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Hi beautiful! I'm Brad Mondo, a second generation hairstylist. Subscribe to my channel if you want to laugh, have fun and learn how you can make every day a good hair day!
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  1. Dezaray Sanchez

    Dezaray SanchezКүн мурун

    kind of frustrating that he said it would be fair and used 2 completely different ways of applying it. as if you wasnt trying with the box dye.

  2. zima

    zimaКүн мурун

    Lmao he said he thought silver hair looks like shit but now he has it😂😂😂😂😆😆😆

  3. Light0fVanity

    Light0fVanityКүн мурун

    I love this! I've had some sort of green mixed in my hair for years and it's such an underappreciated colour, very easy to maintain as well

  4. zan 赞

    zan 赞Күн мурун

    450? like that doesnt seem like a lot - like i use a flat iron everyday with that temp (any lower and it doesnt straighten my hair) - so im a bit shOoK

  5. Lydia R

    Lydia RКүн мурун

    I got my hair stuck in a round brush when I was younger and am too afraid to try to use them again lol

  6. Michelle Barineau

    Michelle BarineauКүн мурун

    I love u mondo

  7. Hannah Rivera

    Hannah RiveraКүн мурун

    That second girls hair.... oh wow.

  8. Mel L

    Mel LКүн мурун

    Can I go blonde if I have henna in most of my hair? :(

  9. Charlie Griffin

    Charlie GriffinКүн мурун

    Great video. You do you & publish whatever content you want Brad! Was great & you've got such a great personality so I'm sure everyone would love to see more of you. You killed the makeup too well done xxxx

  10. xlanakayx

    xlanakayxКүн мурун

    I've gotten balayages at a few different salons and lemme say, they all did it SO differently idk how to feel anymore.

  11. InsaneNoire

    InsaneNoireКүн мурун

    This girl is Penny Underbust and she’s a fetish model, explaining the chest. You’re welcome.

  12. M.M.

    M.M.Күн мурун

    namjoon's blonde hair during persona era was also top notch

  13. Kyleigh Smith

    Kyleigh SmithКүн мурун

    Why are you lying to her

  14. Lia Andrade

    Lia AndradeКүн мурун


  15. xlanakayx

    xlanakayxКүн мурун

    I waAaSs about to go green, bUt I wear a lot of red clothes and wAsn't bout to look like a freakin christmas elf all year long 😔😭😭

  16. Shelbi Palmer

    Shelbi PalmerКүн мурун

    Girl dyes hair with cake frosting

  17. Shelbi Palmer

    Shelbi PalmerКүн мурун

  18. doodleartlover

    doodleartloverКүн мурун

    Awesome! 🙂✌️👍

  19. Brooke Leon

    Brooke LeonКүн мурун

    She got the gradient bc she had some that was bleached and some was blue

  20. Cece Tallo

    Cece TalloКүн мурун


  21. Blu_ otaku

    Blu_ otakuКүн мурун

    If those are natural i feel bad for her back. But i doubt they are, gotta have some weight everywhere else to have breasts like that.

  22. M.M.

    M.M.Күн мурун

    hani's iconic lilac hair........ please come back

  23. belinha4571

    belinha4571Күн мурун

    Brad MUST watch this video

  24. Katherine Perrin

    Katherine PerrinКүн мурун

    It looks so cool!

  25. Jessie Toov

    Jessie ToovКүн мурун

    12:00 I need to speak to the manager

  26. Itz_just Liv

    Itz_just LivКүн мурун

    sometimes really hot water can cause dandruff.

  27. Jade Lively

    Jade LivelyКүн мурун

    Brad teaches me more than my actual hair teacher does

  28. tula tula

    tula tulaКүн мурун

    Brunette squad assemble!!!!!!!!!



    "You won absolutely nothing" sooo funny!

