Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo10 күн мурун

    I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

  2. TheAftonKelly

    TheAftonKelly21 саат мурун

    @Brad Mondo blue dye molecules are much smaller than yellow dye molecules so they penetrate deeper. Every formula and shade is different, but as a general guideline if you combine green dye with overworked, porous hair you’ll get a more blue result because it really sticks in there.

  3. Lilly Miller

    Lilly Miller22 саат мурун

    I’m mad I had half black half green for the last few months & right when I go back to a solid color it’s the color of the year 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  4. Savy

    SavyКүн мурун

    You would look like the best joker brad

  5. DiePenutButter

    DiePenutButterКүн мурун

    Really? I just dye my hair just to look like deku

  6. radziahradzi

    radziahradziКүн мурун

    I did yester!

  7. Nic Nonya

    Nic Nonya48 мүнөт мурун

    Yellow and green make blue right?

  8. Amber Christensen

    Amber Christensen48 мүнөт мурун

    Died my hair green December 23rd. It's the same color green as the third girl held up on the extensions. It's my favorite hair color I've ever done! Matrix clover green is what we used.

  9. Big Disappointment

    Big DisappointmentСаат мурун

    I need green hair now. How does a red head do this without it being puke brown/green? Im scared to go all the way but i know my color theory 😅

  10. Jeskyaa Lee

    Jeskyaa Lee2 саат мурун

    I dye my hair blue and it comes out green 😂😂 oh and a wash out lasted nearly all year (I’m a light brunette)

  11. MrHeleenify

    MrHeleenify3 саат мурун

    *head hurts* "Those love punches really got me..."

  12. Jessica Fossell

    Jessica Fossell8 саат мурун

    I dyed my yellow/blonde hair with enchanted forest by manic panic & it also came out way more blue

  13. Hunter Hardie

    Hunter Hardie9 саат мурун

    i had green hair and an old man walked past me at work, scoffed and said he couldn't believe what this world was coming to. lmao.

  14. Maximus Marroquin

    Maximus Marroquin9 саат мурун

    Ok but can we do butt stuff

  15. Carissa Brink

    Carissa Brink9 саат мурун

    I've dyed my hair every color under the sun and my yellow to gree was everyone's favorite. Ha ha

  16. Dr. Sass

    Dr. Sass9 саат мурун

    That 2nd video....her hair reminds me of the colors you see on a peacock. Gorgeous!!!!

  17. Kpineapple

    Kpineapple10 саат мурун

    Can you please REACT to Kennedy Walsh coloring her hair purple

  18. v

    v10 саат мурун

    I miss my green hair so bad damn it

  19. panda del ray

    panda del ray10 саат мурун

    When people are looking for that BRIGHT green but don't buy the neon colors; if neon is too bright you can mix the dark color but I would say def swatch it on a strand like an extension to make sure it is what you want!!! Another reason why I wanted to go with IROIRO because they have a specific Emerald Green! but I've also seen people had to dye their hair twice (its semi-permanent haircolor) to make it true color. Sometimes I feel like already dyed hair is sitting there BEGGING for more color after being stripped compared to freshly bleached hair? idk not a hair stylist but logic maybe?

  20. Panziegirl

    Panziegirl11 саат мурун

    Iro iro has a pretty fantastic green too y'all if you're looking

  21. Kaitlyn Kalina

    Kaitlyn Kalina11 саат мурун

    His face tho when he said stunning!! 🤣

  22. RawBDoll

    RawBDoll11 саат мурун

    Your hair looks incredible here

  23. Tøåštî_Wøłfïē ʎǝɥ

    Tøåštî_Wøłfïē ʎǝɥ12 саат мурун

    I once dyed my hair blue but when I washed it, it turned out green, can someone explain lol.

  24. morgan&nora

    morgan&nora12 саат мурун

    does anyone have tips for me lol my hair gets greasy really easily and my hair is never really nice and shiny and flowy which is what i rly want. but if anyone has tips or like a certain shampoo or conditioner let me know!!

  25. Kenny K

    Kenny K13 саат мурун

    arctic fox is crrraaaappppp

  26. Madi Mac

    Madi Mac13 саат мурун

    This and the blue hair video makes me want to bleach my hair and play with colours so bad!

  27. Amber Travis

    Amber Travis14 саат мурун

    Brad came on the kast one lol

  28. Kayla T

    Kayla T14 саат мурун

    I’ve actually dyed my hair using a green dye over blonde hair, it came out like a aqua blue color. I loved it but it was definitely how I expected

  29. Lily Jo

    Lily Jo16 саат мурун

    I love green the colour but I wouldn’t dye my hair green.

  30. Jo

    Jo16 саат мурун

    I walked into the salon looking for a hair cut... I left 3 hours later with bright green hair... I regret nothing but my mom regrets leting me go alone xD

  31. callmecrazy317

    callmecrazy31716 саат мурун

    I love how every girl used the same green and did different stuff with it, it was cool to see all the different variations

  32. Maria Mehau

    Maria Mehau16 саат мурун

    green looks so pretty, but i dont know what undertones I have..but red violet really suited my skin tone :)

  33. LittleSasquatch

    LittleSasquatch17 саат мурун

    Mr. Brad Mondo! I love your videos! Especially the ones where someone either does their own makeovers and failed, or they worked and you American Top Model videos! You do cheer me up when it is a bad day for me! Thank you, Brad! Your personality and adorableness are fast becoming a little part of each day!

  34. Emily Warden

    Emily Warden17 саат мурун

    All because of this video, I’m dying my hair green !!!!

