Ganondorf Reigns Over DEATH BATTLE!

The Dark Lord of Hyrule summons all of his strength for his fight against the legendary vampire.
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  1. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr11 күн мурун

    How About a Link Battle Royale?!

  2. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr11 күн мурун


  3. Antonio Imperatore

    Antonio Imperatore18 күн мурун

    Mario and Sonic vs crash and spyro

  4. Verkozius Reave

    Verkozius ReaveАй мурун

    "Man, Link can blow Ganondorf while standing straight up." "You're right, but please shut up."

  5. ray hyes

    ray hyesАй мурун

    rui (demon slayer) vs best jeanist (my hero academia)

  6. Omar Batman

    Omar BatmanАй мурун

    Do a death battle on bay blades. Do Ginga vs Volt. ( valtryek vs Pegasus.

  7. Para' G

    Para' GАй мурун

    Deathstroke vs deadshot

  8. pokeperson1000

    pokeperson1000Ай мурун

    So does Boomstick have a death grudge against Wiz?

  9. langbo9999

    langbo9999Ай мурун


  10. Dyshawm Boldin

    Dyshawm BoldinАй мурун

    Hey death battle guys try shego vs azula

  11. Corbin Waltering

    Corbin WalteringАй мурун

    Odin Vs Zeus

  12. SkllSession

    SkllSessionАй мурун

    Pshh Dracula can't beat Ganondorf's super armor.

  13. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    SPOILERS he did tho

  14. death27837476

    death27837476Ай мурун

    @jordan alex luffy interesting that was my frist match up for the stretchy boys but knowing death battle marvel vs dc but how about skeletor vs spinal (he man vs killer instinct) or brother tag battle dante and vergil from dmc vs ragna and jin from blaze blue and luffy and ace from one piece and edward and al from full metal alchemist and one dream battle a seven deadly sins battle royal from the anime\magnia for shits and giggles dora vs Barne the dino but Krystal from star fox vs blaze the cat from sonic not my cup of tea i can see it but it wont hurt me if one of them bites the dust i like star fox but i hate Krystal but sonic as franchise its ok im Nintendo kinda guy but i like amy rose vs peach amy is not annoying to me i like her better but i hope it make sense but we kinda agree and if u dont its cool you can say it but dont mean about it your are by far the respectful one and uncrowned cause u dont say it mean

  15. F.T Bing Lin

    F.T Bing LinАй мурун

    Smash isn't canon, but in this season, they gave Wario, King Dedede and Captain falcon Smash moves(except Mega man classic, they did mentioned classic excluded Smash bros feats), now they gave Ganondorf too(1:34), Is it possible that any Nintendo character from Smash could have Smash moves?(except guest characters.)

  16. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    In they're defense, Captain falcon doesn't really... Have a moveset

  17. Javan Cardona

    Javan CardonaАй мурун


  18. xxdudeyy Dude

    xxdudeyy DudeАй мурун

    I wonder if that Holy weapon shtick will save him again.

  19. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    @fromeggman Dracula won And ganondorf STILL had his holy weapons fallacy! My GOD this is SO cathartic!

  20. fromeggman

    fromeggmanАй мурун

    @Grant Strader yes

  21. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    Do you wanna know?

  22. No one

    No oneАй мурун

    remember link somehow beat cloud strife... >.> and GL beat Ben 10.. soo yeah. i mean cloud beat sephiroth and he beat a devil from dmc. in deathbattle. need i say more?

  23. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    "and GL beat Ben 10" I see no problem with that.

  24. Fulgore Elite

    Fulgore EliteАй мурун

    My niga Gangstadorf got this in the bag.

  25. Babylon Reef

    Babylon ReefАй мурун

    Fulgore Elite nah

  26. Smoove-Z

    Smoove-ZАй мурун

    Missed opportunity to vs allucard

  27. Joey Villafan

    Joey Villafan2 ай мурун

    Death Battle: Meruem vs Perfect Cell

  28. foulou089

    foulou0892 ай мурун

    I already called it. Dracula takes this one. I'm all for Ganon, but it seems (Based on the comments) that Dracula seems to be capable of pulling off a win.

