Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit

Some people like to eat a tomato like an apple and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are myriad other ways to prepare or cook tomatoes. For instance, did you know you can make tomatoes a sauce? Or make them into a paste? You can even throw them in a dehydrator and turn them into tomato leather (honestly, try this). Join Amiel Stanek as he cooks, prepares and eats tomatoes in almost every way possible.

Check out each method here:
Raw Whole 0:50
Sliced and Salted 1:16
Pan Seared 1:51
Fried 2:25
Blanched 3:10
Sushi 3:47
Tartare 4:34
Raw Sauce 5:11
Passata 5:45
Cooked Sauce 6:23
Paste 6:56
Leather 7:33
Powder 8:08
Smoked 8:50
Torched 9:21
Laser 9:51
Juice 10:50
Water 11:15
Soda 11:53
Campfire (2 - Ways) 12:30
Foil Wrapped 12:44
Charred 13:03
Campfire Sauce 13:23
On A Stick 13:57
Ice Pop 15:20
Granita 16:03
Ice Cream 16:47
Baked 17:40
Roasted 18:13
Broiled 18:43
Confit 19:19
Grilled (3 Ways) 19:54
Whole Grilled 20:11
Half Grilled 20:29
Skewered 20:29
Gazpacho 21:12
Blender 21:41
Microwave 22:15
Iron 22:49
Sous Vide 23:19
Slow Cooker 23:57
Canned 24:26
Brûlée 25:04
Tarte Tatin 25:42
Pickled 26:32
Fermented 27:05
Caviar 28:02
Aspic 28:52
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Every Way to Cook a Tomato (47 Methods) | Bon Appétit


  1. Hans S

    Hans SСаат мурун

    Love these videos! Can you please do every way to cook (er.. prepare?) an Apple next? That sounds like it would have some interesting results. Thanks!

  2. WhiteSythle

    WhiteSythle2 саат мурун

    Not seeing your mouth when you taste and talk is just super weird. *Mouth Sounds Intensify* "Is he even eating it? Or is he just dubbing over the video . . .?"

  3. R4Z0R84

    R4Z0R842 саат мурун

    Can tell this was voice overed which is annoying coz hand movements don't match the voice, for consistency though it's nice having the same voice volume in all areas, makes a lot of sense XD

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  8. Chronic 3x

    Chronic 3x3 саат мурун

    This man is doing sign language with the knife and ford

  9. vakhtang lortkipanidze

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    I Loooove Tomatoes

  10. croguy132

    croguy1323 саат мурун

    Amiel... are... are you okay? Wanna talk about your art some hon?

  11. TypicalG

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    I cringe so much watching this

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    U use farenheit or celcious?

  13. somebody0214

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  19. IamSatoo

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    Thanks, I bought 2 weeks worth of tomato I want to use them now or save them for later, I know I made a mistake. If you want to know why I bought alot of tomato 1k likes I'll tell u

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    I hate whole tomatoes

  23. Laura Kaiser

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    I have no idea why im watching this, im allergic to tomatoes, so not sure if I can use this knowledge for anything 😂

  24. ¿Bruh?

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    My dad eats tomatoes like an apple, but holds a salt shaker in his right hand and salts as he goes

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