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Wendy Williams Pooted On Live TV
  1. spaceytrill

    spaceytrillКүн мурун

    New music video out now

  2. Wheel Deals TT

    Wheel Deals TTКүн мурун

    So why didn't Gail ask her about Harvey

  3. Nona Mazreku

    Nona MazrekuКүн мурун

    That bleaching finnaly reached oprah's brain..f shit...smh

  4. Marjorie Skillman

    Marjorie SkillmanКүн мурун

    BLACK teamwork

  5. David Martinez

    David MartinezКүн мурун

    Those Durkios probably stale af now

  6. Let's Kpitreal

    Let's KpitrealКүн мурун

    How you pootin’ 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

  7. HardworkandDedication

    HardworkandDedicationКүн мурун

    Ahh man, the gender wars is about to reach a whole new level. If Oprah is talking about pressure and casting her self as the victim, then it's about to get ugly out here.

  8. good luck game face

    good luck game faceКүн мурун

    That's a fart

  9. Reel1Boxn

    Reel1BoxnКүн мурун

    Ars killed Cassidy no cap!!!! It’s bad when u spit(Cassidy) and your own fans are booing you and asking for another nigga to say something.. i respect Arsonal, the kid got barz..!!

  10. LB41806

    LB41806Күн мурун

    Charlemagne doesn’t know that a noun is a person, place or thing yeah we’re all reduced to nouns 🥴

  11. Cleon Hinze

    Cleon HinzeКүн мурун

    First she say he pressured her then she said she can't be pressured by a Russel Simmons. Same shit she did Mike.

  12. Curly Virgo

    Curly VirgoКүн мурун

    Angela Yee can be annoying at times

  13. b tings

    b tingsКүн мурун

    Bed wench

  14. R R

    R RКүн мурун

    It's funny how I find myself always checking for the spouse of all these black rich successful, super talented, family orientated men. Turns out they are always of the lily white persuasion. Of course I wasn't surprised to see that ole Roger Ferguson has a whyte wife. Are you surprised??😒🤔😉

  15. sketchone001

    sketchone001Күн мурун

    Like Dave Ramsey always say, always go for your dreams but don’t let it turn into a nightmare

  16. Eboniece Bright

    Eboniece BrightКүн мурун

    Ok I’m going to ask the question, did something happen to Martin because he doesn’t seem like him? I love both of them so no shade but I’m just curious.

  17. Automatik

    AutomatikКүн мурун

    lol Donnell hella funny, I was laughing the whole interview XD

  18. Jahsun Hova

    Jahsun HovaКүн мурун

    The exact same thing with the impossible whooper, and that damn chicken sandwich.😞😞😞

  19. Alicia Shubert

    Alicia ShubertКүн мурун

    The art of being prepared!!!

  20. Malik Holmes

    Malik HolmesКүн мурун


  21. Let's Kpitreal

    Let's KpitrealКүн мурун


  22. Kwabena Appiagyei

    Kwabena AppiagyeiКүн мурун

    6mins in and i'm grossed out. on to the next one!

  23. lanceflx63

    lanceflx63Күн мурун

    Oprah is a deceptive witch. She’s dropping out because the new Black media got to her ass.

  24. Romuald Koudou

    Romuald KoudouКүн мурун

    Oprah if you care so much about the victims why only doing the black offenders ? She a sell out everybody know that.

  25. chasesonic292

    chasesonic292Күн мурун

    Oprah just take the L

  26. Quentin Wilkinson

    Quentin WilkinsonКүн мурун

    He going to be safe in protective custody

  27. Amo 4.0

    Amo 4.0Күн мурун

    🤦🏾‍♂️Dem Classes Got nuclear Code Readers400 😂😂😭

  28. olu Ave

    olu AveКүн мурун

    You mean billionaire Oprah ain't do (have people do) the neccessary research before she associated her Billionaire dollar name with this? Well, she did do the same with Michael. Smh...

  29. Eric S

    Eric SКүн мурун

    Black people are so ignorant

  30. Pop DNA

    Pop DNAКүн мурун

    Why she don’t do a story on Harvey Weinstein they have a lot evidence and a lot of women in Hollywood Oprah may know with stories about Harvey but she’s not gonna do that story because she knows what he been doing and sitting back not saying nothing at all but you come for the 2 black man Michael Jackson and Russell Simmons that has never been convicted of this crimes and all they victims stories never matchup

  31. Teflon Dan

    Teflon DanКүн мурун

    I will eat meat always

  32. Liam

    LiamКүн мурун

    God bless Israel 🇮🇱

  33. Kiana Murray

    Kiana MurrayКүн мурун

    You can hear them trying to hold back from laughing😂😂😂😂😂


    RUDYRAYYYMOКүн мурун

    The BFC is on Mammy Oprah's dick and ate careful not to slander her

  35. Ben So

    Ben SoКүн мурун

    She pulled out coz she felt the heat from black people & someone must have advised her to bow out to protect her reputation and the bag

  36. MinCraige

    MinCraigeКүн мурун

    I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESSURED OPRAH AT ALL! I believe that is a boldface lie. HOW on EARTH could RUSSELL SIMMONS could pressure Oprah Winfrey?!? Perhaps the FACTS caused Oprah to back away.

