The Air Jordan 1 Fearless Collection! | #LIFEATCOMPLEX

On this episode we get a closer look at the Air Jordan 1 Fearless Collection, which includes collaborations such as Ghetto Gastro, Blue the Great, Edison Chen, Melody Ehsani, and more. We also get a look at the Air Jordan 1 FlyEase, which takes insights from adaptive athletes.
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  1. LifesAGamble

    LifesAGambleАй мурун

    blue the greats slept on fireeee

  2. Charles Victoria

    Charles VictoriaАй мурун

    Is this a jordan collection museum or an escape room?

  3. Koen Smulders

    Koen SmuldersАй мурун

    where is the come fly with me pair ?!

  4. Doctorturtle 1

    Doctorturtle 1Ай мурун

    Are AIR JORDAN I MID FEARLESS MELODY EHSANI only for women because apparently its a women exclusive and I'm a guy and I feel like copping?

  5. Stan Galbraith

    Stan GalbraithАй мурун

    That Mason Rouge is NICE they need to do it in a OG High... 😎😎

  6. dvon1097

    dvon1097Ай мурун

    Does the watch work on the Melodys?

  7. 8i MindestRentner

    8i MindestRentnerАй мурун


  8. birdyLOL

    birdyLOLАй мурун

    anyone know the outro song?

  9. birdyLOL

    birdyLOLАй мурун

    why is he wearing sunglasses indoors lmfao

  10. birdyLOL

    birdyLOLАй мурун

    Radicool Gaming he’s stupid, that’s what lmfao

  11. Radicool Gaming

    Radicool GamingАй мурун

    The shoes too fire

  12. Etienne Marchis

    Etienne MarchisАй мурун

    Does the watches work???

  13. Live And Inspired

    Live And Inspired28 күн мурун


  14. Bert23

    Bert23Ай мурун

    To much heat🔥🔥🔥

  15. Xx_CheetohFingers_xX

    Xx_CheetohFingers_xXАй мурун

    How much? 89 dollars? You ain’t fooling this cat with that bs🤣😂



    Those zoomz tho faya faya

  17. urban structure

    urban structureАй мурун

    look just like any other! hype ll make it $$$ Ugly

  18. EddyGraphic

    EddyGraphicАй мурун

    Too bad these are all mids if they were high they would be so much better.

  19. Paul Packer

    Paul PackerАй мурун

    Access to the goods but zero knowledge and a hard to watch juggling act of captured video.

  20. Mr. Mo303

    Mr. Mo303Ай мурун

    Z for what... why wouldn't it be an N for Nike?

  21. CJ32 pull2

    CJ32 pull2Ай мурун

    The black and orange lol

  22. rap x hip hop

    rap x hip hopАй мурун

    Soooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Randy Jackson

    Randy JacksonАй мурун

    I have a size 10 pine green 1s ds who ever cop these fearless 1s in a size 10 and is local in NYC LET ME KNOW im looking to trade

  24. TheBoyz305

    TheBoyz305Ай мурун

    Where the video with my man andre !

  25. Dixon Wolcott

    Dixon WolcottАй мурун

    bruh the af1 blue clots released last friday

  26. Ethan Davies

    Ethan DaviesАй мурун

    Jordan 1 collection : filmed in a cave

  27. Leo Wang

    Leo WangАй мурун

    where do i buy these from????!!!! in aus

  28. Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthy

    Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthyАй мурун

    Was this shot inside a cave why y’all not pay the electricity bill

  29. Xx_CheetohFingers_xX

    Xx_CheetohFingers_xXАй мурун

    Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthy cause the bill is 15 times more expensive just like their shoes🤣🤣🤣

  30. Dre B

    Dre BАй мурун

    These guys in the dark like they broke in after hours. Nice early look.

  31. AAA Luxury Factory

    AAA Luxury FactoryАй мурун


  32. Angel

    AngelАй мурун

    RELEASE DATES: 10/22 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Fearless” WMNS 10/26 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black/Orange” 11/1 Air Jordan 1 High Flyease 11/2 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Fearless” in Black/White/Blue/Red 11/9 Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” by Blue the Great 11/14 Air Jordan 1 Low React “Fearless” by Ghetto Gastro 11/15 Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” by Melody Ehsani 11/22 Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” by FACETASM 11/29 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black/Red” 11/30 Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” by Maison Château Rogue 12/7 Air Jordan 1 Mid “Fearless” by Edison Chen 12/7 Air Jordan 1 High Zoom “Fearless”

  33. Angel

    AngelАй мурун

    Do not upload another sneaker vid without release dates. Also the Nike website is useless, so there’s that.

  34. Mr. Future

    Mr. FutureАй мурун


  35. Christopher Bravo

    Christopher BravoАй мурун

    The white ones 😍😍

  36. Christopher Bravo

    Christopher BravoАй мурун

    The facetasms 😍

  37. Christopher Bravo

    Christopher BravoАй мурун

    The zooms tho 😍

  38. W H

    W HАй мурун

    The shattered backboards... Look how they massacred my boy

  39. Carlos Nieto

    Carlos NietoАй мурун


  40. Steevo Supremo

    Steevo SupremoАй мурун

    😭😭 yup

  41. Nama Doodoo

    Nama DoodooАй мурун


  42. Drippy 2Xs_

    Drippy 2Xs_Ай мурун

    Bloodline 1s are a cop they’re re absolute fuego 🔥 best one in the collection along with the top 3 highs

  43. A to the Zavala

    A to the ZavalaАй мурун

    Welp, it’s official. Jordan 1’s are so PLAYED out.

  44. Sonny Gonzalez

    Sonny GonzalezАй мурун

    Like and Comment if you know the name of the first Jordan Brand Shoe Ever Made.

  45. Space1TV .!.

    Space1TV .!.Ай мурун

    I need these !

  46. Rakeem Martin

    Rakeem MartinАй мурун

    is the melody eshani one only for women?

  47. Rakeem Martin

    Rakeem MartinАй мурун

    @Hezodon do you have insight on the shoe releases? like do you have an acc on sneakernews or have a acc on +

  48. Hezodon

    HezodonАй мурун

    Rakeem Martin yes they only come on women’s sizes


    FLYYTONYAАй мурун


  50. Marco Zuleta

    Marco ZuletaАй мурун

    For some reason red toe shoes reminds me of clown shoes.

  51. Mr. Future

    Mr. FutureАй мурун