The Michael Blaustein Interview | Stiff Socks Podcast Ep. 20

This week's guest is none other than the co-host, the legend, Michael "2FineBlaustein" Blaustein. Trevor interviews Michael and we find out a lot… maybe too much. We learn about Michael's proudest moment in comedy, his favorite candy, being the horniest kid alive AND he finally talks about is infamous "How To Kiss A Girl" videos on Howcast that went wildly viral.
Trevor's Interview:
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  1. Savanna Scarola

    Savanna Scarola12 күн мурун

    Dude why is Michael literally Jay from big Mouth

  2. Brandon Catudal

    Brandon Catudal14 күн мурун

    "You can just blast it into Reeces Pieces"

  3. Echo Sloth

    Echo Sloth17 күн мурун


  4. Echo Sloth

    Echo Sloth17 күн мурун

    on jit i love dis jawn

  5. Echo Sloth

    Echo Sloth17 күн мурун


  6. dakota townsend

    dakota townsendАй мурун

    how tf you expect girls to swallow when you've never tried it

  7. Joseph Vernon

    Joseph Vernon2 ай мурун

    It’s so true that we know how to spell BOOBIE on a calculator 😂😂 80085

  8. Ian

    Ian2 ай мурун

    Holy FUCK this is gold!

  9. Riley Abercrombie

    Riley Abercrombie3 ай мурун

    You got like 15 adds within the first like 15 mins and then no more

  10. Kennedy Shelton

    Kennedy Shelton4 ай мурун

    Well ... Michael said he has never been paintballing ... guess what yall need to do now?! LET'S GO!!!!!

  11. JesseWeirdo

    JesseWeirdo4 ай мурун

    I hear you on the Swedish Fish Trevor, straight crack.

  12. HOLLY

    HOLLY5 ай мурун

    The pop tart thing has me dyin. One of my coworkers specifically PREFERS the un-frosted pop tarts and when she has them for breakfast she only has ONE. Because both is too much. So she wraps up one and saves it for the next day. 😂 I just die because 2 is never enough 😂

  13. ChocolateMilkBrothers

    ChocolateMilkBrothers5 ай мурун

    Long video but still great. My video has some short ones on it

  14. Gabriel M

    Gabriel M5 ай мурун

    So much of this was strangely relatable

  15. Danielle Cervantes

    Danielle Cervantes5 ай мурун

    Love love love you guys! Come to Bend Oregon

  16. Sean McAfee

    Sean McAfee5 ай мурун

    If you guys can you should go you Phoenix arizona in dead middle of summer and just be outside..... bring water though. "Its a dry heat"

  17. 72957498273192875409870 45934845984

    72957498273192875409870 459348459846 ай мурун

    Endgame had me shed a couple tears not gonna lie bro. Call me a gay nerd all you want that shit hit a different way and i dont really cry at all in movies.

  18. Mrbobsparks

    Mrbobsparks6 ай мурун

    Reeses Headquarters: "Who should we sponsor?" Employee: "Well there are these 2 guys that talk about fucking a Resses on their podcast"

  19. Noah Kelley

    Noah Kelley6 ай мурун

    Micheal and I had the same childhood😂

  20. Groovy Baby

    Groovy Baby6 ай мурун

    If you eat good and plenty’s or any dark licorice you’re a freak

  21. Juuh Elikkäs

    Juuh Elikkäs6 ай мурун

    6k views in a week with that audience? Holy sht dude thats kinda like getting 20m views in a week just reverse

  22. Ligma Survivor

    Ligma Survivor6 ай мурун


  23. Leemstar

    Leemstar6 ай мурун

    Why doesn't this have more views! Shits funny asf

  24. Eunize Milante

    Eunize Milante6 ай мурун

    Imma say this: Blaustein is one INTERESTING dude

  25. Salty Groves

    Salty Groves6 ай мурун

    Funniest podcast so far 😂

  26. Stanni Wilder

    Stanni Wilder6 ай мурун

    “this is a free podcast but you learn so much” 😭😭😩 you guys are life

  27. Michael Blaustein

    Michael Blaustein6 ай мурун

    Stanni Wilder ❤️

  28. O

    O6 ай мурун

    Let’s smoke Trevor 🙃

  29. I Never Return Redbox Rentals

    I Never Return Redbox Rentals6 ай мурун

    God damn it Trevor your a legend

  30. Cameron’s Clams

    Cameron’s Clams6 ай мурун

    Hey beakface your ugly as fuck and got a little pencil ass neck and stupid fuckin hair, I don’t really watch your stuff but you just come off as yet another overprivileged Cali yup fuck. Just stop

  31. Zefanja Scheinhardt

    Zefanja Scheinhardt6 ай мурун

    Congrats on 300k subs bro

  32. FashionPanda AndTheShapes

    FashionPanda AndTheShapes6 ай мурун

    Can Trevor’s face throw bows?? 💪🏼 (Those cheek bones deserve an Adam West-Batman 💥 POW follow-up)

  33. Abraham Mena

    Abraham Mena6 ай мурун

    Yo so I was driving listening to the Hollywood star podcast & as I pull up to a red light there’s an Asian guy next to me. Micheal started talking about how Godzilla doesn’t deserve a start cause he killed hella Asians, maaaaaan this guy looked over & asked “what are you listening too?” when I replied Stiff Socks he gave me the weirdest stare, awkward but funny moment.

  34. Abraham Mena

    Abraham Mena6 ай мурун

    Michael Blaustein I watch this podcast so much the word “stiff socks” has been normalized... to me though is what I need to remember! Lol keep it up guys! I don’t listen to any podcast not really my thing. But damn you guys got me hooked

  35. Michael Blaustein

    Michael Blaustein6 ай мурун

    Abraham Mena HAHAH! Hot take tho.

  36. Bailey Young

    Bailey Young6 ай мурун

    The best thing about this podcast is that there are only a few comments so Trevor is more likely to read this ✌️

  37. D.A.R Chucstar

    D.A.R Chucstar6 ай мурун

    Bailey Young more like Bailey hung

  38. Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace6 ай мурун

    Bailey Young you smart. You loyal.

  39. Daniel Stewart

    Daniel Stewart6 ай мурун

    "what was fifth grade like?" "I was fucking pillows" hahahahhaha

  40. Jordahn Artis

    Jordahn Artis6 ай мурун

    yes omg he finally talked about it .🤗

  41. 72957498273192875409870 45934845984

    72957498273192875409870 459348459846 ай мурун


  42. Willy_ Pete433

    Willy_ Pete4336 ай мурун

    Same with the soldiers coming home

  43. Mikerra Henderson

    Mikerra Henderson6 ай мурун

    Listen to the podcast then come right to KGwork to watch them talk 😹

  44. Denis Kalev

    Denis Kalev6 ай мурун

    Too bad Jim Carrey turned into a total psycho attention whore

  45. BoomSwish

    BoomSwish6 ай мурун

    lmao I need more details about the Howcast video.

  46. Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace6 ай мурун

    BoomSwish reaction video coming soon lol

  47. Luke Harrison

    Luke Harrison6 ай мурун

    Best video yet! But sometimes I can tell when Michael isn't joking. Either way its hilarious!

  48. Trevor Wallace

    Trevor Wallace6 ай мурун

    Luke Harrison it was a good one haha