Manny Mua
Manny Mua
Manny Mua

Hey guys! My name is Manny (MannyMua) and I am a BOY BEAUTY VLOGGER!!! Whatttt theres such a thing?! Yes there isss mamma yas there isss.
I believe makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules!
Im a very fun loving, outgoing, kind spirited person.
This beauty channel is where I teach tutorials, create favorites videos, tags, shenanigans that go on in my life, etc. I hope you guys can join me in this crazy adventure that is KGwork and the beauty world. I am constantly learning and growing with you guys!
Honestly I believe that men can wear makeup, teach makeup, and vlog about it just as much as girls can and I am fighting for that equality with my channel. So subscribe to my channel if you're into that too!
Follow my insta for everyday crazy moments ;D
I hope you learn some things, and laugh at my crazy ass shit, and I hope to inspire you as well :)
I post every week!
Insta: Mannymua733
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7 ай мурун

It's hard saying goodbye...

It's hard saying goodbye...

11 ай мурун



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Жыл мурун

  1. SMJV Family

    SMJV FamilyКүн мурун

    Your face expressions, your energy, your sarcasm, your just a whole vibe I love it!! When I can’t sleep I’m up all night watching your videos😭❤️❤️❤️

  2. Emely Dircio

    Emely DircioКүн мурун

    15:59 tati bendful

  3. Kennedi York

    Kennedi YorkКүн мурун


  4. jamie edenholm

    jamie edenholmКүн мурун

    Hey manny!!! I am from corfu, ny (near buffalo). Would love to win this giveaway.. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and hoping to be cancer free by may. I love you and your channel! My Instagram is @jamielynnedenholm

  5. sam scam

    sam scamКүн мурун

    and manny is rlly boring? like trixie is doing all the work in this video????

  6. Júlia Dutra

    Júlia DutraКүн мурун

    I started watching Disney channel when she was doing Even Stevens, so I got to watch all of those shows like Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven. I loved Kim Possible too, it‘s still one of my favorites of all times! This video bought me a lot of good and happy memories, this is great!! 🤩

  7. sebastian carrera

    sebastian carreraКүн мурун

    Omg what foundation did he use?😭😻😻

  8. Cassie Lynn

    Cassie LynnКүн мурун

    When he said shut up I was like 😂😂😂 sorry haha

  9. claire catherine

    claire catherineКүн мурун


  10. Katie Blankenship

    Katie BlankenshipКүн мурун

    I would love to have some of your products in boxy❤😍

  11. Lindyanne Harvey

    Lindyanne HarveyКүн мурун

    Yes. Thank you with the Dracula thing. Someone else thinks the same as me. WTF Episode 3?! Who wrote that shit?!

  12. Leatha Evans

    Leatha EvansКүн мурун

    I’m loving you even more after watching you in reality house. I didn’t think I could love you more but here I am! IG leathaevans1984

  13. Sara Feulner

    Sara FeulnerКүн мурун

    what is the song from the beginning they were singing I can't name it

  14. Makayla Wyckoff

    Makayla WyckoffКүн мурун

    7:05 makeup wipes 😂😂

  15. Christine Condrey

    Christine CondreyКүн мурун

    Shes like unreal type gorgeous and her body too 😍😍 + shes a sweet heart ♥♥ you did an amazing look!

  16. casidy Bates

    casidy BatesКүн мурун

    Love your energy, it gives me life! ❤️

  17. F Kalamas

    F KalamasКүн мурун

    Rhe way Manny talks at Tricia and keeps hugging him in the beginning it’s so desperate. I hope Trixie got paid well to do this

  18. Molasses Murphy

    Molasses MurphyКүн мурун

    Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Love that movie.

  19. alexSIS

    alexSISКүн мурун

    twaimz's wig was better i

  20. Lesly Alcaraz

    Lesly AlcarazКүн мурун

    I didn’t even know alannized had makeup😂

  21. hello kitty

    hello kittyКүн мурун

    “when i was littler” that freshman education coming out 😩😩😂

  22. uh aleks

    uh aleksКүн мурун

    Lets try the right wing Huh :) Maybe my left ones being fuckin gay😂😂😂

  23. wendy Gagnon

    wendy GagnonКүн мурун

    Very beautiful wooooman fukn gorge😘💞💞💞💞

  24. Anna Wright

    Anna WrightКүн мурун

    Hi Manny! I'm new to the channel and I already love you so much. I started watching your tik tok makeup tips videos and you have helped me feel so confident in wearing makeup. Also I am starting Cosmetoloy School and I am so excited and the makeup week is coming soon!! I have done a couple of different eyeshadow looks and I already get so many compliments. It's all thanks to you for giving me tips on how to apply your makeup better so thank you

  25. _InsertCoolUsername _

    _InsertCoolUsername _Күн мурун


  26. Lucy Hillier

    Lucy HillierКүн мурун

    Manny, ur skin is perfection!

  27. PrettyBaby

    PrettyBabyКүн мурун

    She is AMAZING.

  28. Skittles Monster

    Skittles MonsterКүн мурун

    Im just writing this to apologize, but I thought that you were darker skin wise, and that you just had a larger vitiligo spot on your face and neck! 😦 I'm so sorry! Please don't be mad, I just learned about this yesterday!

