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Building A Custom Supercar!!!
  1. Audrico huang

    Audrico huangКүн мурун

    do an engine swap

  2. Dave Robillard

    Dave RobillardКүн мурун

    They make tops with sun roofs front and back.

  3. Michael Morse

    Michael MorseКүн мурун

    I wish y’all would do a 70s 80 model build

  4. Jorge Dorame

    Jorge DorameКүн мурун


  5. Ahsan Jaffery

    Ahsan JafferyКүн мурун


  6. T1D Rider

    T1D RiderКүн мурун

    Hellcat swap!!

  7. Chris sujith

    Chris sujithКүн мурун

    You guys can add that Hemi engine from parts cop car to it and super charge it..... Dude that's legit.

  8. Christopher Cheramie

    Christopher CheramieКүн мурун

    Finally another Jeep!

  9. Jon Lonsdorf

    Jon LonsdorfКүн мурун

    Hellcat swap hellcat swap!!

  10. Bl4ze Driving

    Bl4ze DrivingКүн мурун

    It's not broken Just take off the doors... ITS A JEEP Anyways, I'm looking forward to the build, Keep up the great work!

  11. justvettn

    justvettnКүн мурун

    My brain hurts after all that crazy talk

  12. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderКүн мурун

    I went to the dealership yesterday to get one but I didn’t get approved😢 and now I’m even more sad cause now I’ll be watching it😭😭

  13. Ben Brown

    Ben BrownКүн мурун

    The jl should be the same as the gladiator doors

  14. Fady Mikhail

    Fady MikhailКүн мурун

    Take your Jeep to the dealership after you rebuild it. It has recall on driveshaft

  15. Jaycee A

    Jaycee AКүн мурун

    Turn this to a limo-jeep...

  16. Daniel Kenney

    Daniel KenneyКүн мурун

    Get them red fuel zephyr rims on that thing...lift zephyr wheels dannnng dude

  17. CandyKaneKush Vidz

    CandyKaneKush VidzКүн мурун

    Honestly dont have an opinion to what I'd do to this one but the seats and wheels would look nice with an upgrade and lift kit sounds like it'll be sick

  18. Matty Miranda

    Matty MirandaКүн мурун

    In Australia we call this a Ute which is a Utility Vehicle

  19. RubberDucky PUBG

    RubberDucky PUBGКүн мурун

    Also I want a shoutout pleaseeeeeeeee

  20. It’s just a 6 _ fan

    It’s just a 6 _ fanКүн мурун

    I have to say whataBurger there for the American people

  21. RubberDucky PUBG

    RubberDucky PUBGКүн мурун

    Hey goonzquad I like your tomes and yours youtube channel

  22. That Music Channel

    That Music ChannelКүн мурун

    Long time no see ! That black plastics should be painted gloss black

  23. Tammy Strickland

    Tammy StricklandКүн мурун

    Back to how it started!

  24. Max Gray

    Max GrayКүн мурун

    The outlet in the bed of the truck she be used for bed lights you should do bed lights goonzquad like or coment if you agree

  25. Black Venom

    Black VenomКүн мурун


  26. Bill Cosby

    Bill CosbyКүн мурун

    try demon hemi swap on that jeep

  27. Lộc Phan Tấn

    Lộc Phan TấnКүн мурун

    Put a hellcat engine!

  28. Dave Lucero

    Dave LuceroКүн мурун

    3.6 has 286hp 268 torque. I have the launch edition gladiator.

  29. Rich Rossi

    Rich RossiКүн мурун

    Oh yea..👍..n I got a red one too

  30. Paul Rodriquez

    Paul RodriquezКүн мурун

    Do a garage update

  31. Janith Dasunpriya

    Janith DasunpriyaКүн мурун

    Nice !

