Seth's Bike Hacks
Seth's Bike Hacks
Seth's Bike Hacks

These mountain biking videos are for everyone-from advanced riders to those who have never ridden a mountain bike before. Here, you'll find tutorials, documentaries, and reviews on everything from bike parts to camera gear.
Here you'll find
• MTB techniques tutorials
• Repairs and parts
• Product reviews
• How to film epic videos
• Humor and fun
• Tours of mountain bike parks
• Beyond mountain biking, with BMX, road biking, and other cycling videos

What will we build on Berm Peak?
The Garage Workshop of my Dreams
10 MTB Products I actually use
Why go mountain biking at night?
11 Super Cheap MTB Upgrades
The beginner MTB toolbox

The beginner MTB toolbox

10 ай мурун

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How to bleed MTB brakes

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10 Bike Hacks

10 Bike Hacks

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How to get on a bike

How to get on a bike

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The rawest downhill park

The rawest downhill park

2 жыл мурун

10 Gifts for Mountain Bikers!
  1. Bryan650

    Bryan65032 мүнөт мурун

    This video was great for my bmx tool box

  2. Samdaboss Gaming

    Samdaboss GamingСаат мурун

    Why is this the lost viewed video? And why does it have less than 1K likes?

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    Danny_163:/Саат мурун

    Me an Australian with 48°c days, yeah nope that can’t work

  4. EZBMX713

    EZBMX7132 саат мурун

    I'ma glad most bikes don't need a 10mm because that thing seems to grow legs like a muthafucker! I bought a 10set of 10mm I only have 4 left 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Dogger1230

    Dogger12302 саат мурун

    So stupid. Is it really worth all the effort?? Dumb dumb dumb. It looks so ridiculous. Smh

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    It's a year later, how did the baby oil go?

  7. Amelia Robinson

    Amelia Robinson3 саат мурун

    He’s moving out of his house

  8. man0z

    man0z3 саат мурун

    a nicely welded bike with sub par components, such a tragedy

  9. J.J arts

    J.J arts3 саат мурун

    High likelihood of *DIE*

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    Can oil work like bike oil

  11. The Dusty Shredder

    The Dusty Shredder4 саат мурун

    That's because your free pump is a Blackburn. They make some really good accessories.

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    Nazz Harmi4 саат мурун

    Meme of the year

  13. KillingAuraPvP

    KillingAuraPvP4 саат мурун

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  14. the King of Cheddar Cheese

    the King of Cheddar Cheese5 саат мурун

    when the dog hit over the tripod, he look so forgiving just look at his face wall it was falling.

  15. Travels of fastjet

    Travels of fastjet5 саат мурун

    If my cable brakes are squeaking after a crash and hard brake what should I do

  16. Jennifer Ortiz

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    I’ll have the p.k. Riper

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    John Lindsay5 саат мурун

    Flat-face Shimano derailleur 11 by 43 Freewheel cassette Mega range slightly used Mongoose single wall 29er rim nuts bolts Patch Kids tools seats seatpost

  18. big maan

    big maan5 саат мурун

    how do you get the release, mission, syncr etc. in australia?

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    The world of ASMR5 саат мурун

    Omg 😮 the view are 666k I’m going to die 😱😱😳🤯😵😵

  20. BadIdeas101

    BadIdeas1015 саат мурун

    "Squander your hard earned altitude as fast as possible" I love your terminology for things so much.

  21. Dbacks444123

    Dbacks4441235 саат мурун

    The paddle shifters that do multiple shifts at once is not one of a kind

  22. Samdaboss Gaming

    Samdaboss Gaming6 саат мурун

    You should really make a Log over a doghouse, and call it the “Dog-Log.” And if it’s in a swampy area you could call it the “In the Bog Dog-log”

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    You should do a 10 gifts for mountain bikers

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    Cedric Ye7 саат мурун

    Now make a *line* of bike snacks called "Seths Bike Snacks." (Got this from someone else, thanks whoever thought of this)

  25. Eagles Mountain Biking

    Eagles Mountain Biking7 саат мурун

    Walmart has a better supply than my bike shop

  26. Drews Enthused

    Drews Enthused7 саат мурун

    Good collections, I like that duel light! I've been very happy with my pro bike tools pump, thanks for pointing out that product!

  27. Mason Baugher

    Mason Baugher8 саат мурун

    My mongoose back tire popped when I hit one rock

  28. Ricardo Arciniega

    Ricardo Arciniega8 саат мурун

    My high school has a mountain bike team

  29. Sean Halperin

    Sean Halperin8 саат мурун

    lmao just dont die and you wont die?? like its simple

  30. Hyoga Kitsune

    Hyoga Kitsune8 саат мурун

    That string hack works better when you actually ride the bike....never have I ever rode a bike in a straight line where the front tire doesn't move from side to side.


