92nd Oscar Nominations

Relive this year’s Oscar nominations announcement with John Cho and Issa Rae. See the full list of nominees at oscar.go.com/news/nominations/oscar-nominations-2020-list-nominees-by-category


  1. Corporate Gunner

    Corporate Gunner13 саат мурун

    The Oscars are just always amazing

  2. Daniella Que Noy

    Daniella Que Noy14 саат мурун

    God Issa Rae was so fucking annoying with those little comments.

  3. wan danial

    wan danial16 саат мурун

    HTTYD didn't win for both of the first 2 films.. hopefully this one pull a lotr win in the end.. it deserves at least one..

  4. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    How about making a movie on God?

  5. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    Cumberbatches performances are so dry that when watching it one must be accompanied by a Glass of Water..

  6. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    Evans became a mass sinner..Evans, go back to the Good Will box you Came from..

  7. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    You ain't so nice.

  8. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    David Copperfield got AIDS cause he did Magic with El Vira..

  9. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    Rami looks for his own name in the Bible..Who invented Position 69?

  10. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    Rami broke Open parts to a Clock so he can make a Penis out of it. He studied acting psychology in great detail and made himself into a Penis for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody..

  11. Seung Kim

    Seung Kim18 саат мурун

    Speaking of Quentin, i've known Yugos that can go Even Faster than Spielberg's iq..

  12. mike mcgeady

    mike mcgeady18 саат мурун

    Joaquin best actor Parasite best picture

  13. luciatorresmx

    luciatorresmx20 саат мурун

    The Best movie : #Joker, I watched The Irishman and Parasite and I think, #Joker is better 😊. I don't want to watch 1917, other movie about war is puag 🤮

  14. BONKMan DUDE22

    BONKMan DUDE2221 саат мурун

    Endgame Plz Win A Oscar!

  15. richard baskett

    richard baskett21 саат мурун

    I've been thinking, since i saw some Oscar category videos being presented by a few cartoon characters, maybe i think Rarity from my little pony should present the Oscar for best costume design.

  16. TheSpeedBoy

    TheSpeedBoy22 саат мурун

    When will they be giving out the oscars (what date)

  17. G Club

    G Club22 саат мурун

    Woah woah wait a minute isn't lion king (2019) a LIVE ACTION REMAKE GOD Disney choose live action disaster or CGI bullshit

  18. rishabh

    rishabh23 саат мурун

    Robert De Niro for Best Actor missing.

  19. Jeffrey Marcum

    Jeffrey MarcumКүн мурун

    Out of all the film's I feel JoJo Rabbit was the best


    WALLHACKКүн мурун

    Oscar 2020. Best actor Joaquin Phoenix. Joker. kgwork.info/videos/xxCjdCYRYQ8-video.html

  21. Neelesh

    NeeleshКүн мурун

    Everyone : Why Has joker got so many Oscar nominations? Me: You wouldn’t get it.

  22. Seri Heartly

    Seri HeartlyКүн мурун

    Joker was boring Because it did Not Make sense. It was just Arthur Fleck Laughing. His Backstory was cool and when he killed Murray It was also cool and Where was Batman? Where Was He? Was Batman Having Sex with Robin Or What?

  23. Munchkin Russel

    Munchkin RusselКүн мурун

    If Joker dint win, Surely means Oscars are rigged !

  24. Evth Spawn

    Evth SpawnКүн мурун

    OSCAR AND BULLSHIT BEST MOVIE : U.S.A. !!!!!!!! : Urination Sample Advertise !!!! Best actor and ''close'' friend : Harvey Weinstein !!! Are you racist ??? WIN AN OSCAR NOW !!!!!!!

  25. QH1HQ

    QH1HQКүн мурун

    نبي ترجمه عربيه

  26. jovanie silva

    jovanie silvaКүн мурун

    You notice how John just looks super annoyed and disinterested after Issa makes that comment about the all male directors? Priceless.

  27. 최가은

    최가은Күн мурун

    한국말로 할 때 정말...❣️💘🧡💗💓💓💓💓

  28. Daniel James

    Daniel JamesКүн мурун

    Ricky Gervais not there, so the Artistes will get back to preaching to the their adoring pleb masses. Sick fest 2020.

