Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  1. Cherry Lee

    Cherry LeeКүн мурун

    i love you dear idol ❤️

  2. Jodi Hummel

    Jodi HummelКүн мурун

    She artist of the decade bc she is “ TAylor SWIFT”

  3. Luis Correa

    Luis CorreaКүн мурун

    Te amo❤❣😻

  4. Llegemos a 100. 000 suscriptores sin subir vídeos

    Llegemos a 100. 000 suscriptores sin subir vídeosКүн мурун

    I love u my babe

  5. Christy Guite

    Christy GuiteКүн мурун

    Omg she's burning the stage

  6. kirk heyden

    kirk heydenКүн мурун

    My Juliette never cared at southern cross uni lismore. Wow concert

  7. Nils

    NilsКүн мурун

    anyone noticed the girl getting hit in the face at 0:24?

  8. E VP

    E VPКүн мурун

    Glad to see that Taylor still can’t dance

  9. Edgar Noriega

    Edgar NoriegaКүн мурун

    Play back ! Obvio haha Hay no que dientes tan más falsos tiene la perra

  10. Michael 916

    Michael 916Күн мурун

    Is no one gonna talk about the girl on the right get hit in the face 0:23

  11. Nik Top

    Nik TopКүн мурун

    Тейлор ты лучшая❤️

  12. 何浩源

    何浩源Күн мурун

    so excited

  13. jAtA

    jAtAКүн мурун

    She is a legend

  14. Jung Im Na

    Jung Im NaКүн мурун


  15. Tasha Farmer

    Tasha FarmerКүн мурун

    I literally have watched this a million times!!! So obsessed with every minute of it. She’s truly the most amazing artist and person ❤️ I love her so incredibly much and have from day one back in 2006.

  16. Alexandra Portnova

    Alexandra PortnovaКүн мурун

    Taylor is really cool and really beautifu, Blank Space a very much music.

  17. Mokhammad Rokhib

    Mokhammad Rokhib2 күн мурун

    she is amazing

  18. renee rogers

    renee rogers2 күн мурун

    up until this performance i really did think the lyrics in shake it off were "and the bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake" skdjfks that's awkward

  19. Tyler Herrera

    Tyler Herrera2 күн мурун

    Sigan mi canal de KGwork cómo tyler Herrera y suscribanse con las notificaciones activadas y siganme en todas mis redes sociales @TylerherreraGT

  20. Nishitha Krishnan

    Nishitha Krishnan2 күн мурун

    Okay... I lost the count but I'm still here watching this entire video for hundredth time now. This always feels like new and sends chills down there!! Taylor Swift deserve more than Artist of the Decade 😍❤️

  21. Prynz Theprynz

    Prynz Theprynz2 күн мурун

    man that red lipstick is really iconic

  22. Kawaii2034

    Kawaii20342 күн мурун

    My favorite thing about her is that she didn’t do any drugs or anything crazy she barely had any scandals she just worked hard and she deserves this

  23. Nicole A

    Nicole A2 күн мурун

    A legend 💙💙 Forever...

  24. Annika Felton

    Annika Felton2 күн мурун

    7:33 peep the iconic Halsey mic roll

  25. Ayaat

    Ayaat2 күн мурун

    واو ياعطيك الصحة ابنيتي عظمة على عظمة ياست

  26. pietro boselli

    pietro boselli2 күн мурун

    Te amo

  27. Jaime Chaves

    Jaime Chaves2 күн мурун

    Dance for your cat

  28. ciao belli

    ciao belli2 күн мурун

    Honestly I am not a fan of Taylor... I don't really like some of the things she has done but of course I am not a hater, like I would never wish something bad for her. But even though I don't really like her, her music is art. She is honestly an artist, everyone knew her songs and her performance is incredible. She really deserves to be the artist of this decade, she deserves everything she has achieve.

