Hickey Horror Story

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Aela was on the bus on her way home from the mall with her boyfriend when she suddenly had an idea - she wanted her boyfriend to give her a HUGE hickey! She never had a hickey before, and her parents were very strict, so she was definitely taking a risk! Her boyfriend agreed, and after a few minutes, she looked down to see the BIGGEST hickey on her neck.
At first, she didn't really think anything of it. But after her mom called her and told her to come home, reality set in - she had to find a way to cover up the hickey! She ran to the nearest store and bought some cheap makeup to cover up the mark on her neck. Later that day, her friend came over for a sleepover, and they decided to try a coin trick to help the hickey fade even more. They rubbed her neck with a coin, and although it hurt SO badly, it kind of worked. However, the evidence was definitely still visible.
The next day, Aela had a dentist appointment. As she sat in her chair, she noticed her mom was staring RIGHT at her neck. Even the dentist seemed to notice her hickey! It was SO awkward. She had to come up with an elaborate excuse for the mark, and she decided to tell her mom that she burned her neck with a curling iron. Although it's never a good idea to lie to your parents, Aela admits that she stretched the truth - and her mom believed her.
Aela assumed her hickey horror story was behind her, but then, she realized something terrible - her DAD was on his way home, and there was no way he was going to brush off the incident. So Aela decided to do the unthinkable - she took a hair straightener, plugged it into the wall and INTENTIONALLY burned her neck! It hurt so badly, and she was left with a massive burn on her neck - don't try this at home!! Aela's dad believed her, but she definitely learned her lesson - she won't be asking her boyfriend for a hickey any time soon!
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