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How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)
When Hobbits Were Real

When Hobbits Were Real

23 күн мурун

When Antarctica Was Green
When Bats Took Flight

When Bats Took Flight

2 ай мурун

The Missing Link That Wasn’t
Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal?
When Giant Deer Roamed Eurasia
When We Met Other Human Species
When the Synapsids Struck Back
When We Took Over the World
The Croc That Ran on Hooves
When We Tamed Fire

When We Tamed Fire

7 ай мурун

When We First Made Tools

When We First Made Tools

7 ай мурун

The Island of Shrinking Mammoths
The Humans That Lived Before Us
How Blood Evolved (Many Times)
When Humans Were Prey

When Humans Were Prey

10 ай мурун

When Apes Conquered Europe

When Apes Conquered Europe

11 ай мурун

When Sharks Swam the Great Plains
When Camels Roamed North America
When Birds Stopped Flying

When Birds Stopped Flying

Жыл мурун

When Giant Amphibians Reigned
Can We Get DNA From Fossils?
Did Raptorex Really Exist?
When We First Walked

When We First Walked

Жыл мурун

When Birds Had Teeth

When Birds Had Teeth

Жыл мурун

When Fish Wore Armor

When Fish Wore Armor

Жыл мурун

When Insects First Flew

When Insects First Flew

Жыл мурун

FAQs From Our First Year

FAQs From Our First Year

Жыл мурун

How the T-Rex Lost Its Arms
When Fish First Breathed Air
Where Did Viruses Come From?
The Age of Reptiles in Three Acts
How the Squid Lost Its Shell
Inside the Dinosaur Library
How the Turtle Got Its Shell
How Sex Became a Thing

How Sex Became a Thing

Жыл мурун

The Great Snake Debate

The Great Snake Debate

Жыл мурун

The Time Terror Birds Invaded
Eons Livestream Q&A

Eons Livestream Q&A

Жыл мурун

When Giant Fungi Ruled

When Giant Fungi Ruled

Жыл мурун

The Last Time the Globe Warmed
The Search for the Earliest Life
A Brief History of Geologic Time
An Illustrated History of Dinosaurs
When Whales Walked

When Whales Walked

2 жыл мурун

When The Earth Was Purple

When The Earth Was Purple

2 жыл мурун

How Did Dinosaurs Get So Huge?
History's Most Powerful Plants
The Age of Giant Insects

The Age of Giant Insects

2 жыл мурун

The Extinction That Never Happened
The Biggest Thing That Ever Flew
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    The actual rainforest parts of the Pacific Northwest, like the Olympic Peninsula or Vancouver Island, get a lot more than 55 inches of rain per year. The wettest part of Vancouver gets more than 200 inches. A lot of places in the US people don't think of as particularly wet currently get around 50 inches of rain a year. Pretty much everywhere along the gulf coast, places like Houston, New Orleans and Tampa, get that much rain or more and also most of the cities along the Atlantic Seaboard, from Providence down into NYC, down to Raleigh and even Orlando and Miami get that much rain. Even some cities further inland and on the other side of the Appalachian mountain range like Nashville and Memphis average about 50 inches of rain per year. I hope that helps put that number into perspective for people. (at least the US people) For the Europeans 55 inches seems like a lot more rain. There are only 5 major European cities that get more than 40 inches (~1000 mm) a year. Podgorica, Montenegro (65), Ljubljana, Slovenia (54), Tirana, Albania (48), Glasgow, Scotland (44), and Zurich, Switzerland (41). You'll notice the notoriously damp London doesn't make the list, it only gets about half of what Glasgow gets with 23 inches of rain per year (for any Scots reading, the next time the English complain about the weather feel free to point that out to them) but like the notoriously rainy Seattle (37 inches and every tourist carrying an umbrella) it's cloudy often so people assume it gets a lot of rain.

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    The Appaloosa horse actually came over with the Native Americans from Asia and was here long long before the Spanish and European people brought their horses to the Americas. This video needs to be updated with this information.

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