  29. Sweaty Sasig

    Sweaty Sasig2 ай мурун

    Whizz vs Boomstick

  30. WillieManga

    WillieManga2 ай мурун

    While Dracula's awesome he has a bit of a disadvantage; Ganondorf has only ever been destroyed by weapons of the gods within the main continuity, and sometimes not even that works as seen when the sages impaled Ganondorf and he snapped the everything of one of them. Dracula, on the other hand can be destroyed by dark magic, or at least a great amount of it. Dominus was originally Dracula Paste (ewwww...) made into a tat that could use enough dark energy to finish off Dracula. And I don't think Ganondorf needs to destroy himself to use that much dark energy.

  31. SSM

    SSM2 ай мурун

    Also Ganondorf can pass through dimensions and fight as a being that isnt even mortal. Dracula wants the power to fight god but his chaos would just fuel ganondorf lol.

  32. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    Guess who won?

  33. setsunaxlnrs

    setsunaxlnrs2 ай мурун

    Battle of the two greatest teachers in anime: Stein vs Kakashi

  34. Mute Dog Gamer

    Mute Dog Gamer2 ай мурун

    I'll be rooting for you Ganondorf!!

  35. Haha SAMURAI

    Haha SAMURAI2 ай мурун

    Ghost Rider vs Spectre

  36. Grant Strader

    Grant StraderАй мурун

    You want GR to die horribly?

  37. Cesare Borgia

    Cesare Borgia2 ай мурун

    Why not Dracula vs Alucard (hellsing)

  38. Spooky The Kid

    Spooky The Kid2 ай мурун

    This is like the 4th of the death battles where two of my favorite characters fight. Wario vs King Dee Dee Dee. Thanos vs Darksied. Lobo Vs Ghost Rider Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel and now this. Have you no mercy?

  39. Luis -Kun

    Luis -Kun2 ай мурун

    Ganon after killing bowser: ight, imma head out Ganon getting back in: ight, imma head back in

  40. Egalitarius

    Egalitarius2 ай мурун

    god couldn't kill Dracula what makes anyone think a lesser could?

  41. L noskcaj

    L noskcaj2 ай мурун

    Hello it's L looking forward to Death Battle between two kings Dracula The King of Vampires and Ganondorf The King of Evil the battle of kings so everyone place your bets the two kings that can't but will see about that so stay tune for next week Death Battle to all of you Gaming Fans and Vampire Fans and Death Battle Fans and People out there it's like what my favorite show says it Good Fight Goodnight.!? ♤♡♧◇ ♠️♥️♣️♦️

  42. Mike-Daddy

    Mike-Daddy2 ай мурун

    I love how Ganondorf has weaknesses except for when he doesn’t...

  43. ire

    ire2 ай мурун

    Please include the doriyah

  44. JFF Blacklist

    JFF Blacklist2 ай мурун

    Yandere-chan (Yandere Simulator) vs Jimmy Hopkins (Bully: Scholarship Edition) Who will win

  45. Advance Warrior

    Advance Warrior2 ай мурун

    Guess Bowser wasn't enough????

  46. countzero87

    countzero872 ай мурун

    so, I feel that you guys should clearly which ganondorf we are talking about. given the multiple timelines of the zelda multiverse and the differences in power each of them have it could play a massive role in who would win the upcoming battle. the most powerful version on him is the dark timeline ganondorf. this one defeated the hero of time at the end of ocarina of time and obtained the whole triforce. this is the ganondorf who would eventually be defeated and become Calamity Gannon. if Dracula is facing this version I would but my money on ganondorf.

  47. Former Rear Admiral X Drake

    Former Rear Admiral X Drake2 ай мурун

    Garra Vs Crocodile please! (Naruto vs OP)

  48. curtis brown

    curtis brown2 ай мурун

    so is ganon getting the entire triforce??? dude thats a wrap if he is.

  49. Michael Balfour III

    Michael Balfour III2 ай мурун

    D O R Y I A H