Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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    DEATH BATTLE!2 күн мурун

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

  2. deadnight 5

    deadnight 511 саат мурун

    What about a battle between Monkey D Luffy and Mr Fantastic

  3. NintendoKid139

    NintendoKid139Күн мурун

    What about my submission? Ban (seven Deadly sins) vs Deadpool (marvel)

  4. Deliver2ThaDeek

    Deliver2ThaDeekКүн мурун

    @ScrewAttack ​@DEATH BATTLE! Here's a mugen edition of your Mob vs Tatsumaki battle!

  5. yvette hooks

    yvette hooksКүн мурун

    DEATH BATTLE! Hey do Izumi from parasyte vs Kaneki from Tokyo ghoul

  6. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 саат мурун

    Author of both series, in a fight between Mob and Tornado, Tornado wins. Period. Google that!

  7. BelieveinKamina

    BelieveinKamina2 саат мурун

    Who would win? MUI Goku or Saitama? I'm having this argument with my friend.

  8. Pyro King

    Pyro King2 саат мурун

    Every death battle ever W O W T H A T WAS C L O S E

  9. Cody Ellison

    Cody Ellison2 саат мурун

    Oh my damn the channel was changed to 420 lol I'm done

  10. BENDY neKo gamer

    BENDY neKo gamer2 саат мурун

    Me mataron

  11. Torencresent

    Torencresent2 саат мурун

    I could agree with most of this, except for the brocolli argument. That brocolloi was made after he absorbed a self destruct from the worlds strongest psychic, aside from him of course, which would have easily levelled the city, if not more, considering the feats of power he is shown to do earlier on in the fight. I dont even like Mob, but that assesment seems pretty flawed overall. In fact, in that fight alone, he was shown to absorb much more than that, so even if we are saying he was at his limit when he finally did, its only saying that the brocolli sprouted from the absorbed energy of the excess that mob was not able to.

  12. Connor Jones

    Connor Jones2 саат мурун

    They cant reasonably pit Deadpool against anyone. In the follow-ups to Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, he went and killed the creators of the characters, their sources of inspiration and even went as far as killing almost every prominent figure of literary existence, both character and creator, all for the purpose of preventing the Marvel universe from existing.

  13. Siris 95

    Siris 952 саат мурун

    Mob vs Tetsuo

  14. J.C Vaze

    J.C Vaze2 саат мурун

    Black Cat Of Marvel vs Catwoman of DC... or Sindel Of Mortal Kombat vs Black Canary of Dc...

  15. Daniel Crawley

    Daniel Crawley2 саат мурун

    Mob definitely had that match. 😂 y’all trippin

  16. Luke Llaguno

    Luke Llaguno3 саат мурун

    Please do laxus dreyar(fairy tail) vs the third raikage(naruto shippuden)

  17. another dragneel

    another dragneel4 саат мурун

    Mob would win ... Coz mob has dabbled in talk no jutsu too ...

  18. xavier_z11

    xavier_z114 саат мурун

    I dont believe this. Im pretty sure if Mob was there during the Boros fight he could lift the entire ship and all she did was throw rocks and bullets at it which didnt really destroy much

  19. Elijah Whitaker

    Elijah Whitaker4 саат мурун

    That was FIREEE 😁🔥

  20. Lawsin

    Lawsin5 саат мурун

    Saitama vs doomsday

  21. Ben VVan

    Ben VVan5 саат мурун

    the psycho girl only turned the bullets to the opposite direction, but Mob literally absorbed the energy. I think there is a mistake here on the calculation

  22. Ben VVan

    Ben VVan5 саат мурун

    another thing: if Mob can twist her arms, why can't he twist her neck. then she's long dead

  23. karl nagorite

    karl nagorite5 саат мурун

    They only showed little of the webcomic version of one punch man and mob psycho... another failed matchup Sure tatsumaki has the experience of using her esper abilities, but in one punch man world, her psychic abilities was rendered null the moment her shield went down, while in the case of mob despite not having alot of experience we all know mob is closer to an esper god than tatsumaki herself, sure his shield also has limits but they forgot that mob’s power grows the more his emotions run rampant, he could have eliminated tatsumaki in a nano second the moment her shields went down... they always do this wrong outcomes after looking only at the power they produce, it’s another ben vs. green lantern matchup

  24. Leon Shirogane

    Leon Shirogane6 саат мурун

    boomstick: right wiz... right..... RIGHT ??! we friends right ? wiz: wot.....ha ?

  25. po pi

    po pi6 саат мурун

    Deadpool Vs the Mask Finally, someone listened! I've been requesting this on all the youtube channels that can pit comic book characters against each other. ( ERB, BatInTheSun, DeathBattle etc) It seems like an obvious match-up IMO but hey, better late than never. :D

  26. Punjabi

    Punjabi6 саат мурун

    17:55 the most baddass mf out

  27. Noob Horse

    Noob Horse7 саат мурун

    Are you implying that Mob's ???% would lose even if it is heavily implied that it can completely absorb other espers' powers? This video is 100% bs

  28. MTC40

    MTC407 саат мурун

    can we all just agree that its wouldve been a lot cooler if one's comic series would be: the strongest man physically - Saitama the strongest man psychicly - Mob

  29. MTC40

    MTC407 саат мурун

    if you ask me, i still think mob should win considering his ???% didnt seem to reach a power celling yeah mob wasnt able to absorb all that power and so the brocolli exists, but again, he fought against an oponent with about the same power as him, and because we dont know how much exacly mob can absorb, the goan brocolli for me only represent *some* of the power that had to be redirected, that while mob was making a shield to contain as much of it as possible but who am i to decide? im not the creator or anything to really tell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  30. Cloak and Dagger Student Vlogs

