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  1. Nevaeh Rickus

    Nevaeh RickusКүн мурун

    Why does the kid have to be kicked out the kid didn’t do anything

  2. Blessed One

    Blessed OneКүн мурун

    Idk y Black Ice coaches were looking so confused (@44:27-8) like the Dancing Dolls didn't deserve that "W" for their creative; it was a whole production.....and a 🤬 good one at that!!!

  3. ThisIsADJEgoProduction

    ThisIsADJEgoProductionКүн мурун

    Tyrus’s blue hair does not sit well with me...just looks’s legit paint haha. 😂 He does have sass I’ll Give him that. But D is the true queen

  4. Re’Kiya Jenay

    Re’Kiya JenayКүн мурун

    minnie must not how fat & ugly she is.....

  5. D Renee

    D ReneeКүн мурун

    Since when is Denise the darkest sister?? 😒😒

  6. Heather Martin

    Heather MartinКүн мурун

    I needed someone just like Kim in my life when I was younger.

  7. Rachelle Collins

    Rachelle CollinsКүн мурун

    JD don’t brush his teeth.

  8. Yara hamed Xoxo

    Yara hamed XoxoКүн мурун

    Every one is wondering who’s going to be the next Maddie But..... I am thinking who is going to be the next cathy

  9. Randy Sheppard

    Randy SheppardКүн мурун

    I really wanna dance for dd4l but my mama is just ........

  10. Casey Taylor

    Casey TaylorКүн мурун

    This is my thing I'm praise dance to.

  11. Alyssa H

    Alyssa HКүн мурун

    Jeannette is going to make Eva have trust issues

  12. Life with itty bitty Riah

    Life with itty bitty RiahКүн мурун

    I love Madyson n her lil soft voice 😭😭😭

  13. Samantha Connellan

    Samantha ConnellanКүн мурун

    Mack z : I wasn’t on on my foot Abby : you weren’t on you foot ME : YES SHE WASENT

  14. Drea Chanel

    Drea ChanelКүн мурун

    I love Joe and tara relationship he's so cool it's like their besties how it should be

  15. Martin Gonzalez

    Martin GonzalezКүн мурун

    1:06 Mackenzie and Chloe were like you didnt hug me

  16. Leticia Figueroa

    Leticia FigueroaКүн мурун

    the owner of studio 19 says u can’t tell me what to do :Me so it’s ok to tell people what to do but it’s not ok when people to tell u what to do 😂

  17. adam pallick

    adam pallickКүн мурун

    christi is a snake melissa is a liar and kelly… is a snake! (wow creative leslie)

  18. CekeCeke BamBam

    CekeCeke BamBamКүн мурун

    I would ban all parents from ever viewing the training.. come back when traning is over.

  19. Blessed One

    Blessed OneКүн мурун

    Maaaaaaaaaan when I tell you Coach D came through with the Willy Wonka theme and production hunny, she came through for the come throooough!! BEEEEEEEEEASSST!!!!!! periodt.

  20. Gia Kennedy

    Gia KennedyКүн мурун

    y’all go subscribe to her and superfly she’s a asmrist and she’s amazing person please go check her out ur profile pic is a dog named nikki

  21. U_WOTM8UR

    U_WOTM8URКүн мурун

    To be honest, I feel like it IS a bit rude to just up and leave the day before competition, but honestly! Abby’s SUING her, because her daughters didn’t feel happy at this place. If it doesn’t make you happy then don’t do it! They should be able to do whatever they want, INCLUDING quit!

  22. Rebecca Steudeman

    Rebecca SteudemanКүн мурун

    I love jojo im a big fan of her

  23. Scally 06

    Scally 06Күн мурун

    Really good

  24. Kens TDS

    Kens TDSКүн мурун

    Yvette is sooooo rude, she is so ignorant, u do look bad, so does ur daughter

  25. Auntie Scooby

    Auntie ScoobyКүн мурун

    Dude is a loser

  26. Mark Zavala

    Mark ZavalaКүн мурун


  27. Blessed One

    Blessed OneКүн мурун

    So how did the truck REEEALLY get caught on fire? 🤔....hmmm

  28. CekeCeke BamBam

    CekeCeke BamBamКүн мурун

    If there is multi million dollar production to be made, I am hiring Diana ! Gurl, here is the money, it !

  29. Deja El

    Deja ElКүн мурун

    Who else saw Brooke's Chanel earings

  30. Bread

    BreadКүн мурун

    Lil poopy bro I can't😂👌

  31. Kyona Cunningham

    Kyona CunninghamКүн мурун

    Where's Kayla?

