Robocalls are finally getting blocked

Robocalls have taken over the phone network, and we’re only now figuring out how to block them - but it took aggressive action from the FCC and carriers like AT&T and Verizon to make it happen.
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  1. The Verge

    The VergeАй мурун

    Have you tried the carrier call-blocking services? Did the services work?

  2. Skyhollow

    SkyhollowАй мурун

    yes try t-mobile they are the best

  3. zilfondel

    zilfondelАй мурун

    T-Mobile had been actively blocking robocalls ib their network free of charge for years now. It's not perfect but far better than what might family gets on Verizon. I get about 5 calls a month tops.

  4. Shervin Shares - Peak Performance

    Shervin Shares - Peak PerformanceАй мурун

    nope, i've called multiple times

  5. James Black

    James Black7 күн мурун

    So why not have a option where the buyer can get a cell with 100% calls are blocked and owner can program the calls he or she wants in?

  6. Robier

    Robier19 күн мурун

    So you are saying that net neutrality, or in this case “phone neutrality?”, was the problem.

  7. FrootLoop

    FrootLoop19 күн мурун

    wtf are robocalls O.o

  8. Javed Ali

    Javed Ali20 күн мурун

    Robocall is like earthquake in India. Just receiving calls from wakeup to bed

  9. Macarius K

    Macarius K20 күн мурун

    You ought to do a video on STIR/SHAKEN protocols for blocking spoofing and robocalls

  10. Pradyun Setti

    Pradyun Setti21 күн мурун

    “fixing that problem is a lot harder than it looks” laughs in basically every other developed country

  11. KyotoSunsetDreams

    KyotoSunsetDreamsАй мурун

    I’ve never gotten a robocall , I’m on sprint

  12. Yejoon Yang

    Yejoon YangАй мурун

    Then that kid that makes 20k per month is screwed

  13. cientochentasur

    cientochentasurАй мурун

    The FCC under Ajit Pai is a disgrace.

  14. big chese

    big cheseАй мурун

    4:10 Haven’t seen that face in a long, long time

  15. Yamilt Angulo Cascante

    Yamilt Angulo CascanteАй мурун

    This is a USA only problem, like the SMS-iMessage thing.

  16. 200odd300

    200odd300Ай мурун

    Carrier spam call apps is a separate plan and will cost more money!

  17. anjmaga27 Magallanes

    anjmaga27 MagallanesАй мурун

    I Answer the call and put my phone on mute. Without saying a word. The system has failed us.

  18. shshankk

    shshankkАй мурун

    I still have copper lines for internet at home with speed of 40mbps down

  19. Peter Tran

    Peter TranАй мурун

    Now it’s time to fix the bots in the IG comments

  20. Plumber

    PlumberАй мурун

    When you own a Pixel 4👌

  21. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwinАй мурун

    Or a Samsung from 3 years ago

  22. dreamworldstube

    dreamworldstubeАй мурун

    misleading title, the title should be United States Telecommunication History.

  23. sterling archer

    sterling archerАй мурун

    Y’know...i swear I’ve probably gotten 1-2 robocalls in 3-4 years, and it’s the same student loan place. I find it funny that people are just buried in robocalls, and I NEVER get them.

  24. Jeff-nyc

    Jeff-nycАй мурун

    Ok, you’re from Europe and you don’t get Robocalls. Whoop-Dee-Do!

  25. franklingoodwin

    franklingoodwinАй мурун

    And some are lying or are just lucky. I get them and I live in London

  26. Taiji Won

    Taiji WonАй мурун

    4:10 you can thank me later

  27. Helaman Gile

    Helaman GileАй мурун

    It's actually a lot easier than it looks all they have to do is get in contact the phone companies and register their phone properly under their company and register every phone number from there on out and the phone company can notify you if it's spam or not as well as if they're verified

  28. Adrian E Garcia

    Adrian E GarciaАй мурун

    Great analysis of the ecosystem! The spamming industry is basically an adversarial network we're watching learn in real-time. As you said, the games have just only begun!

  29. onfirebolt

    onfireboltАй мурун

    Why does he grimace so much while talking?

  30. Kaio Siqueira

    Kaio Siqueira29 күн мурун

    I was wondering the same damn thing lmao

  31. Chris

    ChrisАй мурун

    I get between 2-7 calls a day on both my personal and work phones, just the way of life. everyone i know gets them all the time.

  32. retry

    retryАй мурун

    In Russia we don't have laws like your but our telecoms smarter they're selling "Robocalls detection" as a service

  33. CeruleanSky

    CeruleanSkyАй мурун

    Everyday, every night...Ever since I got my new number I've been robocalled at least once an hour, and I actually got this new number because of robocalls on my old phone number. I used to use my phone as an alarm for the morning but I got a regular alarm clock now because it doesn't wake me up 5-7 times a night with robocalls. At this point I just don't even want a telephone, but I only keep it because I need it for my work now.