    Cloak and Dagger Student Vlogs7 саат мурун

    Death battle idea's Amazo vs Kevin 11 Winter soldier vs red hood Alex Mercer vs Delsin Rowe Mystero vs Scarecrow Sandman vs Clayface Bullseye vs Deadshot

  31. Talha Iftikhar

    Talha Iftikhar7 саат мурун

    Disliked. Period

  32. Talha Iftikhar

    Talha Iftikhar7 саат мурун

    Most idiotic video on the internet. GTFO


    MSY4 INCONITO8 саат мурун

    *alien* *type* *octopus* *that* *spins* *around* *small* *rocks* *liked* *this*

  34. Justin Curtis

    Justin Curtis8 саат мурун

    I mean I guess this is good for entertainment but that's about it. If it's not cannon then it shouldn't be allowed. I mean unless your just going to start throwing noncannon things into every death battle. Ifs that the case just take out all the science bs and let us enjoy the rigged death battle

  35. Greenxyツ

    Greenxyツ9 саат мурун

    I dont get it because mob gave tatsumaki head injuries she should’ve weakened by that time, and mob has agility and reaction time, he would’ve removed the immobilisation from tatsumaki in a few seconds and would already know there’s a not so fast meteor coming?? D:

  36. Lord 3lite

    Lord 3lite10 саат мурун

    Im not a hater but f#$= death battle i always disliked this channel so y tf would they put it in my recommended all they battles suck and are inaccurate anyone who dislikes my comment can suck my............ And i do liked to be sucked lol try me

  37. Tm Lm

    Tm Lm10 саат мурун

    No one: Death battle: this was an incredibly close match

  38. Epix Cole

    Epix Cole11 саат мурун

    Haha. No

  39. ifeanyi ogbennaya

    ifeanyi ogbennaya11 саат мурун

    nice but i feel mob at ??? % would win i feel tornado powers is 2000% but mob carries a bad habit of making his opponent to suffer in the most horrible way before killing them

  40. elcordoba7233

    elcordoba723311 саат мурун

    Mob should have used google

  41. Luis Beltre

    Luis Beltre12 саат мурун

    Michael Myers from Halloween vs Jason Voorhees from Friday 13th

  42. Neon Elon

    Neon Elon12 саат мурун

    Is it just me, or does assuming that the bullets used by Boros were normal bullets seem like shaky ground to stand on? We don't know what the bullets are even made of, let alone what alien technology they use.

  43. DingoOnceAgain

    DingoOnceAgain12 саат мурун

    The ending felt cheap Like they just realized she was supposed to win this and shoehorned it together

  44. eat me you scum

    eat me you scum12 саат мурун

    I remember why I stopped watching these.

  45. Levi Stronghold

    Levi Stronghold12 саат мурун

    Fair enough 🙂

  46. Aaron Dunlap

    Aaron Dunlap13 саат мурун

    Bart Simpson and the South Park kids are all fourth graders. I kinda want to see Stick of Truth/Fracture but Whole SP kids vs something equally silly.

  47. Aaron Dunlap

    Aaron Dunlap13 саат мурун

    The Mask pic from the comic made me think it was Mojo for a second.

  48. TwinShocker _The_Swordsman

    TwinShocker _The_Swordsman13 саат мурун

    NA NAI!!! i thought mob would win

  49. Michael Indo

    Michael Indo13 саат мурун

    Tatsumaki looked like she was getting her ass beat by Mob. Then she effortlessly pulls out a finishing blow in the most anti-climactic way possible. WTF Death Battle?


    KING IGGY13 саат мурун

    U are trash there is no way he lost have u even read the manga

  51. Legend Tristy

    Legend Tristy13 саат мурун

    Wait did mob go ???% against toichro or was that at 100%?

  52. Jesse Livingston

    Jesse Livingston14 саат мурун

    well they are both from anime soooo you can't tell by the like/dislike. I'll just assume everybody loses!

  53. vilxoro

    vilxoro14 саат мурун

    What a stupid death battle damn made no sense wtf.

  54. Fancy Marshmallow

    Fancy Marshmallow14 саат мурун

    literally cap

  55. Techthegamer 334

    Techthegamer 33414 саат мурун

    Trash as usual

  56. Patrick Samson

    Patrick Samson14 саат мурун

    About time you put the mask in a death battle!!!

  57. Cartoon o me

    Cartoon o me14 саат мурун

    I love how they had pixel and normal animation

  58. Hai Phung

    Hai Phung15 саат мурун

    stupid fight

  59. god of memes

    god of memes15 саат мурун

    Please someone tell me if mydoria vs Boruto (my hero academia vs Boruto) is a good idea because I don't know anything about Boruto

  60. Arolema Prarath

    Arolema Prarath15 саат мурун

    *Mob and Tatsumaki are fighting* Saiki K. steps in and accidentally unleashed his powerful psychic ability Saiki: What just happened?

  61. Shock Storm Swag

    Shock Storm Swag15 саат мурун

    this is really well done, do you think a rematch wold happen with more story building between the characters, maybe they preform stronger feats........

  62. You Me

    You Me15 саат мурун

    I call bs

  63. Tank Top Master

    Tank Top Master15 саат мурун

    How about Tank Top vs. the UN next time...

  64. Animania404

    Animania40416 саат мурун

    The dislikes are all Mob fans

  65. Kid Luffy

    Kid Luffy16 саат мурун