  29. Butera Backdrops

    Butera Backdrops2 күн мурун

    1:00 billie yass

  30. Joshuatheplotagoner2012and jason Con

    Joshuatheplotagoner2012and jason Con2 күн мурун

    0:58 why these bile eilish

  31. Habib Alvin

    Habib Alvin2 күн мурун

    Perfect of her performances ever 🤩

  32. Levys RST

    Levys RST2 күн мурун


  33. @ngel

    @ngel2 күн мурун

    The more I listen to ts songs the more I fall in love with her songs...

  34. Abel Ahmed

    Abel Ahmed2 күн мурун

    Love seeing the dudes not tryna sing the songs, but then succumbing to it eventually 😂☠️it’s so hard not to

  35. Agent J

    Agent J2 күн мурун

    She write and composed her own hits. Yeah, she deserved this.

  36. If KD says it's Harry Pote, then it's Harry Pote

    If KD says it's Harry Pote, then it's Harry Pote2 күн мурун

    Dayun she tall.

  37. Name No

    Name No2 күн мурун

    SOoooooo emotional!!!! All your songs make my lifeeeeeeeeee :))

  38. Daniel Death

    Daniel Death2 күн мурун

    She looks very cute and happy when she sang Love Story

  39. Swiftie and Selenator

    Swiftie and Selenator2 күн мурун

    Taylor: Performce some of her old song Scooter Braun: Am I a joke to you? Taylor: yes

  40. Matthew Martin

    Matthew Martin2 күн мурун

    Taylor swift 2021 Super Bowl TAMPA Florida please

  41. Alexa Octaviano

    Alexa Octaviano2 күн мурун

    WHY AM I CRYING 😭😭😭😭

  42. jaydeeeze

    jaydeeeze2 күн мурун

    She seems so sweet and down to earth. I once had a girl like her but messed it up like I do.

  43. Alvin.won Won.lucky

    Alvin.won Won.lucky3 күн мурун

    Malaysia guy like taylor swift song💋

  44. Maykon Sato

    Maykon Sato3 күн мурун

    The lover

  45. Jahir Salazar

    Jahir Salazar3 күн мурун

    I'm not the biggest fan of Taylor but i know every fuking song AND thats why she Is the artist of the decade

  46. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo3 күн мурун

    should reach 1M likes before 25k dislikes

  47. Hùng Nguyễn Văn

    Hùng Nguyễn Văn3 күн мурун

    Quá tuyệt vời. Đẳng cấp TG nó có khác

  48. XxMzMxX

    XxMzMxX3 күн мурун

    Did I just see Billie Eilish sing Blank Space with Taylor?

  49. kirk heyden

    kirk heyden3 күн мурун

    Can I go where you go Taylor

  50. kirk heyden

    kirk heyden3 күн мурун

    Juliette never cared

  51. kirk heyden

    kirk heyden3 күн мурун

    I lover you man

  52. Pelt Down Posse

    Pelt Down Posse3 күн мурун

    She's way too rich! She should pay her fair share!!!!! Life is not fair! She's got too much money!!!! Pay up! Bernie Sanders 2020! He'll get her money!

  53. Azalea Victoria Rodríguez Mendoza

    Azalea Victoria Rodríguez Mendoza3 күн мурун

    Buen cliente

  54. Azalea Victoria Rodríguez Mendoza

    Azalea Victoria Rodríguez Mendoza3 күн мурун

    Buenas noches sr alex zambrano

  55. Shannon Knowlton

    Shannon Knowlton3 күн мурун


  56. Adriana Brant

    Adriana Brant3 күн мурун

    She needs a great public ...Really? People dont dance and sing with her . She will see in Brazil ...

  57. Anomaly Archeress

    Anomaly Archeress3 күн мурун

    She looks *powerful* on that stage... proud and confident, totally in her element. It's really moving.

  58. lemurian chick

    lemurian chick3 күн мурун

    Isn't it pretty weird that a middle-aged couple--especially a man--is mouthing the words to one of her songs? It seems like an occult ritual or something.

  59. Roy Jones

    Roy Jones3 күн мурун

    Hands down, without a doubt my all time favorite artist and it's not even close. The craziest thing is she's only gotten better each time out.

  60. Ayesha Aziz

    Ayesha Aziz3 күн мурун

    All those 20k people who disliked this video,just dont have a heart