  35. Nancy Youknow

    Nancy Youknow18 саат мурун

    Can you please please come to The Netherlands and do my hair😁😊🙏🏼


    KOOKIE GACHA18 саат мурун

    You should react to another hairdressers reaction so like you can see if they’re like professional or what not ( well I mean if course they are but like yea )

  37. Ella Daniels

    Ella Daniels18 саат мурун

    With the first girl and her hair turning blue mine has done the same I dyed it green and it went blue on my ends were it was really pourus

  38. Koda Smith

    Koda Smith20 саат мурун

    My hair is green. Been green for 9 months now😌💚

  39. Mariyam Naufa

    Mariyam Naufa20 саат мурун

    Yikes my hair color is green now

  40. Badb a

    Badb a21 саат мурун

    Every shade of green i have used from Arctic fox has turned blue or teal and I start off with a platinum blonde base

  41. EonaChan

    EonaChanКүн мурун

    I did my sister’s hair three times, different shades of green and it looked great (she’s blonde) Also I got my hair done once, I wanted dark blue but it turned green instead.... my hair is natural brown, hairdresser wanted to do it like that, wasn’t mad at the dark green it turned tho

  42. Esther Macky

    Esther MackyКүн мурун

    The second girl looks RAVISHING omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Carli Wagner

    Carli WagnerКүн мурун

    Bruh the first one Is me doing my own hair

  44. Amanda Williams

    Amanda WilliamsКүн мурун

    I had almost platinum blonde hair and I used Arctic Fox emerald green and it turned really blue I was pretty upset. I think it may be the brand doesn't know what green is lol

  45. Crissy Amethyst

    Crissy AmethystКүн мурун

    YAS the review at the end when you figured out why everyones hair was turning blue!! The ground literally shook when I made that discovery as well loool

  46. Selodarling

    SelodarlingКүн мурун

    Me sitting thinking that Brad watched BN and understood the joke

  47. Mday2107

    Mday2107Күн мурун

    That second hair 😍🤤

  48. Wilky_ Waves

    Wilky_ WavesКүн мурун

    I could not wait for Brad to see Stella’s end result 🔥

  49. Eve

    EveКүн мурун

    I had green in my hair for 2 years till I bleached and dyed my whole head of hair green in August of 2019. Got triggered and now I'm doing different colors cause everyone else dyed their hair green 😂

  50. Aleecia Gonzales

    Aleecia GonzalesКүн мурун

    Me watching Brad Mondo since 2016: I NEED him to dye my hair green Brad Mondo: I LOVE GREEN HAIR Me watching this video: I NEED him to dye my hair green!!

  51. Crissy Amethyst

    Crissy AmethystКүн мурун

    Artic Fox Phantom Green turned my hair blue every time. So annoying. I FINALLY found a green that WORKS!! Good Dye Young - Kowabunga. It actually comes out green and beautiful!

  52. BeautyTips

    BeautyTipsКүн мурун

    Stella is awesome ❤️

  53. Chamya Provo

    Chamya ProvoКүн мурун

    Brad: “those are love punches” Literally no one: Me: “is that what Chris brown said to Rihanna”

  54. hannahcrackin

    hannahcrackin12 саат мурун

    Chamya Provo domestic/intimate partner violence isn’t a laughing matter and to joke about it like that is incredibly damaging. I would urge you to rethink the impact of comments like this.

  55. morageorgina

    morageorginaКүн мурун

    Hey brad I know you probably will never see this comment but I have dirty blond hair and I’ve been wanting to dye it black i have blue eyes and I’m really pale and i was just wandering if black could ever look good on me

  56. radziahradzi

    radziahradziКүн мурун

    Omg i just did green hair yesterday, but I wanted emerald, it turns out like moss green-ashy green 😔

  57. Akio Kuro

    Akio KuroКүн мурун

    I was drunk af on my birthday a few years ago and I accidentally made my hair moss green. So I wanted blue hair but forgot to get bleach and my dumbass thought that it would be okay to put blonde hair dye first and then the blue. But at least the green looked amazing on me haha...

  58. Kaitlyn Beard

    Kaitlyn BeardКүн мурун

    Brad: she looks so hot Me: omggg she’s hot!!

  59. Alexis

    AlexisКүн мурун

    Brad: “you look stunning” Me sitting in pajamas covered in spit up and baby drool with hair that hasn’t been washed in 3 days: thank you omg

  60. izzy panda

    izzy pandaКүн мурун

    I have the arctic fox green that the first girl did and it faded to a blue color! It’s deff a heavy blue based green but I love it so much whenever I touch it up !

  61. Genesis C.

    Genesis C.Күн мурун

    Me: it doesn’t look that bad Brad: it’s awful Also me: disgusting

  62. Janay Martinez

    Janay MartinezКүн мурун

    Wish u could do my hair

  63. stephen francis

    stephen francisКүн мурун

    My hair did the same thing because my ends were more porous than the rest of my hair which rejected the yellow but clung to the blue that makes up the green.

  64. Ali JC

    Ali JCКүн мурун

    How much do I love brad mondo? I can't even see green (colourblind) but yet here we are 😂😂

  65. Lillian Black

    Lillian BlackКүн мурун

    Artic fox is really hydrating for hair and it also shows up on dark hair a lot without having to use bleach.

  66. Tricky RedCrow

    Tricky RedCrowКүн мурун

    First girl typed out “I just wanted to be Midoriya” and I felt that. Black and green hair is hard to get.