  32. Eilir Williams

    Eilir WilliamsКүн мурун

    Nice Jeep lad’s Try dennis collins black mountain for some jeep gear 👌🏼🤙🏼

  33. Cameron Knight

    Cameron KnightКүн мурун

    Hellcat swap

  34. John Meeboer

    John MeeboerКүн мурун

    You need to put the chargers hemi in it

  35. WHOS IAN

    WHOS IANКүн мурун

    You should put your spare 5.7 liter hemi from the wrecked cop car to put more power into that beast

  36. Gabriel Lalande

    Gabriel LalandeКүн мурун

    that was a USB type C and a Type A (the type C is the new type and apple do use it on their phones) mostly android

  37. Stinky Hacker

    Stinky HackerКүн мурун

    And it needs a custom goonzquad wrap

  38. David Roman

    David RomanКүн мурун

    Looks like the back front seat support MOLLE GEAR system

  39. Johan Nilsson

    Johan NilssonКүн мурун

    The hype is through the roof! :D "What do we got in here Jimmy?!" "I dont know Timmy!" Haha! <3 This video was hilarious! Pure comedy.

  40. Ivan Delgadillo

    Ivan DelgadilloКүн мурун

    That Jeep realy gives you guys personality You have to Jeep it forever, it has to be your daily hard work car.....congratulations boys and God Bless

  41. Shaun and jody Dearing

    Shaun and jody DearingКүн мурун

    What about the boat build is that almost finished

  42. Jhigh Tutntup

    Jhigh TutntupКүн мурун

    Ya you cant beat plastic 🙄

  43. Benjamin Zolen

    Benjamin ZolenКүн мурун

    Next project should be a classic muscle car!

  44. J. Harker83

    J. Harker83Күн мурун

    The wrecked charger v8 ??? Still miss the blubicon

  45. Cole

    ColeКүн мурун

    Looks like it sideswiped a pole

  46. William fforbes-Rutt

    William fforbes-RuttКүн мурун

    Back seat?

  47. dvs1145

    dvs1145Күн мурун

    Did Billy call the other brother “Jimmy” at about 15:25?

  48. Jeremiah Muchangi

    Jeremiah MuchangiКүн мурун

    Can't imagine the final look after goonzsquad touch. I bet it'll be lifted to the moon.

  49. ItsJeffrey NotJeff

    ItsJeffrey NotJeffКүн мурун

    install lightingtrendz halo kit flow series on the jeep !

  50. Nathan Hartman

    Nathan HartmanКүн мурун

    needs bigger tires,small lift,metal bumpers and fenders

  51. Hariz Hurem

    Hariz HuremКүн мурун

    Finally, this is what I was waiting for. The GLADIATOR

  52. Stinky Hacker

    Stinky HackerКүн мурун

    Needs more power

  53. Dakota Carter Vlogs

    Dakota Carter VlogsКүн мурун

    Buy a top from @Panoramic tops

  54. Martin sohlberg

    Martin sohlbergКүн мурун

    There are 2 batteries, the second one is below the first one.

  55. Stinky Hacker

    Stinky HackerКүн мурун

    It does need a v8 plz plz plz or some engine swap

  56. Dale Abbott

    Dale AbbottКүн мурун

    Keep Miss Hawaii.

  57. Simja Villalobos

    Simja VillalobosКүн мурун

    The "dudesquad" 😳😂😂 you guys are killing it

  58. Suyog Gunjate

    Suyog GunjateКүн мурун

    Make it 6x6

  59. Moeez Aamir

    Moeez AamirКүн мурун

    I think you should lift your f450

  60. Robert McCall

    Robert McCallКүн мурун

    This was spotted a few videos ago .... wow people have a keen eye in these vids

  61. Ryan Aspero

    Ryan AsperoКүн мурун

    Since that Jeep got hit in the door light drain the battery and they have electric power steering.


    SP VIKSALAKКүн мурун

    I'm waiting for this moment for a long time, this is my dream truck

  63. Jim Burns

    Jim BurnsКүн мурун

    Marco island is in Naples , Florida dude

  64. Nick Webb

    Nick WebbКүн мурун

    You should swap the doge hemi from the cop car

  65. Casey’s Garage

    Casey’s GarageКүн мурун

    This is gunna be awesome!!

  66. Armand Gerber

    Armand GerberКүн мурун

    Anyone here after the gladiator post?

  67. Derrick Smith

    Derrick SmithКүн мурун

    I feel embarrassed for the previous how stupid are you to crash a new vehicle.dumb assistance drivers smh

  68. Christopher Clarke

    Christopher ClarkeКүн мурун

    Cop car engine swap with a supercharger and a big lift kit.

