Wizard

    JesusDaFucking WizardАй мурун

    I accept Wal-Mart apology but can I still buy cocaine santa sweater????

  14. Christal Larkins

    Christal LarkinsАй мурун

    Cocaine 🎅 is awesome!

  15. Aziel Angel

    Aziel AngelАй мурун

    Walmart shouldn't have apologized. People are so damned touchy. Don't like it don't buy it.

  16. Kemoshea

    KemosheaАй мурун

    I love this sweater. Went to two family gatherings and NO ONE saw it. A little disappointing, but still funny.

  17. Void Ace

    Void AceАй мурун

    4:06 Sorry my good sir but the only other PH Stephen I know acts like he's a serial killer smart enough to frame others and leave no trace of himself behind!

  18. Robert Richard

    Robert RichardАй мурун

    I think StePHen is getting a little too red-nose snooty septum rinse for me!

  19. Sister Maryam

    Sister MaryamАй мурун

    Those V Steven’s!!!! I died. LMAO

  20. Tragoudistros.MPH

    Tragoudistros.MPHАй мурун

    Walmart should only have to apologize if there were traces of actual cocaine on those sweaters lol

  21. ASeasonedWitch

    ASeasonedWitchАй мурун

    Off topic: Jon shut the hell up

  22. Dr. Jack Bright

    Dr. Jack BrightАй мурун

    High selling garbage art? I smell some money needing laundering!!

  23. Jessica Schlienz

    Jessica SchlienzАй мурун

    I'm experience is the other way around when it comes to Stephen with ph vs v

  24. Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted Living

    Santos Speed Shop Day Care & Assisted LivingАй мурун

    Skip the intro: 0:54

  25. DragoonDark97

    DragoonDark97Ай мурун

    Ah ma quindi non è la canzone degli fsk..

  26. Gracie Ambrósio

    Gracie AmbrósioАй мурун

    That was heavy on Steve carrel

  27. RosenrotRtLiebchen87

    RosenrotRtLiebchen87Ай мурун

    the funny thing is I crochet and knit and this going viral made me want to make a cocaine santa sweater

  28. InterestsMayVary 4432

    InterestsMayVary 4432Ай мурун

    👏👏👏👏That intro was perfect. 👏👏👏👏

  29. Randall Greynolds

    Randall GreynoldsАй мурун

    those sweaters will soon be collectors items

  30. DragonSword

    DragonSwordАй мурун

    I've never wanted a Christmas sweater so bad!

  31. Charles Bronson

    Charles BronsonАй мурун

    Is it me or does Betiste seem desperate to get on camera all the time? Every joke hes all "Whoah! HEY! C'mon!" Etc. Why dows he have a mic and why is he always over the top shouting exaggerated noises and responses? Super annoying. Sorry but its true. A good band leader but cut back the shouts please. Your not funny. Not trying to be mean but these "Ahhhhhh!!!" And "Nahhhhh!!!" Or whatever in the background cheapens the jokes. Like a laugh track or something. We get it, you want to get on screen but dude, super annoying.

  32. Tracy

    TracyАй мурун

    Lmao! I can't believe he did that! "I was hungry!"

  33. Ernie King

    Ernie KingАй мурун

    Steven Colbert sucks his show sucks he is a hater of the best president of all times. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  34. Steven Mello

    Steven MelloАй мурун

    Nothing like being called human garbage by your favorite comedian

  35. Steven Boies

    Steven BoiesАй мурун

    Stevens of the world, it's time to rise up. Stephen just made this personal.

  36. geewizliz

    geewizlizАй мурун

    OMG this has to be the funniest Meanwhile. I mean, the genius Dr Seuss intro and cocaine Santa... well done StePHen! 😂🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  37. Sandi Billingsley

    Sandi BillingsleyАй мурун

    How many kids disappear each year because they trusted some pervert who is dressed up like a convincing Santa claus? Just doesn't seem like a good idea to start off your kids with a big lie.

  38. James Lucas

    James LucasАй мурун

    It sounds like China's plan is to infect our pork supply

  39. Aubberfly JM

    Aubberfly JMАй мурун

    Wow. Great intro! Rhyming and everything!

  40. patiotaiza

    patiotaizaАй мурун

    Sorry my dear Mr Colbert, but Stephen should be pronounced Stee-fehn 🤷🏻‍♀️

  41. lurklingX

    lurklingXАй мурун

    Omg this was amazing! So many great lines i was LITERALLY lol’ing. My god, tears in eyes. Thank u. North pole marching powder was one. Then the pork apocalypse- breakfast. Hoooo that killed me 😂

  42. Yukimura Sanada

    Yukimura SanadaАй мурун

    You could hear a flea fart once the Mohammed name thing came up. Shows you how tolerant the viewers really are xD

  43. Joseph Simpson

    Joseph SimpsonАй мурун

    We need a _Meanwhile_ intro compilation!

  44. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    Lawrence D’OliveiroАй мурун

    Very Dr Seussy today.

  45. N Rosario

    N RosarioАй мурун

    where can I buy this sweater

  46. Stephen Lundgren

    Stephen LundgrenАй мурун

    Amen brother! Ph coalition unite!!!

  47. stephen maatstap

    stephen maatstapАй мурун

    I'm a PH Stephen myself and I approve this message XD

  48. Len Ovo

    Len OvoАй мурун

    Just noticed Steven Colbert's right ear is oddly indented, as if someone cracked him in the head with a baseball bat !!! LMFAO !!



    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 1:14 💙💗 december 2019? 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

  50. BlindErephon

    BlindErephonАй мурун

    Damn straight. Ph Stephen is the classy way to spell it.

  51. Erin Fisher

    Erin FisherАй мурун

    Wow!! Epic intro writing!

  52. Lx27

    Lx27Ай мурун

    Awesome intro guys!

  53. Renier Van Rensburg

    Renier Van RensburgАй мурун

    So much for freedom of expression

  54. FunkyPants

    FunkyPantsАй мурун

    The intros just get better and better 🤦😂👍

  55. ElPayasoMalo

    ElPayasoMaloАй мурун

    The reason there are so many spellings of Muhammad is because there is no unified transliteration for Arabic.

  56. Nunya Business

    Nunya BusinessАй мурун

    That performance artist who eats the banana resembles president Zelensky, no?

  57. Visor Overwatch

    Visor OverwatchАй мурун

    lol i think that's funny, i would buy that right now.

  58. Adamant Forge

    Adamant ForgeАй мурун

    Of course Cocaine Santa is offensive. This is WalMart not J Crew. Where is my WE WISH YOU A MERRY METH-MIS sweater?!

  59. ed p

    ed pАй мурун

    ....ohhhh noooo.....and Santa's eyes....!!!....dude is wired! Wow man.

  60. pkunkbwok

    pkunkbwokАй мурун

    I'm sure everyone's first thought upon reading the title was WHERE DO I GET THIS