  29. Jasmine Paris

    Jasmine ParisКүн мурун

    I'm thinking girls didnt like her because they were jealous - she is so sweet and stunning!

  30. Ariana Roxanee

    Ariana RoxaneeКүн мурун

    Lol OWL CITY!!! The tip of the iceberg 🧊

  31. Samantha Bertram

    Samantha BertramКүн мурун

    the magnetic eylure lashes are garbage!

  32. mouza alw

    mouza alwКүн мурун

    This BITCH is HOT and beautiful like I am literally amused wtf

  33. Gabby O

    Gabby OКүн мурун

    Manny why did you have this white privileged on your channel 😂

  34. Jamiee Aragon

    Jamiee AragonКүн мурун

    So I didn’t find you until three years ago but I just want you to know that I think you are amazing!! Whenever I’m feeling down I watch your videos because you make me laugh. I don’t think you realize the happiness and joy that you bring to others. Thank you!

  35. Monica Northington

    Monica NorthingtonКүн мурун

    I saw this and loved it and I’m trying this look for Valentine’s Day

  36. Claire Boyce17

    Claire Boyce17Күн мурун

    “I’m just gonna put mine on with this drugstore brush from Gucci........” same

  37. Natalie Porter

    Natalie PorterКүн мурун

    You have no idea how good it feels that Sommer Ray has the same problem as me😅 one of my nostrils is so different than the other, I hate it😭😭

  38. Charles

    CharlesКүн мурун

    I can’t fuckin stand this twat manny but I was curious about the product so guess I’ll have to suffer.

  39. Kayla Bulseco

    Kayla BulsecoКүн мурун

    My favorite duo Fr fr

  40. Anissa C

    Anissa CКүн мурун

    Manny is me flipping my stomach off 😂


    CHELS FAYEКүн мурун

    She looks so bomb! You did good manny as usual.

  42. Eileen Shell

    Eileen ShellКүн мурун

    El Paso Texas @eileen_shell12 on Instagram luvvv you Manny 😘

  43. Hailey Livson

    Hailey LivsonКүн мурун


  44. Haley Christy

    Haley ChristyКүн мурун

    Coloured raine is sold on the target website boo 😉😉😉 insta: Hayjay81010

  45. Madison's World

    Madison's WorldКүн мурун

    How do you know so much medical terminology??

  46. Cate S

    Cate SКүн мурун

    When u said does anyone see these white specs ..: this is me doing my makeup everyday lmFAOOOOOOO

  47. sandy5791

    sandy5791Күн мурун

    OMG, I'm still baffled by the third episode of Dracula. lol Your reaction is so validating. My husband joined me for the end of the second and the third, and I apologized to him. Haha. It got so bad.

  48. Debbie Ulloa

    Debbie UlloaКүн мурун

    Hemp is TOTALLY a fad 🙄 Since smoking MJ has become more “accepted”, they’re just trying to make some $ off of it.

  49. Sonja1985

    Sonja19852 күн мурун

    It´s time to declutter :-D. Greatings from germany

  50. Ely.se8741

    Ely.se87412 күн мурун

    9:52 I can't it's out of stock 😞

  51. Unbelievable Moments

    Unbelievable Moments2 күн мурун

    Am I the only one that can’t wear fenty foundation? It makes my face look cakey & goes into my pores & lines

  52. Leilani Hunt

    Leilani Hunt2 күн мурун

    I don't know if you'll even reply or like this comment, but I wanted to let you know that for the longest time I've been insecure about wearing makeup because I felt like I couldn't apply it properly... but watching you over the years has finally given me the confidence to wear makeup!! Also you make me laugh and I love laughing especially when I have a bad day. So thank you for being a blessing in my life.

  53. Jade Hogan

    Jade Hogan2 күн мурун

    I love Will on boy meets worldi want to see dove Cameron

  54. Rachael Dague

    Rachael Dague2 күн мурун

    I LOVE U BITCH😩😭😂❤️

  55. Babygirl95

    Babygirl952 күн мурун

    I’ve heard great things about tula (I’m currently on my last month of an esthetics program) people of all ages have told me about how they use it, def gonna tru now!

  56. Fun with Shreya

    Fun with Shreya2 күн мурун two favourite people in one video...💗

  57. Justine Vega

    Justine Vega2 күн мурун

    when you’re 9 months too late🥺

  58. Jade Hogan

    Jade Hogan2 күн мурун

    My sons birthday is April 4th and I’m a Leo July 30th

  59. Savannah Barnett

    Savannah Barnett2 күн мурун

    Im from Lewistown Montana

  60. HeavenlyZanny

    HeavenlyZanny2 күн мурун

    Thanks 💞

  61. Shelby Belinge

    Shelby Belinge2 күн мурун

    Everything after the face stuff was a fail 😂

  62. Monica Galgani

    Monica Galgani2 күн мурун

    Dyed laughing when u started moving ur head to spread the concealer instead of ur hand lmao. Ur great love you xoxoxo

  63. jaayyy000

    jaayyy0002 күн мурун

    lmfao i just realized i used expired makeup today lol omg i need to throw some thangs away

  64. Dana Nold

    Dana Nold2 күн мурун

    Love your videos. And wanted you to know that you brighten my days when I watch your videos. Thank you for sharing your mad skills and your silly humor. Hope 2020 is a great year for you.