  29. Ane Nik

    Ane NikКүн мурун

    Endgame had to be in more tbh it was the best movie I’ve watched so far

  30. Joshua Tewolde

    Joshua TewoldeКүн мурун

    Does anybody agree with me that Toy Story 4 will win the Oscars?!

  31. Kurt Brown

    Kurt BrownКүн мурун

    Adam Sandler didn't make the cut, that's some bullshit.

  32. Martin Moore

    Martin MooreКүн мурун

    Missing Link have already won the Golden Globes. Maybe it will win at the Oscars.

  33. Martin Moore

    Martin MooreКүн мурун

    The best of luck to the movies at the Oscars this year.

  34. Martin Moore

    Martin MooreКүн мурун

    I hope Toy Story 4 for the win. FTW.

  35. Martin Moore

    Martin MooreКүн мурун

    Frozen 2 was NOT nominated for the best animated feature.

  36. Meathead

    MeatheadКүн мурун

    Critics: Why is Joker nominated for 11 Academy Awards? The Oscars: You wouldn’t get it

  37. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Too many Freaks. Not enough sideshows..

  38. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    When Quentin first received his fame in Pulp fiction, audiences said, Who's this dude with fatLips and a bigAss?

  39. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Cera says, it's a dog-eat-dog World and I'm wearing Milkbone underwear..as they slam Cera for this..

  40. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Cats fks with coolness.. So Dangerfield suggests that he should cure this problem of coolness by asking Timothee, Can i shit on Ur Face?

  41. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Mirin was working on the distinction between acting and the true self.. but her true self was Grandiose..

  42. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Speaking of teens today, Truth is that he isn't what he should be But the Description Fits.

  43. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Hume spinKicks So fast that He Travels back in Time becoming Chuck Norris knocking Off Imelda Airheart from a Boeing 747..boeing boeing splat.. Miller is insisting that the Truth should be altered where there used to be a Lane in which Driveby Shootings took Place bi-Annually..so in order to do this much Justice one should place a sign by that very lane that goes, This Lane for Driveby Shootings--->*.. you can't secondguess God..lol.

  44. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Morgan is yet in midst of working on his National Geographic special..in which a recent edition reveals Simmons forcing Miles Teller to jump thru a Flaming Hoola Hoop like a freaky Circus tiger..in the Name of the Truth..

  45. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Speaking of the advancements in film technology, Lasseter should CGI capture Hemmsworth's cock for an upcoming Tremors since Hemmsworth's cock has teeth in it and All..Brings new meaning to the Word 'Cockfight'.. -sbk

  46. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Scorsese is a Doubleheaded Gila Monster.. he is of two faces but he's actually a Gila Monster..

  47. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Be it the Days of Thunder. Or be it the Days of Bumper..Hooper is attacking Spielberg in his bumper car..

  48. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    in which the man woke up finding himself splattered with birdshit..

  49. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    A man placed a dildo filled with Elmer's glue on the floor of the cinema during the showcase of a drama in which a man heavily into the drama slipped on it and fell backwards..

  50. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Kelly Clarkson moved One Direction away from Bieber. But upon the release of a new cd by a Devil band they bought it in Mass..

  51. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Billie snuffed the possibility of a returning Truth since punks became pOnks..What on earth is a good punk? Who invented Position 69? If Billy becomes a good man then the Kingdom of Heaven is fked.

  52. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Moore placed 6 Fans in Libre's Direction..

  53. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    at this rate Brie will go down hill.. Cera bought an year's supply of Dixie Straws so he can bend over and suck his own Penis thru a Straw..

  54. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Lady Gaga was held to be beautiful. Lady Gaga wants it Orally. She says, Poke her Face.

  55. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    It was said, walk softly and carry a big Stick.. Brian Currie has a Big stick..

  56. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Brie is slamming Jonah Hill as she acts Innocent and All..lol.

  57. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    Cho, don't be So humble You're not that Great. He uses humility for the supremacy..

  58. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    man acts cool in front of his friends but has a sudden dire need to fart..So he looks for a secret place to do it but finds none..as his Eyes form red Criss Crosses and his Eyes grow Moist.

  59. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    if you believe in Love your Pasteur will give you a Free 3D Color Printer..as he runs into a Bishop..

  60. Seung Kim

    Seung KimКүн мурун

    man walks up the Red Carpet, balls Swooshing from side to Side, Penis bouncing Up and down..as he runs into an administrator..