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Monday Mashup: Breaking Up
Monday Mashup: Babies

Monday Mashup: Babies

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Superheros

Monday Mashup: Superheros

3 ай мурун

Candy - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts
Monday Mashup: Bathroom

Monday Mashup: Bathroom

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Fortune Tellers
Monday Mashup: Dogs

Monday Mashup: Dogs

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Food

Monday Mashup: Food

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Puppets

Monday Mashup: Puppets

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Office

Monday Mashup: Office

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Pregnancy

Monday Mashup: Pregnancy

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Video Games
Monday Mashup: Marriage

Monday Mashup: Marriage

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Robbers

Monday Mashup: Robbers

3 ай мурун

Trolley Tom: Epilogue

Trolley Tom: Epilogue

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Cowboys

Monday Mashup: Cowboys

3 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #13

Trolley Tom Decision #13

3 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #12

Trolley Tom Decision #12

3 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #11

Trolley Tom Decision #11

3 ай мурун

Monday Mashup: Animals

Monday Mashup: Animals

3 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #8

Trolley Tom Decision #8

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #7

Trolley Tom Decision #7

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #6

Trolley Tom Decision #6

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #5

Trolley Tom Decision #5

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #4

Trolley Tom Decision #4

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #3

Trolley Tom Decision #3

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #2

Trolley Tom Decision #2

4 ай мурун

Trolley Tom Decision #1

Trolley Tom Decision #1

4 ай мурун

Purgatony Coming To YouTube?
  1. Z -RO

    Z -RO9 мүнөт мурун

    Lunk is strong and buffed up But he forgot about leg day

  2. Claryce Koonce

    Claryce Koonce12 мүнөт мурун

    the last one was diamonds and gold! 16:34

  3. Pie TheRandomGuy

    Pie TheRandomGuy16 мүнөт мурун

    Right: Dogs need love like people

  4. Sion soib

    Sion soib17 мүнөт мурун

    2x speed for best outcome

  5. James Crossfire

    James Crossfire18 мүнөт мурун

    Left, the guy may end up getting ripped apart by dogs.

  6. THAT Anteboy!

    THAT Anteboy!23 мүнөт мурун

    Right he does not deserve to live if he does not like dogs

  7. Builder89123

    Builder8912330 мүнөт мурун

    left: the dictator probably steal all the dogs from everyone else and make everyone else sad.

  8. bagels are nice

    bagels are nice33 мүнөт мурун

    Left: the guy on the right is probably gonna get ganged up on by a bunch of dogs eventually

  9. Matt Muñoz

    Matt Muñoz38 мүнөт мурун


  10. Aziza Alkan

    Aziza Alkan41 мүнөт мурун

    The last one was depressing, mother is a bitch! Second is sad too. Feel bad for him. And first is very funny. Nice till wedding then all romantism goes away

  11. johnathan arnold

    johnathan arnold42 мүнөт мурун

    Left He can slaughter always people with just the flick of his finger but the guy on the right is not hurting any dogs so y'know left

  12. Leonite

    Leonite42 мүнөт мурун

    Left - Because the Dictator likely doesn't like dogs. Or Trolleys!

  13. Killer Hound

    Killer Hound44 мүнөт мурун


  14. Ethan Stangel

    Ethan Stangel45 мүнөт мурун

    Right: if we didnt uave third world dictators, these third world countries would get out of hand and become terrorists or make their country an unsafe place to travel to.

  15. NIAUWU :P

    NIAUWU :P48 мүнөт мурун

    The first one still kills me LMAOOOO

  16. Trace Miller

    Trace Miller51 мүнөт мурун

    Right. If you don't like dogs, you're a monster

  17. Robert Irwin

    Robert Irwin55 мүнөт мурун

    Left, let his people run free so that they may be the ones to rub the bellies and boop the snoops. plus smiting someone because they don’t like an animal is dumb.

  18. Bloodwing2k

    Bloodwing2kСаат мурун

    3:28 you monster

  19. Charles Moreau

    Charles MoreauСаат мурун

    Right. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t like dogs. Psychopaths like that don’t deserve the gift of life:

  20. EvanTheHuman

    EvanTheHumanСаат мурун

    next year, Martin goes to his job with piss in a pan dan

  21. Ivisa Dragon Animations

    Ivisa Dragon AnimationsСаат мурун

    RIGHT: who ever dosent like dogs are more of a sociopath that any dictator could ever be

  22. Willie Garrett

    Willie GarrettСаат мурун

    left: he probably tortures not only his people but dogs

  23. jesse fahrenkrog

    jesse fahrenkrogСаат мурун

    Right the snoots have been left unbooped the snoots FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THINK ABOUT THE SNOOTS!!!!