  32. •Rose Bęar•

    •Rose Bęar•Күн мурун

    Thy did good in this dance~

  33. Auntie Scooby

    Auntie ScoobyКүн мурун


  34. Amari Love

    Amari LoveКүн мурун

    39:50 was my favorite part just because it shows that God can bring people together. People have different testimonies and trials in their life but we serve the same Lord and everything we go thru is to help us, teach us and make us stronger

  35. Landy Odige

    Landy OdigeКүн мурун

    so no one is going to discuss Jades glitch at 32:17 ??

  36. U_WOTM8UR

    U_WOTM8URКүн мурун

    Omg. It’s MINECRAFT. Not mind craft. MINECRAFT.

  37. Rachelle Collins

    Rachelle CollinsКүн мурун

    MY SON J.I.

  38. Random Videoz

    Random VideozКүн мурун

    I just noticed 🤣 what happened to tamia

  39. Aria_ Gachas

    Aria_ GachasКүн мурун

    Brooke at 1:32 laughing in the back 😂

  40. Dramioneforever 123

    Dramioneforever 123Күн мурун

    Don’t you have to wear that stuff under clothes?

  41. Shar Shar Craig

    Shar Shar CraigКүн мурун

    Whoa lol the poor babies hair came off............

  42. Adelina Jeudi

    Adelina JeudiКүн мурун

    Faith was the perfect ring leader!! She's gorgeous!!

  43. ¡•Tomboy Gacha•¡

    ¡•Tomboy Gacha•¡Күн мурун


  44. Hayley Farrugia

    Hayley FarrugiaКүн мурун


  45. Michelles West

    Michelles WestКүн мурун

    Awww that sucks camryn starting crying she has to learn to let other people b in front to especially wen they work just as hard

  46. Ink

    InkКүн мурун

    Don't know how they dance without an oxygen mask.

  47. Adelina Jeudi

    Adelina JeudiКүн мурун

    Geez I seriously can't stand MIMI!! She's Soo irritating!! She seriously needs to get off her high horse!! SMH 🙄

  48. Kyla Hall

    Kyla HallКүн мурун

    Neva: D.O.B Nobody: Me: Date of birth Also my name is Kyla too but I don’t spell it Caliah 🤦‍♀️

  49. ¡•Tomboy Gacha•¡

    ¡•Tomboy Gacha•¡Күн мурун

    I love how Tori was like "y'all have cameron over here dead, and that's ok"😂😂😂

  50. Lucas Kooijman

    Lucas KooijmanКүн мурун

    I fell sorry for Kendall and all the girl and moms

  51. Ariana Is sister shook

    Ariana Is sister shookКүн мурун

    This dance still brings me chills 🥺❤️

  52. Pearl ._.

    Pearl ._.Күн мурун

    Angie really ruined things for Marah. Marah deserves better and she was my favorite one but Angie should’ve kept her mouth shut

  53. Zoe Garcia

    Zoe GarciaКүн мурун

    Ally's mom is so funny acting like Ally is a weird breed. She's biracial! These people exist and are equally beautiful.

  54. Bridget W

    Bridget WКүн мурун

    0:10 lol can we just take a moment for Brookes face

  55. Krizha Lanuza

    Krizha LanuzaКүн мурун

    They are all angry maddie why!!! But abby like maddie

  56. Emily Fan

    Emily FanКүн мурун

    I understand why they did it honestly, the aldc needed a win and they put their best dancer up against the competition, it happens in every sport, Mackenzie has had numerous solo's to prove herself and has, but this wasn't a fight meant for her.

  57. Demonic Entity4u

    Demonic Entity4uКүн мурун

    She probably has a lot of elites after her Well I'm sure they have her now

  58. Patricia Ferrara

    Patricia FerraraКүн мурун

    Pendeja 😂😂😂

  59. kelsey ainsworth

    kelsey ainsworthКүн мурун

    i dont really like yolanda, but i know that she meant well by doing this for Ellie

  60. Ramona

    RamonaКүн мурун

    Keyword tries

  61. NiceyUnfiltered

    NiceyUnfilteredКүн мурун

    I feel like that New DDP TANESHA only came to the dolls to be on TV honestly she do way to much like lady you just came PIPE DF DOWN

  62. Mary Lickona

    Mary LickonaКүн мурун

    I personally did not enjoy either solo because I didn't like the music or the choreography :/

  63. Lisa Van Berg

    Lisa Van BergКүн мурун

    Thumbnail on fleek

  64. Staffmer2

    Staffmer2Күн мурун

    This music is horrible plat us the real dance music

  65. Josi G

    Josi GКүн мурун

    I love Asia's little attitude when she dances

  66. gracexedits

    gracexeditsКүн мурун

    Jill: Oh... I’m sorry sweetie. Her Mind: .....