  30. Elaine Gumenyuk

    Elaine GumenyukКүн мурун

    Jojo: ponytails Brad: scrunches Literally everyone else: hairties

  31. Alice Jane

    Alice JaneКүн мурун dying!!!!! Soo hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Nicole Miller

    Nicole MillerКүн мурун

    I deyed my hair green 2 days befor the furst day of school! I loved it

  33. Edith AM

    Edith AMКүн мурун

    The amount of shampoo I’ve been wasting makes me so mad

  34. India Laidlaw

    India LaidlawКүн мурун

    Honestly these girls buying dye instead of bleach is probably a blessing for them

  35. Ruijia Sun

    Ruijia SunКүн мурун

    The first curling hack was so helpful! I’ve seen loads of other videos that make it look super confusing but this made it much easier

  36. Mylifeastatu m

    Mylifeastatu mКүн мурун

    That black powder stuff is charcoal

  37. Mollys books & beauty

    Mollys books & beautyКүн мурун

    *i want brad to be my hairstylist*

  38. Mandies

    MandiesКүн мурун

    this video is chaotic

  39. soph

    sophКүн мурун

    I actually like the blue and green, it is a bit spotty but the colors go well together :D Love your videos Brad ♥

  40. Lily

    LilyКүн мурун

    I wash my hair every day and I feel like I don’t have an extraordinarily oily scalp, but my hair is so SO thin that any amount of oil on my scalp makes it look like I haven’t showered in a month.

  41. KeeKee Berry

    KeeKee BerryКүн мурун

    Brad I love and respect you but you do not know as much about natural hair as you think. She was doing the tension method for blow drying. It's how we straighten our hair without putting as much heat on it and the brush going through the hair before the flat iron is not to comb out knots. We do that BEFORE blow drying. It's too straighten the curls instead of running over the curl with the iron. And we want as little steam as possible when flat ironing our hair, especially the weaker grade you are. I couldn't see her roots, but based on what's best for OUR hair, the last woman won! 😉😁 Oh! And I would never use a bristle brush in my wet hair. Black natural hair is SO different than other hair. There are black stylists that do not know what they are talking about if they do not study it specifically. I really think you do your black fans a disservice by not taking the time to actually learn about what you're speaking on.

  42. Chelsey Abbott

    Chelsey AbbottКүн мурун

    You know I have nothing against celebrities doing ads or promoting certain brands as long as that's something they actually stand by. I'm not exactly sure where this video falls in time compared to when Brad did the overtone commercials but I don't mind him doing them because he actually cares about that product. He's not just doing it to get the money, he does it because he genuinely believes in that product and he uses it on himself. But when "influencers" or celebrities are promoting brands that they clearly didn't research, don't use themselves, and don't actually care about I'm even more inclined to never use that product and to not follow that celebrity anymore.

  43. maidie pearson

    maidie pearsonКүн мурун

    Me: Holo hair??? No way... Also me: iT's NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoReEeEeE

  44. Angela Ferland

    Angela FerlandКүн мурун

    I love how girl #1 kept using the word effortless. Umm no it wasn't 😅😅

  45. Danielle Johnson

    Danielle JohnsonКүн мурун

    I love u Brad you are funny and just cut dry to the point and REAL!!!

  46. Ni Beauty

    Ni BeautyКүн мурун

    Brad, I think you should do a African American or another curly hair method video and you'll actually see the tension method is use very commonly. because the reasoning why you took some points off didn't make sense and this goes for the other two girls in the video as well.

  47. hoseoks snakeu

    hoseoks snakeuКүн мурун

    The thing with paper actually works lmao i did in the past

  48. lisalila

    lisalilaКүн мурун

    that moment when you're in that awkward mid-length stage lmao

  49. Not today Satan

    Not today SatanКүн мурун

    That fight with ur hand was funny.😂

  50. Jada Davis

    Jada DavisКүн мурун

    Natural woman don’t like to put too much heat on their hair . They don’t go for bone straight how you’d expect it to be. Brad baby read up a lil but more on natural back hair before you make another one of these

  51. TayyCubs

    TayyCubsКүн мурун

    My toxic ex BFF just got bangs and it looks terrible. GUESS WHO'S LAUGHING!

  52. Eve Brown

    Eve BrownКүн мурун

    These girl be like...meh I cry a little but fuck it I own it. Germany next each of these girls get a break down hair will never grow hair is hair, my hair....BUUUT it's entertaining *hehe*

  53. E H

    E HКүн мурун

    Brad you are incorrect. Coconut oil is to thick for hair like yours. It just sits on top of it, but as for thick dry hair like hers the coconut oil will come through and moisturize.

