How a Fire Sprinkler Works at 100,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan like learning and like fast things. In this episode, they learn about a fast thing.
A fire sprinkler that you can probably see above your head if you are watching this from your office when you should be working. Shame on you! Nah, just kidding. Watch more Slow Mo Guys at work!
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Filmed at 1000fps with the Phantom Flex 4K and 103,000fps with the Phantom V2511
How a Fire Sprinkler Works at 100,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guys7 ай мурун

    In the replies to this comment i'll be taking names for the possum.

  2. Dylan Zhang

    Dylan Zhang3 күн мурун


  3. I dont like it I dont love it either

    I dont like it I dont love it either11 күн мурун


  4. HeinekenLite 28

    HeinekenLite 28Ай мурун

    Dan #2

  5. Danimal Rainman

    Danimal Rainman5 ай мурун

    Fuzzy McPosstulate

  6. LittlePlayz - Roblox and More

    LittlePlayz - Roblox and More5 ай мурун

    Possum, the greatest possum

  7. Daddy Snake

    Daddy Snake3 күн мурун

    water will forever be the greatest thing to film in slow mo, with fire being a super close second. i cant believe the same guy that is famous for bird noises and words like gubbins and munge, is here captivating me with these videos. good on ya Gav and Dan!

  8. Ivan Vázquez

    Ivan Vázquez3 күн мурун

    El cuh

  9. denelson83

    denelson834 күн мурун

    Most expensive dumbbells ever made. 5:40 - "Mist-ifying…" 😏

  10. andrew simsmister

    andrew simsmister4 күн мурун

    Am I the only one who thought that thing at the bottom spun

  11. Luke Brown

    Luke Brown5 күн мурун

    I always thought that that thing spun Who else ?

  12. žũʄȋɾɑ 91

    žũʄȋɾɑ 916 күн мурун

    Please make video a thermometer slow mo.. Thank you

  13. ElleCullen17

    ElleCullen176 күн мурун

    Did anyone else think that fire sprinkles actually spun?

  14. Charel Febrians

    Charel Febrians7 күн мурун

    and i watch it in 60hz well

  15. Joel Cook

    Joel Cook7 күн мурун

    I’ve lost count of how many times Gav has said “look at your face” 😂

  16. Ragin Germasian

    Ragin Germasian8 күн мурун

    Amazing. Does anyone know how much one of those cams cost? I'm sure thousands??

  17. xxx Ssakcaj the plasmanoid xxx

    xxx Ssakcaj the plasmanoid xxx8 күн мурун

    1:19 2:01 Dan: a'ight Imma head out

  18. xxx Ssakcaj the plasmanoid xxx

    xxx Ssakcaj the plasmanoid xxx8 күн мурун

    I know there's one with sprinkling blood

  19. I know AppleOS

    I know AppleOS8 күн мурун

    Thank you for not using fairnhight We use Celsius

  20. Daniel P

    Daniel P8 күн мурун

    I know AppleOS we use Fahrenheit

  21. Alexitozz

    Alexitozz8 күн мурун

    Better than the rewind, again.

  22. Nicholas Tsar

    Nicholas Tsar8 күн мурун

    Gavin Attenborough

  23. Mohammed Zameer

    Mohammed Zameer9 күн мурун


  24. LilT Music and truck channel

    LilT Music and truck channel9 күн мурун

    It needs more water pressure I wanna see it better

  25. Wii Sports Matt

    Wii Sports Matt9 күн мурун

    You guys are looking for 2:48

  26. Reuben Humphrey

    Reuben Humphrey10 күн мурун

    4:21 and 5:18 are where the glass breaks

  27. Adam Alfaro

    Adam Alfaro12 күн мурун

    Why is this video over 7 minutes long


    DOOM GAMERYT13 күн мурун

    What if you get this fps in game imagine


    ᎪᏁᏆᎾᏁᎥᎾ13 күн мурун



    ᎪᏁᏆᎾᏁᎥᎾ13 күн мурун


  31. Loh Dexstex

    Loh Dexstex13 күн мурун

    It was like this The red thingy clogs the water that wanted to go out The red thingy explode if he reaches the limit temp.

  32. Martin Rantala

    Martin Rantala13 күн мурун

    Baubax jacket?

  33. Anonymous 202

    Anonymous 20214 күн мурун

    Takuache on the lose

  34. mexo man

    mexo man15 күн мурун

    5:16 best

  35. Lewis Muirhead

    Lewis Muirhead16 күн мурун

    try playing the video at 1:41 at youtube 0.25 speed now that's slow

  36. Daily Tech Prince

    Daily Tech Prince16 күн мурун

    one of the most interesting video

  37. Jayden Souhrada

    Jayden Souhrada16 күн мурун

    I am a sprinkler fitter I install these for a living

  38. Adrian Cavanaugh06

    Adrian Cavanaugh0617 күн мурун

    Them: ”That was $79 down the drain.” Me: ”Says the people who spend at least $100,000 on cameras every month.”

  39. Randy Hertzberg

    Randy Hertzberg17 күн мурун

    I America , anything that looks like a large rat is actually a democrat the rat Nancy , or Adam

  40. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf18 күн мурун

    I legit commented years ago to do this! So good to see it!!

  41. 4COMMS VoIP

    4COMMS VoIP18 күн мурун


  42. William Hulme

    William Hulme19 күн мурун

    4.20 play at 0.25x speed. for some funny sounds

  43. William Reid

    William Reid19 күн мурун

    Now I know how the sprinklers in _Die Hard_ went off.

  44. Amethyst

    Amethyst26 күн мурун

    155 american things... I love it

  45. J Dog

    J DogАй мурун

    now add a thousand pounds of pressure to the water and then you will know what it is like when a sprinkler goes off you will not just get wet but you will be taken a bath in a few seconds.

  46. Rupak Kumar

    Rupak KumarАй мурун

    Why was it all black in the back ground when you played video in super slow motion ?

  47. old Radio

    old RadioАй мурун

    and i thought you guys were literally sprinkling fire.. try petrol instead of water