Making Custom Nail Polish Colors feat. Simply Nailogical

So a few months ago when Cristine was in Los Angeles for VidCon, we decided to drop by the Orly Color Lab in West Hollywood to mix up some custom nail polish colors (with a bit of adult supervision)! We got to make a custom nail polish for each of us as well as mix up a 3rd frankenpolish consisting of all of their polishes together! What do you think of our three shimmery creations?
You can check out Cristine's collab video here!
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You can check out the Orly Color Lab here!
Check out Erin Robinson's Orly Color Lab video here!
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Colourpop Collab:
Safiya's IG: safiyany
Twitter: safiyajn
Facebook: safnygaard/
Assistant Editors: Emily Linden, Claire Wiley, Josie Latino, & Ben Chrobak-Prince
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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard11 күн мурун

    HELLO FRIENDS!! so sorry for the delay here, we're in the last couple of weeks before our wedding and i am quite literally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. hope you enjoy this lil video!! which polish color would you wear?? xoxo, saf

  2. Jessica Stehbens

    Jessica Stehbens6 күн мурун


  3. DragonWithCoffee

    DragonWithCoffee9 күн мурун


  4. ShadowSan

    ShadowSan10 күн мурун

    I did it


    KAYLEY ONG CHENG YEE -4 мүнөт мурун

    Who mauved my cheese

  6. Katie Mac

    Katie Mac6 мүнөт мурун

    Mauve over haters

  7. Roby Jafari

    Roby Jafari15 мүнөт мурун

    how about FRANKEN ORLY

  8. Hannah Silver

    Hannah Silver16 мүнөт мурун

    I'd probably wear the teal! Maybe you could call the franken-polish "Mauve-ational"?

  9. Ashar WASIM

    Ashar WASIM35 мүнөт мурун

    I like move it move it name for polish

  10. Winter Moon2008

    Winter Moon200857 мүнөт мурун


  11. s e r i o u s l y x psycho

    s e r i o u s l y x psycho58 мүнөт мурун

    how about frankenmauve

  12. Jacyorama

    Jacyorama58 мүнөт мурун

    When Christine said for my boyfriend I was like, “bAnNaS”

  13. C W

    C W59 мүнөт мурун

    Hi Christine from Ottawa, I'm Christine from Ottawa...we'll just on the outskirts, about 20 mins east!

  14. Its Karren

    Its KarrenСаат мурун

    How about “frankimouve”?

  15. Southern Sisters

    Southern SistersСаат мурун

    Are you going to post a wedding video

  16. lizzie bateson

    lizzie batesonСаат мурун

    Merry berry mauve

  17. Emma and Leone

    Emma and LeoneСаат мурун

    IT'S NOW 3 DAYS OLDER! -Cristine with no H 2019

  18. Margo Smart

    Margo SmartСаат мурун


  19. purple pandaz

    purple pandaz2 саат мурун

    Franken mouve

  20. Yamalie Camacho

    Yamalie Camacho2 саат мурун

    Simply frankin

  21. Luna Garvin

    Luna Garvin2 саат мурун

    Christine should actually do Saf's nails for her wedding. No one else? Okay.

  22. jackie bennett

    jackie bennett2 саат мурун

    mixing every hair dye together?

  23. Sarah love yourself

    Sarah love yourself2 саат мурун

    Mauveine mauve

  24. Adria Bowman

    Adria Bowman2 саат мурун

    A suggestion: Mauve I’m gay Idk😂

  25. wheretheromi

    wheretheromi2 саат мурун

    At a loss is my suggestion for the frankenpolish- you said it yourself 😹

  26. Grace Swift

    Grace Swift2 саат мурун

    When you’ve watched this video 2 times already 😳

  27. Hey Y'all

    Hey Y'all2 саат мурун

    I think, *Mauve, I Might Chip a Nail*

  28. The Oddball

    The Oddball2 саат мурун

    Frankenstein’s mauvester

  29. Boo E

    Boo E2 саат мурун

    Berry me in nail polish, Madame Mixalot’s favorite, Franken-Polish, SimplyMauveLogical, or Shimmer, Shine, and Wine.