  54. Claire Pettie

    Claire PettieКүн мурун

    But 6 and 6 are the same number. Am I having a stroke?

  55. IfHamiltonWasAnAnime Jess

    IfHamiltonWasAnAnime JessКүн мурун

    I want really dark red hair

  56. Tayla Blain

    Tayla BlainКүн мурун

    Brad:Lemme do the Also brad:waves hands dramatically Brad in big brain: NOOOO Me : never agreed more

  57. Demi B

    Demi BКүн мурун

    Hi brad hope you see this... So I’m wanting to go lighter and heard the John Frieda blond spray is really good just wondering if it’s safe to use and does it damage your hair

  58. Farhiya A

    Farhiya AКүн мурун

    Rules for blow dry hair and style 1. Use a Detangler first 2. Use Heat protection 3. Use A nozzle on blow dryer 4. seperate hair into small sections 5. Blow dry from root to ends and use a paddle brush while drying. When using iron have a thin comb go through with flat iron right behind it to prevent tangling hair. Go slow with flat get results with 1 stroke. 6. Use styling product at end for nice shine 7. Never use coconut oil for heat styles (blow dry/flat iron) will sound like your frying bacon on stove.

  59. TiffanyMarie

    TiffanyMarieКүн мурун

    Okay but how tf do you fall asleep with bleach on your head for FOUR HOURS

  60. LiaMac12

    LiaMac12Күн мурун

    So like, a relaxer? 🤷🏿

  61. Michaela Wxx

    Michaela WxxКүн мурун

    id like to explain henna users to you^^ the reson i use henna on my heair and not normal semi permanent dye anymore is because I feel like henna gives you a very natural efeckt without you aktually hafeing to know anything about haircolour and how to make it look natural, also it doesnt feel like a huge change and like it is the safe rout since it doesnt make you hair look as diffrent as a semi permanent hair colour would. also henna gives your hair a light and fluffy/soft feel after you aply it which is nice^^

  62. xX Octavia Studios Xx

    xX Octavia Studios XxКүн мурун

    Wow I just realised I legit have put my hair up in a turban and it looks sorta like that. 😟😨

  63. Mariama Tomlinson

    Mariama TomlinsonКүн мурун

    I love how he’s basically in love with curly hair

  64. Lisa Ulaga

    Lisa UlagaКүн мурун

    two fingers man, one aint enough -Brad

  65. smolcosplays 13

    smolcosplays 13Күн мурун

    I literally freaked out when I saw clips from this in their add 😊

  66. Kata Papiernik

    Kata PapiernikКүн мурун

    Once I tried to dye my ends with pink crepe paper. And it works... Too good... I insert my "ends" into a crepe paper boiled water mixture and i had done my hair pink to the height of the ears. I was desesperated so i saw in internet how to ged rid of it and somebody wrote that with warm water and salt... So i put my hair again on boiling water but with salt... And what was the result? Baby pink dry as hell hair and destroyed ends. But that isn't the worst part. It took some months to disappear the pink color, and my hair became light orange. PD.: my natural hair is blonde.

  67. Candy Khaos

    Candy KhaosКүн мурун

    so much cringe #knowwhentostop

  68. Fïsk Manokit

    Fïsk ManokitКүн мурун

    Should have put in a seizure warning, I foamed...

  69. ACT

    ACTКүн мурун

    My hair is so thin and fine that dry shampoo just WRECKS IT so I just wash it instead, but still nice to see my options if I’m ever desperate

  70. Mariama Tomlinson

    Mariama TomlinsonКүн мурун

    I live for the fact that he’s educated in curly hair as well He’s the only white person I’d let touch my hair

  71. Skittles & Sunshine

    Skittles & SunshineКүн мурун

    Honestly the first girl, I thought she looked good! Just needs to maybe see someone to even them up

  72. Suzie M

    Suzie MКүн мурун

    I had to Google the word "sud" that's how much I know about hair 😂

  73. Manny Mania.

    Manny Mania.Күн мурун

    I wanna see you doing your hair routine or stuff to it!