  37. young internet thug

    young internet thugКүн мурун

    You'll do some MJ or Russell Simmons sht but where's Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louie Ck, Les Moonves docs?

  38. Minenhle Acheampong

    Minenhle AcheampongКүн мурун

    whites have no culture except having sex with children

  39. lyfesaquarium

    lyfesaquariumКүн мурун

    24 hours and you still mad about a tea kettle

  40. Green Metro

    Green MetroКүн мурун


  41. Elaine Willis

    Elaine WillisКүн мурун

    Oprah is trash. Boot licking at its finest.

  42. Hammerz The Great

    Hammerz The GreatКүн мурун

    Dat sounded wet😆

  43. jabz bandz

    jabz bandzКүн мурун

    R.I.P to nip fr. i get vexed everytime I get reminded that he's gone. feel so sorry for his kids aswell. and to the younger one, gonna grow up wishing he coulda had longer with his dad.

  44. Kev Corleone

    Kev CorleoneКүн мурун

    Wanna work from home ? Click here

  45. jonathan dow

    jonathan dowКүн мурун

    Charlamagne thank you for your taints on mental health, you’re right! Once that brain goes it’s gone 🦕

  46. A M I I I

    A M I I IКүн мурун

    " A fart heard around the world"

  47. Yelleauxboybeatz

    YelleauxboybeatzКүн мурун

    Somebody get yee sum cough drops that raspy voice is annoying

  48. ColomBori Algarette

    ColomBori AlgaretteКүн мурун

    Romeo was very respectful towards his cousins he knew the answer to why his cousins and him disbanded he's just real humble

  49. Makilcelly Tha Don

    Makilcelly Tha DonКүн мурун

    Man Angela Do Not F with CThaGod at all! I can see shes still hasnt forgiven him.

  50. Frigate6054

    Frigate6054Күн мурун

    Jane Toussaunt!!!

  51. Fa_lee_lee

    Fa_lee_leeКүн мурун

    Dang, Ed Gordon still fine!!!

  52. jimmy magic

    jimmy magicКүн мурун

    She shouldn't have been on it to begin with

  53. Chris Spencer

    Chris SpencerКүн мурун

    Lol all of sudden people concerned now gtfoh . Everyone knew he was crazy just ignored it .

  54. Track Flo

    Track FloКүн мурун

    Inconsistencies in their story sounds like a good reason to change shit. So....... What that tell you

  55. viciousjerm

    viciousjermКүн мурун

    She stay gassed up and ready to go Her name is “WENDY windy Williams” Her name ain’t Wendy for nothin I mean her name ain’t Wendy for shit

  56. Q

    QКүн мурун

    Oprah is no angel once you see the people she was affiliated with.

  57. EL CHAP0 760

    EL CHAP0 760Күн мурун


  58. Raparicio91 Jr

    Raparicio91 JrКүн мурун

    Antonio brown is next !!

  59. MrEnglewood78

    MrEnglewood78Күн мурун

    Oprah is a disgrace and hypocrite. She love producing programs on R kelly and Russell Simmons yet will not expose her friends Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein. No documentary on Ed Buck, who’s a big democratic donor and had two black gay men found dead in his home. No documentary on Kevin Spacey, no documentary on Les Moonves, no documentary on countless Catholic priest, no documentary on Jerry Sandusky, no documentary on all of trumps sexual crimes. Oprah has been shown who she really is, and I can’t understand why too many black People still support this hypocrite.

  60. prove me wrong

    prove me wrongКүн мурун

    Im with oprah🤷🏽‍♂️ yall grown ass men protect these rich rappers when we all know they be fuxking hella women and being reckless out here. I gotta get my own money and live my own life not protect a grown ass rich man who out here reckless

  61. Dee Brown

    Dee BrownКүн мурун

    She already started the doc. Her pulling out doesn’t change the fact that she like Harvey Weinstein. That’s like starting a fire. It gets worse, and you throw a bucket of water on it. Then ignore the wildfire in your own back yard


    RUDYRAYYYMOКүн мурун

    Surprised she didn't send here vagina buddy Gayle as exec producer of the documentary

  63. David Stuckey

    David StuckeyКүн мурун

    Oprah is full of shit.Inconsistancies ? Most would consider those to be lies .Think before you try to ruin someone. Meanwhile she hasnt done a damn thing in reference to Weinstein, Epstein, Kevin Spacey etc.

