New York Knicks Fans Boo Kristaps Porzingis During Intros At Madison Square Garden

As expected, KP did not get a warm welcome back to Madison Square Garden.
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  1. wong pantai

    wong pantaiКүн мурун

    Knicks being knicks

  2. Jayco Lagang

    Jayco Lagang17 күн мурун

    Idiot fans. You don't want Kristaps ever since anyway. Toxic People

  3. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX22 күн мурун

    Mark Cuban is a sucker for 7 foot Europeans

  4. James Charles

    James Charles22 күн мурун

    New York 💩

  5. Lyle

    Lyle25 күн мурун

    fuck the knicks

  6. Jacktown Dee

    Jacktown Dee26 күн мурун

    Their fans are ass glad he is a maverick gave yo decent wins

  7. JAY 275

    JAY 27526 күн мурун

    Knicks fans are so ungrateful, no wonder why nobody wanna go there

  8. Ilja Frolovs

    Ilja Frolovs26 күн мурун

    Петухи буукают.

  9. Edgars Vilnis

    Edgars Vilnis27 күн мурун

    KP handled all this very well. Cool guy

  10. schwing

    schwing27 күн мурун

    knicks dont deserve any superstars....

  11. Tucker the YouTuber

    Tucker the YouTuber27 күн мурун

    We just took care of em

  12. David Vice Bangura

    David Vice Bangura27 күн мурун

    Stupid fans they supposed to boo the owner...

  13. ATL Falcons

    ATL Falcons28 күн мурун

    New york fans are just bunch of idiots. Even their state is trash. Lol

  14. Guntis

    Guntis28 күн мурун

    NY fans-blowjob fans 😃😃😃😛

  15. Powerwheelz

    Powerwheelz28 күн мурун

    Gtfo krisflops porzmingus. Overrated player. Unicorn? Why, because he’s tall and shoots outside the paint? He’s a unicorn because he wears the rainbow pride flag to bed.

  16. showman40

    showman4028 күн мурун

    As an NBA fan, I root for the Knicks to fail

  17. Bayu Pratama

    Bayu Pratama28 күн мурун

    This Is the reason why KD & Irving do not want join Knicks

  18. Zeko F

    Zeko F28 күн мурун

    Oh my god and I actually wanted KD to join the knicks. Thank god he didn’t


    DKLONGHORN28 күн мурун

    Trash city, trash team, trash fan base, it's nothing new.

  20. ChucksterOLove

    ChucksterOLove28 күн мурун

    ...and Porzingis went on to outscore the entire Knick team, so the laugh is on you Knicks! 😃👍

  21. deon yang

    deon yang28 күн мурун

    Knicks fans deserve the knicks.

  22. Aarnav Putta

    Aarnav Putta28 күн мурун

    They should know that they traded him

  23. Richard Chen

    Richard Chen28 күн мурун

    Knicks took a gigantic L in the KP trade

  24. JEB 28

    JEB 2828 күн мурун

    They booed him when it got drafted They said he was the goat when it was playing good with the team And now they booed him again but he got traded Knicks fan are the worst I swear 🙄🙄

  25. Luka Dončić

    Luka Dončić28 күн мурун

    Knicks fans are delusional 🚫🧢

  26. Snicky G

    Snicky G28 күн мурун

    Mr. Porzingas, I am happy you chose to ignore the classless Knicks fans. Kawhi Leonard gets booed by the classless Spurs fans and he will probably still be booed by them ten years from now. Kawhi really doesn't give a damn who boos him and my heart is happy you don't give a damn either. Good luck in your career! Best!

  27. John M

    John M28 күн мурун

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 what he thought it was going to be oh soft ass boy got shook once he heard them boos get out of NY boy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 💯💯💯💯 ain’t built for the city 💪🏽💪🏽💯

  28. Ally Gii

    Ally Gii28 күн мурун

    That's why no one wants to be a part of that trash ass Knicks team!

  29. GeomighTNYC

    GeomighTNYC28 күн мурун

    Those boos brought a smile to my face . hes an asshole and deserved it

  30. Raymond Bermea

    Raymond Bermea29 күн мурун

    Glad the Knicks disposed of this piece of Latvian Euro trash. Fuckin' poor man's Andris Biedrins. No wonder Porzingis is a fuckin' bum. And he lost to the Knicks twice.

  31. KiidJohnn

    KiidJohnn29 күн мурун

    Y’all have no reason to boo, he done so much for y’all. Besides he just got traded; he didn’t wanna leave 🤦🏻‍♂️

  32. Prince Snowblood

    Prince Snowblood28 күн мурун

    "So much" lmao and he wanted to leave

  33. britiw

    britiw29 күн мурун

    Losing and booing. Knicks in nutshell.

  34. Devon May

    Devon May29 күн мурун

    We’re booing him because he started acting cocky and did some messed up stuff on his way out

  35. Taylan Ertan

    Taylan Ertan29 күн мурун

    Throw the Owner, the Front Office and the fans out of the NBA. Seriously, the Knicks are a waste of space. Give MSG to a proper team.

  36. Prince Snowblood

    Prince Snowblood28 күн мурун

    @Taylan Ertan it's funny though how even with those 5 rings, the AT&T Center will never, EVER have the energy inside it that MSG had last night for a game in November

  37. Prince Snowblood

    Prince Snowblood28 күн мурун

    @Taylan Ertan "these actions" lmao he got booed like athletes have since the beginning of time. for you people to act like all Knicks fans are actual bad humans is laughable and embarrassing

  38. Taylan Ertan

    Taylan Ertan28 күн мурун

    @Prince Snowblood I am a neutral party here. Just stating the facts. I have no horse in the race. Hell if I support a team, it is Spurs. But Knicks is a disaster of a franchise and these actions just solidify that image.

  39. Prince Snowblood

    Prince Snowblood28 күн мурун

    Yall lost to a waste of space twice in a week lmao

  40. yes yes

    yes yes29 күн мурун

    KP: I come in play less than 50% of the games and average less than 18pts a game and 7.5 rebound. Trade me cause you're not good enough at 22 yrs old.... Wow I feel so bad for the Garnett, AD, Karl Malones of the world...... There's a reason why bad teams get good draft picks, cause they are suppose to come in and make them better. Not sit out half the games and say you're not better I want to go now.... If that's ok, great message to send to all the college players, they should all just sit out unless they are going to the Lakers and demand trades.

  41. supermanhulk1993

    supermanhulk199329 күн мурун

    Knicks suck they trade the best player and get shit at the end

  42. LatAndrew85

    LatAndrew8529 күн мурун

    Knicks fans are hypocrites and idiots!!!

  43. ohmyGUHDness

    ohmyGUHDness29 күн мурун

    Anytime i forget about them in the midst of the Lakers fans and bandwagons, the Knicks consistently remind me that they will perpetually have one of the worst fanbases in sports. Best player y’all had in a long time after Melo

  44. Harriis

    Harriis29 күн мурун

    Who the fuck is Tingus Pingus

  45. Ivan Kalich

    Ivan Kalich29 күн мурун

    I happy, Porzingis now playing in Dallas, away from crybaby new york fans.