Video Editing Before and After: After Effects Behind the Scenes (VFX) | Roy Adin

How effects are made? Watch this Video Editing Before and After to know! I use Adobe After Effects to create VFX & CGI, and in this behind the scenes visual effects breakdown I reveal how I do it...
Final edited video:
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100% Roy Adin is a series of creative inspirational videos about the things that matter: personal growth, society, education and mental health. All presented in an entertaining way inspired by Hollywood's blockbusters.
I believe that by being 100% honest I can inspire others to be 100% themselves, and make a change that goes way beyond the screen!
About the video:
Take a look behind the scenes of Roy Adin's creative short film: "How I Achieve SUCCESS by Fighting STRESS". Through this visual effects side by side comparison you'll understand better how CGI works. Learning how to make Hollywood effects has never been easier! With endless VFX editing tutorials on KGwork, anyone can learn how to make cinematic videos.
About Roy Adin:
Surprising. That’s me.
I surprised myself at age 12 when a KGwork video that I created hit 9,000,000 views, bringing SpongeBob into the real world with the power of visual effects!
The problem was that no one believed that a kid could actually master the pro editing softwares all by himself: Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop. Especially when they heard that I’m self-taught. But my huge passion for storytelling and film-making was there to prove them wrong! And I kept creating more videos, bringing my crazy ideas and inventions to life in the form of creative viral videos.
Dropping out of high school at age 15 shocked my teachers, I was their "straight-A student". Although for me it felt pretty natural, after getting my first job in a big advertising agency a year earlier, at age 14.
When I dropped out I knew it was time to go even bigger, so I said yes when the CEO of a big startup company asked me to work as the company's video director. All of a sudden I found myself leading the video department at an international high-tech company with over 150 employees, working with people from London, New York, São Paulo, Tel Aviv and LA.
To their surprise even making videos for investors from Disney wasn’t satisfying enough for me, so I quit.
Nothing compared to the feeling of doing something meaningful. The feeling that I had while making voluntary videos for children with cancer, for TEDx events, or creating an educational series for elementary schools.
That's when I created the project - 100% Roy Adin.
Together, I know we can make the world a better place!


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