  67. tysk dancer

    tysk dancerКүн мурун

    How come everyone loves that dance? It's so boring and her dancing is kinda... Weird? idk

  68. LifeWithTheDailyVegan

    LifeWithTheDailyVeganКүн мурун

    At my old studio we had 14+ competition teams and as you got older and on to higher levels your teachers changed it’s not a very hard concept to grasp. I don’t know how Abby kept the studio running the way she did for so long.

  69. Anna Lena

    Anna LenaКүн мурун

    I think Janette saying that she had no choice probably means that the producers forced her to enter Ava into the competition to cause drama

  70. James Johnson

    James JohnsonКүн мурун

    Good to see sire mom leave with her tail between her legs !!! She is his biggest problem

  71. Miakka Taylor

    Miakka TaylorКүн мурун

    Neva sound like a nerd pumped about extra checkout at the library

  72. Lisa Van Berg

    Lisa Van BergКүн мурун

    Those poor mini’s they are probably terrified because they hear they moms scream and curse and they got a trophy to their faces

  73. Michelle White

    Michelle WhiteКүн мурун

    I feel like Abby knew and she was doing this to break both their hearts because chloe” is not a good dancer” in abbys opinion

  74. Staffmer2

    Staffmer2Күн мурун

    The songs they are dancing too we are not aloud the hear so to they play other music wet the frack

  75. Snowpup 599

    Snowpup 599Күн мурун

    “You’ve got god on your side too” 😂

  76. Jayy Baby

    Jayy BabyКүн мурун

    Jj is a character ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Stryker Ramirez

    Stryker RamirezКүн мурун

    I think Abby just like the money from Dr.Holly

  78. Lisa Van Berg

    Lisa Van BergКүн мурун

    Abby eating popcorn and watching the fight is such a mood

  79. Jonathan 0001

    Jonathan 0001Күн мурун

    She dint lose the ring, she sold it for crack.🤣

  80. TheLowClass

    TheLowClassКүн мурун

    Mighty jungle moment when they were about to kiss.

  81. sammsnow

    sammsnowКүн мурун

    Where did ainsley go

  82. Bri’Anna Garrett

    Bri’Anna GarrettКүн мурун

    Dancing dolls supposed to won that man how that girl won but she can’t hit a correct backflip🤣

  83. Cinnamon Roll

    Cinnamon RollКүн мурун

    I cant believe she is making lots of money now for being tall. tAlL gIrL fOr LiFe

  84. Eruraviel MacGyver

    Eruraviel MacGyverКүн мурун

    Asa looks so pretty in her Katniss outfit and make up!

  85. Adoreee Ari

    Adoreee AriКүн мурун

    The editors cuts the bests parts out and the music is horrible.

  86. Jungkook Juice

    Jungkook JuiceКүн мурун

    Ugh. Abby is the worsssssstttt. Sometimes I'm on her back. But after this, Ima back out.

  87. Stevie Santo

    Stevie SantoКүн мурун

    Your a Liar

  88. traild32

    traild32Күн мурун

    These set of moms are rude and disrespectful... no wonder I stopped watching this show.

  89. Riian Green

    Riian GreenКүн мурун

    "you can't trust nobody that wear alot of make-up"😂😂😂

  90. Jasimen Metcalf

    Jasimen MetcalfКүн мурун

    You mean lightning!?🤔😳🤦🏾‍♀️

  91. Takaree Christopher

    Takaree ChristopherКүн мурун

    Kalay they had won

  92. SsJoy _L. MSY

    SsJoy _L. MSYКүн мурун

    Abby you were the one who created electricity like why are you complaining

  93. Lilia

    LiliaКүн мурун

    Lmfao and here is Terra acting like a good friend and steadily givi v Elena the low self esteem narrative. Omfg

  94. isabella jae.

    isabella jae.Күн мурун

    “Your daughter will never be a star” 2020: JoJo making millions per year, making music and doing shows all over the world I guess she was right, JoJo will never be a star 😂

  95. phamisfam

    phamisfamКүн мурун

    Kristie and Yvette literally kissed about four times when they were about to fight

  96. Michelles West

    Michelles WestКүн мурун

    Christianna is a great dancer she shood get more credit for her performances

  97. Lilia

    LiliaКүн мурун

    Terra hated her forever from this moment on lmfao

  98. periyad pew

    periyad pewКүн мурун

    Sooooo im over here confused . Why is Brandon saying he doesn't want to start any drama....buttttt he started a whole bunch of drama?

  99. Lara Bussey

    Lara BusseyКүн мурун

    I’m not trying to be rude but I think how Kendall got a higher score that jojo was because her music stoped and most judges score them higher if the6 keep doing the dance 💃

  100. Claudia Mccray

    Claudia MccrayКүн мурун

    wise words jess