    ELITE SNIPER8 саат мурун

    320 I f-ing lost it

  32. Conor Williams

    Conor Williams8 саат мурун


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    Go to hornets nest BMX Charlotte nc

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  38. Travels of fastjet

    Travels of fastjet9 саат мурун

    I’ve been doing the banana thing since I was a child

  39. Carl FortniteRoblox

    Carl FortniteRoblox10 саат мурун

    00:00 - 00:26 thats me

  40. Ockl 52

    Ockl 5210 саат мурун

    Im 10 and like 150 cm

  41. no ketchup

    no ketchup10 саат мурун

    Ride with no clothes

  42. Aaron Av

    Aaron Av10 саат мурун

    when i was a kid i did downhill wiht a bmx but i never could buy a montain bike, i'm saving money to buy my first montain bike

  43. Wob Basktetball

    Wob Basktetball10 саат мурун

    Hi today me my friend and My dad vas gonna blead My breaks and the mineral oil dident make the break go hard can you help????

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    Cold keeper knives11 саат мурун

    Is Burnt Creek open for anyone to go to yet or ever going to be if you reply thank you

  45. andy rogers

    andy rogers11 саат мурун

    “Dont worry about you’re pedals, dont worry about what kind of bike you have, just... mere cat

  46. big bass

    big bass11 саат мурун

    I would like to THANK seth-- for these videos I got to finally ride this weekend and meet a couple of riders that answered my questions about bikes--- I got to tell ya as an "old guy" that mtb was fun-- so looks like I will be looking at a giant stance this weekend - and looked at a santa cruz tallboy oh that thing was killer- so was the orbea h30 --now I can I pay for it >?

  47. Carl FortniteRoblox

    Carl FortniteRoblox11 саат мурун

    If you bike home and chain snaps Remove the broken stuff and reconnect it, go to a slightly higher gear than normal, as soon as home, replace your chain (old hack)

  48. finlay barlow

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    I ride that drop Seth on Dwayne Johnson and it’s sketchy

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    Calmo Omlac12 саат мурун

    I never worked on my bike upside down and i haven't even a bike stand. For me just the kick stand on my bike is enough but it's uncool to have a kick stand on your bike nowadays, i guess.


    JUAN IGNACIO12 саат мурун

    It is also important to hace a cleaning rag🙂🙂

  53. Ricky Downhill - RDH

    Ricky Downhill - RDH12 саат мурун

    Did Seth just say "What I find with most ho's is you just can't trust them."? ;) That's solid advice Seth!

  54. Aaron Philip

    Aaron Philip12 саат мурун

    hey seth i have been watching for years now and im finnaly getting into mountain biking now i was looking at hardtails do u or anybody in the comments have suggestions thx

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    Nicholas 100412 саат мурун

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    Elijah Jamieson14 саат мурун

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    Elijah Jamieson14 саат мурун

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    Tim Sadler14 саат мурун

    The JOBY GripTight ONE Micro Stand is more like $19 if you search around.

  63. Chris R

    Chris R15 саат мурун

    Seth, I really wish you change your stance. Ebikes enable the rest of us to get into mountain biking. Those of us who aren't already extremely athletic. I got into mountain biking because of your channel, but I got discouraged when I went out to the trail and got exhausted almost right away. I got a kit and turned my bike into an ebikes and now I love it. I can keep up with the more for mountain bikers. No one thinks I'm on a dirt bike.

  64. Jessica Konova

    Jessica Konova15 саат мурун

    Love watching a black screen for 7 mins🤣 anyone else get that

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    If someone gets hurt from not being assembled properly. Start holding department stores accountable with law Suits.

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    Meowzers15 саат мурун

    Hi seth! I was wondering if you could do a video about balancing while riding and turning because I am getting a bike soon but my balance on a bike in general is uhh... oof. I really need help lmfao.

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    I had a custom MTB made, hard tail. Made in Bangladesh for quite cheap, though the quality is good and it’s my size, and I love it. I’m 6’11”. It doesn’t have a derailleur hanger. Is it possible to modify the frame to add one? I’d assume it’s easier than adding to the frame...

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    Shafin Hossain21 саат мурун

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    Richard VanMeter21 саат мурун

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    Mitchell Casburn22 саат мурун

    With the lander they aren't really designed to go back in the bag. I know this cause I work with jumping castles and we have tried to put them back in the bags they came with bit can never do it. If u can great job my man. Peace from Asutralia.

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