  24. zombie gaming

    zombie gamingСаат мурун

    Who gives a s*** about Korea the Koreans can die we need to save the puppies right vote right

  25. Rijax Bloodmore

    Rijax BloodmoreСаат мурун

    Dictator, I’m not much of a dog fan myself

  26. Kai Osterman

    Kai OstermanСаат мурун

    Left obviously come on now he TORTURES PEOPLE those people could like dogs then he would be torturing people who like dogs

  27. coolguy123456789 Mary Poppins

    coolguy123456789 Mary PoppinsСаат мурун

    This video seems fishy thilk I'll skip it

  28. Bass Galaxy

    Bass GalaxyСаат мурун

    That guy sucks! 😑

  29. The 360 noscoper

    The 360 noscoperСаат мурун

    Right: all dogs deserve to live a good life. And those third world dictators give us oil.

  30. Jared Merritt

    Jared MerrittСаат мурун


  31. Exility

    ExilityСаат мурун


  32. burnedupsparky tips and reviews

    burnedupsparky tips and reviewsСаат мурун

    Right because doggos are better than humans, and to be honest who hasnt tortured their subjects

  33. ligtning boi

    ligtning boiСаат мурун

    Right: if you don't like pooch you get an electric smooch

  34. Lizandro Vigil

    Lizandro VigilСаат мурун


  35. Mickey, Minnie, and Morrgan

    Mickey, Minnie, and MorrganСаат мурун

    Left. It’s possible that the guy on the right likes cats instead. Think about it. In the dictator’s country, no one is caring about the dogs.

  36. TheMetallicaman13

    TheMetallicaman13Саат мурун


  37. Nimbus91

    Nimbus91Саат мурун

    Right! The dictator might have a dog and we can’t chance that a good boi is going to go hungry because we killed his person. Also, anyone who doesn’t like dogs is worse than a dictator.

  38. mlg memelord

    mlg memelordСаат мурун


  39. Bass Galaxy

    Bass GalaxyСаат мурун

    I died when he flaked out on her. 😂

  40. Yamakaza1

    Yamakaza1Саат мурун

    Left: we can beat up the dog hater later

  41. Juliette avard-cortes

    Juliette avard-cortesСаат мурун

    Left, the dictator probably does’nt like dogs anyway.



    2:57 oh how the tables have turned

  43. Bass Galaxy

    Bass GalaxyСаат мурун

    Hilarious! 😂

  44. NoReTwit

    NoReTwitСаат мурун

    She was born in a monument in Indianopolis

  45. Fishing Frenzy

    Fishing FrenzyСаат мурун


  46. Simon Hansen

    Simon HansenСаат мурун

    Left: cause he'll hit the dog if he does right

  47. Outline ent broken records

    Outline ent broken recordsСаат мурун


  48. Crystal Villa

    Crystal VillaСаат мурун



    NIGHTFOX2 саат мурун

    That’s some serious carpet burn on the way down

  50. Cydø45 _

    Cydø45 _2 саат мурун

    Name of Cello song?

  51. waffen84

    waffen842 саат мурун

    Right - Sometimes the poor nations need a strong leader to get them out of being poor.

  52. amazing nater 297

    amazing nater 2972 саат мурун


  53. Mikey Kurz

    Mikey Kurz2 саат мурун

    Left: if he is already torturing people what if the people he’s torturing has a dog so he kills that dog to make them sad. Shoot that lightning up his ***

  54. nathan leblanc

    nathan leblanc2 саат мурун

    Left dictators ruin the entire world.

  55. marauder 7-2

    marauder 7-22 саат мурун

    Left: at least the dictator doesn't just single out dogs and leaves everyone else alive

  56. samalinder

    samalinder2 саат мурун

    Left, the coin flip demands it

  57. LumberJake

    LumberJake2 саат мурун

    Yes Lunk, no one likes VRV

  58. Spike Wolf

    Spike Wolf2 саат мурун

    Left: If the guy on the right doesn't like dogs, he doesn't have to own one. Meanwhile, the guy on the left would probably hurt dogs for fun.

  59. Keegan Johnson

    Keegan Johnson2 саат мурун

    Just think about the pup

  60. Keegan Johnson

    Keegan Johnson2 саат мурун


  61. InaneBlatherskite

    InaneBlatherskite2 саат мурун

    Left - Honestly, cat are better.