  65. Mare Bear

    Mare Bear2 күн мурун

    She is so stunning!

  66. Jen Patton

    Jen Patton2 күн мурун

    I absolutely adore you ❤️

  67. marymaryjane 94

    marymaryjane 942 күн мурун

    Manny I would love to just have a drink with you and laugh, you match my sarcasm so well 😂

  68. Liliana Ruvalcaba

    Liliana Ruvalcaba2 күн мурун

    I have tried hot Cheetos but never like them ..

  69. ana rules

    ana rules2 күн мурун

    She gives me an I’m not like other girls vibe...

  70. Moonlight Kimbo

    Moonlight Kimbo2 күн мурун

    Ok I take it back the Rebelution part made me know your my sister

  71. Venusian Hermes

    Venusian Hermes2 күн мурун

    ive never had hot cheetos are they good?

  72. Madison's World

    Madison's World2 күн мурун

    I like the blush better

  73. littlebitloco

    littlebitloco2 күн мурун

    Meanwhile my target seems like it’s overstocked on elf putty primer... 🍵

  74. Aurora Irelynn

    Aurora Irelynn2 күн мурун

    when he was talking about how the mascara was a year old i was thinking “i just finished a year and a half old mascara and happened to get a new one for christmas” 😂

  75. Maria Cervantes

    Maria Cervantes2 күн мурун

    lele should have named hibiscus jamaica since she was going for the latina vibe

  76. ashley

    ashley2 күн мурун


  77. Sierra May

    Sierra May2 күн мурун


  78. shelby ortiz

    shelby ortiz2 күн мурун

    M: open your mouth 😇 J: NO 🤬 A few moments later.... J:that was A LOT 😳 M: was iiiiiit? 😈

  79. Lupe R

    Lupe R2 күн мурун

    How can you roll your 'R' better than me!?? 😱

  80. Moonlight Kimbo

    Moonlight Kimbo2 күн мурун

    Manny when you said your favorite game was Scattergories I realized you where always my favorite, that’s something I’ve always known but now I know your my pinchi sister that’s my favorite game

  81. Ashlynn T

    Ashlynn T2 күн мурун

    I had to subscribe after the “lazy” bit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. Julia Louise

    Julia Louise2 күн мурун

    Manny: SommerRay: I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in... and I don’t want to fit in.

  83. Wendy J.Bain.S

    Wendy J.Bain.S2 күн мурун

    I have dry skin. Looks smooth on but I feel for dy skin folks we must use lots of setting spray to finish

  84. Noemi Love

    Noemi Love2 күн мурун

    Awww.... I love her she’s so cute manny u did so good

  85. Allisyn Kucner

    Allisyn Kucner2 күн мурун

    As dry as the Sahara

  86. 다니엘라 Typo Queen

    다니엘라 Typo Queen2 күн мурун

    Acetone?? Lmao

  87. Seemsayin

    Seemsayin2 күн мурун

    Ya know... if you're gonna hide the end of your comment by tapping that ENTER key enough times, then surprise all of us... with a comment that doesn't suck.

  88. lex joan

    lex joan2 күн мурун

    we love a reality star instagram baddie collab

  89. Molly Jackson

    Molly Jackson2 күн мурун

    But really though, why is her voice so soothing and why am I only realizing this now? Hm...

  90. Sierra Boo

    Sierra Boo2 күн мурун

    Flopabonimus 🤣🤣❤😭🥰 love it but you did great 🥰❤

  91. Elise Vandenbroucke

    Elise Vandenbroucke2 күн мурун

    ‘Ok i look cadaver ready’ 😂

  92. Kathy Victoria

    Kathy Victoria2 күн мурун

    Who else wants to see what happens when beauty gurus say they’ll do things off camera .. do they leave the room? Do they just not talk?

  93. Molly Jackson

    Molly Jackson2 күн мурун

    Everyone needs a Manny in their lives. Seriously my favorite person alive. 🖤

  94. Mary S

    Mary S2 күн мурун

    now I am serious how to clean it?

  95. Mary S

    Mary S2 күн мурун

    hi I came here to tell you Hi and marry me chao

  96. Insert pretentious crap about myself here.

    Insert pretentious crap about myself here.2 күн мурун

    How awful. This is what you're doing now just for views?? I feel so bad for you. Here I leave you my view. Goodbye

  97. Kimberly Hill

    Kimberly Hill2 күн мурун

    From Greenville, NC! IG: kimmimor_gan 🥰

  98. Stasia’s Secrets

    Stasia’s Secrets2 күн мурун

    Her eyelids look like she already has on eyeshadow

  99. Elizabeth Santos

    Elizabeth Santos2 күн мурун


  100. Melissa Caz

    Melissa Caz2 күн мурун

    9 months later I’m watching this and ended up watching a target ad🤷🏻‍♀️