  64. Dope Action Big Factz

    Dope Action Big FactzКүн мурун

    Benjamin ''Bootlick'' Crump

  65. Chrono Cross

    Chrono CrossКүн мурун

    How about a Mac Miller tribute?

  66. Natasha Corbett

    Natasha CorbettКүн мурун

    Where's this same energy for Harvey Weinstein?

  67. Kim Hannah

    Kim HannahКүн мурун

    It’s her show , she can poot if she wants to lol

  68. Terrence Clinton

    Terrence ClintonКүн мурун

    Oprah had no choice but to back out.. To many black people were calling her out

  69. universe 86

    universe 86Күн мурун

    Why didnt gayle ask oprah when does the production start on the harvey weinstein documentary since she so invested in worrying about the alleged black sexual predators.

  70. John Brown

    John BrownКүн мурун

    For Oprah It’s all about trying to make black men just as bad as white men. Trying to make us just as violent. But the truth is what is the last war or world war that black men started?

  71. KinG DaviD

    KinG DaviDКүн мурун

    She can't talk shit has long she still has those pics of harvey.

  72. Tee Davis

    Tee DavisКүн мурун

    That was wet

  73. Travis Campbell

    Travis CampbellКүн мурун

    Crack HEAD! Bahahaha 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯

  74. Kemuri no ō

    Kemuri no ōКүн мурун

    Oohhh shit, I would wanna see that 👀

  75. Eddie Green

    Eddie GreenКүн мурун

    She backpedaling and these "stars" are being exposed and their illusion of power. So, with her history of abuse she's ok being tight with Weinstein, he raped Black women too. Bye Oprah


    THE NICE ONESКүн мурун

    Imam nee d Martin to open up like he used to be

  77. RG Shao

    RG ShaoКүн мурун

    That wasnt a fart that was the plastic from her lip injections rubbing together

  78. Rock Smith

    Rock SmithКүн мурун

    I still never heard nobody say the elephant in the room ? Why don't you go after your white buddy's Oprah dats the real ?

  79. Bruce Leroy

    Bruce LeroyКүн мурун

    Nobody else is getting the amount of tributes as Nipsey. This "legendary" status is sooo overexaggerated.

  80. Nancy Williams

    Nancy WilliamsКүн мурун

    Oprah ugly self hater

  81. Travis Campbell

    Travis CampbellКүн мурун

    He is a fucking clown.. what a waste of 16mill hahaha 😂😂💯💯

  82. Tina

    TinaКүн мурун

    People always talking about how powerful Oprah is She is NOT God!. Right is right and wrong is wrong. How she did Michael Jackson, after he's dead and gone and was exonerated before he died is sickening. I stopped respecting her long time ago. If you started with Russel why not include Ya boy Harvey Weinstein?

  83. Indigo Ray

    Indigo RayКүн мурун

    Yoo what the heck is this...

  84. teddy boii

    teddy boiiКүн мурун

    CTG is doing his usual oprah pandering and pushing the false narrative he knows damn well both Russell and oprah chilled with the Clinton's.... CTG Is playing willfully ignorant but why tho?

  85. Ray Johnson

    Ray JohnsonКүн мурун

    I would have also, that dude could if broke his son neck 🤔

  86. LA Rodes

    LA RodesКүн мурун

    Boi that karma will find ya

  87. Jahsun Hova

    Jahsun HovaКүн мурун

    Oprah is one evil demonic whench, who hates black men.

  88. Imhotep Genius

    Imhotep GeniusКүн мурун

    Israelis are not jewish...they are europeans... Jews can only be quit calling them that

  89. Mektek19

    Mektek19Күн мурун


  90. Ali pretlow

    Ali pretlowКүн мурун

    I love how y’all spent very little time on 69 not even being sarcastic

  91. Oliver Browner

    Oliver BrownerКүн мурун

    What's so funny about the words "Mentally Retarded "? Or anything he said for that matter. But ya'll had me snickering too.👎




  93. Chaz Michel

    Chaz MichelКүн мурун

    It was the fart heard around the world lol

  94. me

    meКүн мурун

    Oprah call ur homeboy Weinstein & do a documentary🤷🏾‍♀️

  95. Erica Mack

    Erica MackКүн мурун

    Okra bye.....


    SHAWN LITTLEКүн мурун

    Y’all do know Russell and Oprah have the same friends Weinstein & other white rich friends. Russell has some dark shit on Oprah! She hopped on Michael Jackson lying documentaries without pulling out and it had a lot inconsistencies.

  97. noah maroto

    noah marotoКүн мурун

    I mean she did do that little lean to the side that we all do lol

  98. LeeVan 1000

    LeeVan 1000Күн мурун

    Love this !!! Congrats

  99. Eva Pupi

    Eva PupiКүн мурун

    I can't believe is really that??😂😂😂😂

  100. Saintkupo

    SaintkupoКүн мурун

    The lawyer will be the only person making any money on this.