  62. What’s Gucci Pucci? Jah

    What’s Gucci Pucci? Jah2 саат мурун

    8:18 Steel Butt Run

  63. Mandrake Fernflower

    Mandrake Fernflower2 саат мурун

    Very reminiscent of Tim Minchin

  64. Michael Suniata

    Michael Suniata2 саат мурун

    left: because it's not right

  65. SSG

    SSG2 саат мурун

    The tumble butt story actually made me cry

  66. 3rdEyeBlind

    3rdEyeBlind2 саат мурун

    Dad! My phone died. *don't worry son I'll get my ladder*

  67. Anthony Friend

    Anthony Friend2 саат мурун





  69. ironknight132

    ironknight1322 саат мурун

    Left, the guy on the right is right.

  70. SlowMoRaptor

    SlowMoRaptor2 саат мурун

    I like how you added Rocko’s shirt from “Rocko’s Modern Life” in the background of “The Joke Book”.

  71. REX TYRANT 887

    REX TYRANT 8872 саат мурун


  72. bruohonen21

    bruohonen213 саат мурун

    left sided because he has killed hundreds people and people don't have to like dogs

  73. Boudtrout EPIC Animations

    Boudtrout EPIC Animations3 саат мурун

    The map wasn't very descriptive anyways.

  74. Princesse Ulysse

    Princesse Ulysse3 саат мурун

    Right: duh, do be stupid. Other guy could not like dogs because her is allergic

  75. Arial Martinez

    Arial Martinez3 саат мурун

    Weird senile ass prune juice drinkin' ass mustard stain on his shirt He had a legacy good to know it was fulfilled

  76. Ian Weber

    Ian Weber3 саат мурун

    Hey chip why my little cat isn't moving and why he is smelling bad? Love you.😘

  77. Gavin Hale

    Gavin Hale3 саат мурун

    Right: Ruthless dictators kill people who dont like dogs.

  78. Fabeco 64

    Fabeco 643 саат мурун

    Left - hey probably abuses everything even dogs

  79. Josiah Newton

    Josiah Newton3 саат мурун

    Thanos be like 8:24

  80. JetblackThemeTime

    JetblackThemeTime3 саат мурун

    Left. Dicktaters need to be destroyed!

  81. Nick Kanouse

    Nick Kanouse3 саат мурун

    There is someone called @wild.raks on tik tok. Is that you or are they stealing these videos???

  82. Devin Anderson

    Devin Anderson3 саат мурун

    Left, because my mommy told me so.

  83. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan3 саат мурун

    Left: maybe the guy on the right has PTSD from dogs

  84. Russell Gore

    Russell Gore3 саат мурун

    They have demon eyes and that's all I have to say!!

  85. Marcel Augusto

    Marcel Augusto3 саат мурун


  86. HydroKinesis

    HydroKinesis3 саат мурун

    Right: Ultimately, a dictator does what he thinks is right for the good of his nation. The dog-hater is a capricious fiend, with no purpose but to meaninglessly hate.

  87. Emiliano Holland

    Emiliano Holland3 саат мурун



    РУССКИЙ3 саат мурун

    3:11 1444 :v

  89. Bella

    Bella3 саат мурун


  90. abbas

    abbas3 саат мурун


  91. Drake Budde

    Drake Budde3 саат мурун


  92. Dog Lover

    Dog Lover3 саат мурун

    Right because dogs are amazing

  93. kiva A-R

    kiva A-R3 саат мурун

    Left: the doggy disliker is going to hell anyway, dictator probably keeps a priest on hand for the 11th hour

  94. Nathaniel Weldon

    Nathaniel Weldon4 саат мурун


  95. mad max yt_gaming

    mad max yt_gaming4 саат мурун

    U can't aVOID your problems

  96. Zai E-Davis

    Zai E-Davis4 саат мурун


  97. Matthew Butler

    Matthew Butler4 саат мурун

    Go left, only good dictator is a dead one, meanwhile the Court of Public opinion will sentence the dog hater to social death: a special kind of living purgatory

  98. Богдан Корнияшик

    Богдан Корнияшик4 саат мурун

    Fucking bitches

  99. Jake Tullis

    Jake Tullis4 саат мурун

    right cuz dictators are awesome

  100. Hikmat Mana

    Hikmat Mana4 саат мурун

    The right. Because soon after you kill the dictator the US government will install another one.