  34. Halo

    HaloАй мурун

    The issue is that these tech companies sell your data to anyone with a pulse

  35. Angultra

    AngultraАй мурун

    Still tons here in Canada

  36. ManilaSoundClips

    ManilaSoundClipsАй мурун

    American problem? here in Manila, i'm always getting personalized audio messages.

  37. German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    German Chancellor Angela MerkelАй мурун

    Manila isn't worth even worth paying for robocall spam 🤣🤣🤣

  38. Sage Wysocki

    Sage WysockiАй мурун

    Thank god. India calls me at least 5 times a day.

  39. Guess Who

    Guess WhoАй мурун

    Those apps require you to add their numbers which won’t work as they keep calling with different numbers everyday so they all pretty much useless and waste of money. For iPhone is easy just set call to contact only so u don’t receive any randoms calls, the only down side is when u r expecting calls from legit places it wouldn’t ring

  40. I M

    I MАй мурун

    You mean india is finally getting blocked? humans 1-indians 0

  41. Donquai Crawley

    Donquai CrawleyАй мурун


  42. German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    German Chancellor Angela MerkelАй мурун


  43. 01Beaker Productions

    01Beaker ProductionsАй мурун

    Laughs in Google Pixel Screen Call

  44. Mr. BianchiRider

    Mr. BianchiRiderАй мурун

    For me the robo calls have decreased but I’m now getting junk texts.

  45. E bon

    E bonАй мурун

    I’ve stoped answering my phone. I only text family members.

  46. howtobebasic 2

    howtobebasic 2Ай мурун

    i get 5 to 6 robocalls everyday.

  47. Rohin your friend

    Rohin your friendАй мурун

    just get a phone app that needs someone to call twice to ring, but always leaves a message

  48. Rohit

    RohitАй мурун

    We got human spam calls in India ... lol....

  49. Logic Firefly

    Logic FireflyАй мурун

    I use a burn phone

  50. srthellcat707

    srthellcat707Ай мурун

    👳Hello my name is. "JOHN SMITH"👳

  51. Raytheon Nublinski

    Raytheon NublinskiАй мурун

    I have no remorse for the people behind this. We have a 730 billion dollar defense budget. Time to go hunting.

  52. Thomas Brosselt

    Thomas BrosseltАй мурун

    ur video is like spam i recognise at the end of it.....

  53. Conrad Genio

    Conrad GenioАй мурун

    Is he the guy from the samsung commercial?

  54. Jerrel C

    Jerrel CАй мурун

    I did noticed getting way less robocalls like once every 2wks or 1 wk instead every few days

  55. Asmaa El ghazouli

    Asmaa El ghazouliАй мурун

    Du er ikk noe bedre en meg tenk litt

  56. CeruleanSky

    CeruleanSkyАй мурун

    I still get them at least once an all hours of the day and night. I have lost so much sleep because of robocallers, and yes, I changed my number.

  57. Bannicus

    BannicusАй мурун

    Gotta say I never had this issue in Australia. Ever. I'd never had a robocall. But my Canadian and American numbers are so cooked I just don't answer calls.

  58. Danny L

    Danny LАй мурун

    Do not sign up for free car contests or whatever free contests they have at malls.

  59. BlackCell22

    BlackCell22Ай мурун

    T-Mobile auto labels them as Scam Likely.

  60. BlackCell22

    BlackCell2226 күн мурун

    @tam Tran Well, you shouldn't be sleeping while you're driving!! ;)

  61. tam Tran

    tam Tran26 күн мурун

    BlackCell22....yes, but still wake me up to look who is calling...even when I drive...

  62. Snowy

    SnowyАй мурун

    I thought that was just the os

  63. Jackson

    JacksonАй мурун

    The laptop on the desk really sells me on the fact that he knows tech 😂

  64. andrew zuo

    andrew zuoАй мурун

    So they passed net neutrality for phone calls and it stopped people from blocking robocalls. Huh.

  65. stailleos

    stailleosАй мурун

    Wata p@$$y hole

  66. Bioniking

    BionikingАй мурун

    I never pick up the phone. Even before robocalls were a thing. If it’s that important, they’ll leave a voicemail and I’ll get back

  67. Michael Hidalgo

    Michael HidalgoАй мурун

    I haven’t gotten any of these calls since Verizon released the “Potential Spam” I have had scheduled calls with Apple support and it says “Potential Spam” I haven’t received any other potential spam though.

  68. Michael Hidalgo

    Michael HidalgoАй мурун

    Apple Support Call = Potential Spam

  69. YouAndImpact

    YouAndImpactАй мурун

    Robo calls and spam calls are a bug nuisance 😷

  70. Mark Lester Quintana

    Mark Lester QuintanaАй мурун

    i can see your notch...

  71. Patricia Torres Torres COZUMEL PAIN RELIEF

    Patricia Torres Torres COZUMEL PAIN RELIEFАй мурун

    So very full with condensed info. Thnks🥜

  72. Korfi

    KorfiАй мурун

    Ever since at&t started this service every call i receive that i dont expect is a spam risk. Woah.

  73. Andres Borges

    Andres BorgesАй мурун

    Not happening. BAN CHINA