  69. edward_gamer -901

    edward_gamer -901Күн мурун

    Put a LS motor

  70. grimmster111

    grimmster111Күн мурун

    How did they not notice the tailgate has the jeep "front end' logo in it!

  71. Agung Tranggono

    Agung TranggonoКүн мурун

    Jancok,ngacor ae,ndang didandani mobile put

  72. Jim Burns

    Jim BurnsКүн мурун

    Hey dude

  73. Apple Sam

    Apple SamКүн мурун

    That would’ve been dope if he rubbed the door edited the new door right in there like bam magic

  74. a zebbi

    a zebbiКүн мурун

    Rebuild an Mercedes G55/G63 AMG!

  75. Waynes butler

    Waynes butlerКүн мурун

    Love each and every one of your builds including this one but i have a growing question . I realize you are having a new facility being built but at some point you will have more cars on your lot there then it could hold securely , i assume everything is for sale for the right price ? , plus your insurance company clearly loves you too ..

  76. civil150

    civil150Күн мурун

    It's crazy how much I enjoy watching you guys do the initial cleaning. Looking forward to this build! Also we need an update on the shop!

  77. Jaden R

    Jaden RКүн мурун

    What happened to the Lamborghini

  78. James Connelly

    James ConnellyКүн мурун

    Some girls like an easy clutch.

  79. Chris Rios

    Chris RiosКүн мурун

    Sweet!! About time your back to the jeep. And a nice 2020. Can't wait to see the tear down. That's legit..

  80. [DGXL]de gamers xl

    [DGXL]de gamers xlКүн мурун

    Its the same as thestradman has

  81. Robert Prout

    Robert ProutКүн мурун


  82. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentКүн мурун

    Y’all already know this merch is gunna be sick

  83. Colton carroll

    Colton carrollКүн мурун

    Yea they are the same doors, that’s why the back door arches towards the back still even though the wheel is farther back👍🏼🇺🇸

  84. Brandon The Dodge Guy

    Brandon The Dodge GuyКүн мурун

    To drop the window in the old 90s jeeps all you had to do was unbolt 2 bolts and drop it down or undo the 2 quick release latches that are right above the sun visors

  85. Adrian Andrade

    Adrian AndradeКүн мурун

    Put the hemi engine in there

  86. What Happened

    What HappenedКүн мурун


  87. Kevzilla2828

    Kevzilla2828Күн мурун

    Needs to be straight piped

  88. Robert Miller

    Robert MillerКүн мурун

    We make those here in Ohio!!! red tow hooks means rubicon

  89. Arianit Asani

    Arianit AsaniКүн мурун

    Wow 🤩 bioutuful billd

  90. Jason Henderson

    Jason HendersonКүн мурун

    Dang son! Thomas tracks all over that dash!

  91. Christopher Groat

    Christopher GroatКүн мурун

    Favorite guys on KGwork. Hilarious too! You have my support, keep up the dope videos!

  92. Elizabeth Safari

    Elizabeth SafariКүн мурун

    Jan you gays make a electric car video

  93. Mark Clayton

    Mark ClaytonКүн мурун

    Looks like you need to take this bad boy straight to VTune for major body adjustments. Time for another collab boys! Great find indeed!

  94. Mike Sulakov

    Mike SulakovКүн мурун

    Swap a dirtymax in there

  95. Ivan Shepard-Revalls

    Ivan Shepard-RevallsКүн мурун

    Turbo the gladiator lift it and put it on 44 inch tires

  96. Nicklas Modig

    Nicklas ModigКүн мурун

    It needs some 20" Tuff racing t01 👍🏻

  97. Shemar Spence

    Shemar SpenceКүн мурун

    U need a hellcat engine who agrees

  98. David Zachalski

    David ZachalskiКүн мурун

    Cool new build. I enjoyed the update

  99. crazikyle

    crazikyleКүн мурун

    We're back to jeeps boys, this channel has finally come full circle.

  100. Dustin Williams

    Dustin WilliamsКүн мурун

    Finally a Jeep back on the channel!