  74. Manny Mania.

    Manny Mania.Күн мурун

    We wanna see you your hair care and styling routine!!

  75. Luana Ls

    Luana LsКүн мурун

    Flashback to my middle school days of my wet hair sizzeling in my moms dollar store flat iron and watching with satisfaction as the evaporated steam mixed with burn stench fogs up the mirror

  76. Theresa Banetova

    Theresa BanetovaКүн мурун

    Hey brad, wanna donate it to me? Much appreciated :)

  77. Lila T-Z

    Lila T-ZКүн мурун

    wait did he think that her name was actually snaliogical??!! o god i wanna die now haha good job

  78. Unspoken Ascension

    Unspoken AscensionКүн мурун

    Min 13:05 that was INTENSE.

  79. Silent Artist

    Silent ArtistКүн мурун

    19:35 listen with your eyes closed 💀

  80. Pipigirl 321

    Pipigirl 321Күн мурун

    Brad: Hey beautiful Me: 👁👄👁 👁👅👁

  81. Teela Tequila

    Teela TequilaКүн мурун

    I don't see why a black person should be upset cause a white person is wearing braids. People that are white don't upset when the black women are wearing wigs and straightening their hair we don't own those styles anyone can wear whatever they want to wear and whatever style this is silly

  82. Dhea Marie Amante

    Dhea Marie AmanteКүн мурун

    No One: Brad: John! Eric! Get the Brothers in here.

  83. Stephanie VanDiver

    Stephanie VanDiverКүн мурун

    I appreciate the hard truths on the gummies, still gonna enjoy the rest of this $15 bottle of candy

  84. sammy santos

    sammy santosКүн мурун

    The first time I dyed my hair I wanted a blue but i didn't know how it work so end up a very green that I love, even if didn't last that long I really want to do that color again but in the moment my hair is blue so maybe next time

  85. Kayleigh Mulvey

    Kayleigh MulveyКүн мурун

    Green neon and brad ugh a combo that I life for 🤤

  86. Luna Hossain

    Luna HossainКүн мурун

    That was really rude when you said dark hair is not high fashion ..guess what Bella Hadid dyed her blonde hair to black just to be high fashion ... you're like being racist on hair color man ...every color is beautiful

  87. Jada B

    Jada BКүн мурун

    Do people just not research before bleaching their hair😂😂😂😂

  88. xX Octavia Studios Xx

    xX Octavia Studios XxКүн мурун

    James' face is literally as red as hell.

  89. Godless Unicorn

    Godless UnicornКүн мурун

    The first girl hurt me.

  90. Kendall White

    Kendall WhiteКүн мурун

    Bro, you know more about how I should do my hair than I do. What a King.

  91. Sealah Bryce

    Sealah BryceКүн мурун

    Her ends could have been more pores so the color didn’t take it as well as the heathy strands of hair.

  92. Fleek McStreet

    Fleek McStreetКүн мурун

    Second girl looks like Beyonce!

  93. Kelli Copley

    Kelli CopleyКүн мурун

    not sure if i missed it, but how is conditioner applied? just the scalp also?

  94. Godless Unicorn

    Godless UnicornКүн мурун

    I literally do nothing to my hair. On occasion I'll add some sunflower oil and I wash my hair once a weeksih. That's it. I don't even style it. Lol.

  95. Kendromeda

    KendromedaКүн мурун

    Brad Mondo:Hello beautiful- you are stunning Me, in my robe and curlers: hello, thank you

  96. WebzyWongie 90

    WebzyWongie 90Күн мурун

    Maybe you can do my hair lol I use coconut oil because that's all I have .I have medium length hair with curly hair

  97. Francesca Holmes

    Francesca HolmesКүн мурун

    Yep, my hair dresser will NOT do colorful hair. She hates it

  98. D Kait

    D KaitКүн мурун

    A lot of black people tension blow dry (without a brush) in order to put less stress on the hair, the more you brush it, the higher the heat? Nah... that’s room for breakage and heat damage

  99. damian Scott airs Marquez

    damian Scott airs MarquezКүн мурун

    who needs to go t school to learn about hair when you can watch brad mondo