  30. Nathan Diablo

    Nathan Diablo2 саат мурун

    Flash of mauve splash of peuce

  31. Sylvie Stafford

    Sylvie Stafford2 саат мурун

    “Mauverlous” Idk

  32. cleobug

    cleobug2 саат мурун

    video idea: mixing all my colourpop collab lipsticks together

  33. Kaizia petty

    Kaizia petty3 саат мурун

    I would have named mine baby girl

  34. lanre lanre

    lanre lanre3 саат мурун

    OMG! Do a vlog with natalia taylor she kinda sounds like you

  35. maddy Goold

    maddy Goold3 саат мурун


  36. Ava Lang

    Ava Lang4 саат мурун

    Dragon scales is my name for the franken polish.

  37. ActualMayhem the Kat

    ActualMayhem the Kat4 саат мурун


  38. Midnight is meh

    Midnight is meh4 саат мурун

    Frick? “I don’t know!”

  39. TheRedFox

    TheRedFox4 саат мурун

    "On the mauve" e eh eh?

  40. Tiny tiny peanut

    Tiny tiny peanut4 саат мурун

    The B**h

  41. Rosie Giesl-Butler

    Rosie Giesl-Butler4 саат мурун

    name idea: safly mauve logical

  42. zarifa ahmed

    zarifa ahmed4 саат мурун

    14:02 *gets walk through history flashbacks*

  43. Eve M

    Eve M4 саат мурун

    You look a title more goth then normal

  44. Keegan Garrett

    Keegan Garrett4 саат мурун


  45. Makaila maru

    Makaila maru4 саат мурун


  46. Sarah Leonhart

    Sarah Leonhart4 саат мурун

    Please like this Comment if you have subscribed to her

  47. melissa farley

    melissa farley4 саат мурун

    how about '' On the mauve''. I think that's a cute name

  48. kylee washkenney

    kylee washkenney4 саат мурун


  49. anan15480

    anan154805 саат мурун


  50. Backwards Rainbow Detective

    Backwards Rainbow Detective5 саат мурун

    Mauvie dick

  51. qutzie cat

    qutzie cat5 саат мурун

    I like to muave it muave it I like to muave it ! Aka I like to move it! From magadagastar

  52. Linda Ayala

    Linda Ayala5 саат мурун

    Saf said shit👿

  53. Linda Ayala

    Linda Ayala5 саат мурун

    Take it back!!!

  54. 114M45_4R3_PR377Y_C001

    114M45_4R3_PR377Y_C0015 саат мурун

    I think they fit well together cuz they were all different shaded of the primary colors

  55. Amy Frederickson

    Amy Frederickson6 саат мурун

    mauve my wig ( weave)

  56. yuni yeni

    yuni yeni6 саат мурун

    mauvelicious the perfect name !

  57. Ginny The Bunny

    Ginny The Bunny6 саат мурун

    I need Mauve of you

  58. Hi !

    Hi !6 саат мурун

    Safily mauvelogical or mauve over frankenmakeup


    XxXW1LDCATXxX6 саат мурун

    Mauvey duck

  60. Kittycat1951

    Kittycat19516 саат мурун

    Mauve bitch (Get out the way)

  61. Aimee Entwistle

    Aimee Entwistle6 саат мурун

    'Simply the mauve'🎉

  62. MaddyE Anime lover

    MaddyE Anime lover6 саат мурун

    Hello safiya I have a dare for you...where all your freankin makeup for one whole day lipstick nail polish all of it ^^

  63. Lightblue Sky2345

    Lightblue Sky23457 саат мурун

    Frankin baby

  64. Foggy Splash

    Foggy Splash7 саат мурун

    I mauve this color- My terrible naming process- :’3