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Not much of a cook? That's ok-because we're not *just* recipes. Whatever you're into, we've got it. This is a space for everyone - aka people who liked to eat more than they actually liked to cook: We see you.

  1. Bri

    Bri4 мүнөт мурун

    It would be nice if they got people to sample dishes that are familiar with them in order to provide a more accurate verdict as opposed to those who have never tried it before.

  2. Jenn Argy

    Jenn Argy16 мүнөт мурун

    Did anyone else think Parker was her last name and this was a family recipe? I'm from the east coast, never heard of Parker House restaurant

  3. Sarah Schaffer

    Sarah Schaffer17 мүнөт мурун

    Why all the booze in every video???

  4. TrapBooty1738 AKA Trap

    TrapBooty1738 AKA Trap40 мүнөт мурун

    I think y'all got the wrong herb butter

  5. Crissy D

    Crissy D43 мүнөт мурун


  6. Faith Anne Bell

    Faith Anne Bell50 мүнөт мурун

    i’m sorry, literally since when were brenda song and macaulay culkin dating

  7. Johnie Dicker

    Johnie Dicker55 мүнөт мурун

    So cute

  8. Łïöż ĘØüñ

    Łïöż ĘØüñСаат мурун

    I love you

  9. palmer491

    palmer491Саат мурун

    She is incredibly beautiful wtfffff

  10. Ashley Garcia

    Ashley GarciaСаат мурун

    Can someone please tell me where all this food goes? Do they have a whole camera crew behind them to feed? Please don't tell me they throw it away? I mean some stuff can be taken home like the popcorn but......?

  11. himanshu Jain

    himanshu JainСаат мурун

    Whenever david and Natalie deny that there's nothing going on between them, i watch *buzzfeed's we're not dating* video and I get satisfied😂😂

  12. ReVo's Residence

    ReVo's ResidenceСаат мурун

    Yeah but like is she single?

  13. Andrea Osorio

    Andrea OsorioСаат мурун

    I know that Jeannie mai from the real doesnt like to be compared to Brenda Song, but damn they look alike HAHAHA

  14. Yuna Berez

    Yuna Berez2 саат мурун

    i could marry this lady 😧

  15. Tiffani Linde

    Tiffani Linde2 саат мурун

    Flawless beautiful so sweet and nice

  16. Donald Trump's ugly wig that was left on mars

    Donald Trump's ugly wig that was left on mars2 саат мурун

    They did him dirty with the title lol

  17. Karen vee

    Karen vee2 саат мурун

    Jeannie mai?! Lol

  18. Debbie Hedges

    Debbie Hedges2 саат мурун

    Yummy, so beautiful!

  19. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname2 саат мурун

    Was she expecting to eat until that shirt fit?

  20. Xx_KISSandMAKEUP_xX

    Xx_KISSandMAKEUP_xX2 саат мурун

    Who is the Black Queen on the panel? Sheesh she is gorgeous 😍😍😍

  21. ArloOlra O

    ArloOlra O2 саат мурун

    Can't hold a knife and fork, doesn't like to chew her food and does a food show? Hush now, chunky.

  22. Nkechi Neptune

    Nkechi Neptune2 саат мурун

    Searching throw the comments for my Caribbean pep who knows about dumplings and chicken a complete different way

  23. Wakanda Forever

    Wakanda Forever2 саат мурун

    She still looks good

  24. Abby Bee

    Abby Bee2 саат мурун

    For a second i thought the churro in the thumbnail was a giant cigarette

  25. Angel M

    Angel M2 саат мурун

    She looks just like Jeannie mai

  26. Connie Miller

    Connie Miller2 саат мурун

    Pronounce your “Y” how hard is that? Yeast!

  27. Kirby Williams

    Kirby Williams2 саат мурун

    I literally had to stop watching at a minute and 20 seconds in cause I can’t listen to her mispronounce yeast any longer

  28. Rickardo Agusta

    Rickardo Agusta3 саат мурун

    she's getting fluffier

  29. julie kim

    julie kim3 саат мурун

    Ay! I mean YYY-ay! Love this recipe!

  30. Kazyl Clarrize

    Kazyl Clarrize3 саат мурун

    "He doesn't even work here." -Tess, 2019

  31. Sadudy

    Sadudy3 саат мурун

    What is half and half

  32. Swim Merrr

    Swim Merrr3 саат мурун

    She will forever be London for me 😂

  33. H2Odrew

    H2Odrew3 саат мурун

    2:37 aw she called them boys even though they’re like 25. i guess it has stuck to her that they’ll always be preteens to her lol

  34. Andrea Moe

    Andrea Moe3 саат мурун

    7:04 did anyone else look at the guy in the back and think he was just me ok then

  35. Allison West-Southern

    Allison West-Southern3 саат мурун

    I love June, I love was driving me nuts whenever she said east instead of yeast. There is absolutely a difference there lol. Love these videos though, I might make these for Thanksgiving! 😀

  36. Christopher T

    Christopher T3 саат мурун

    June = Genius 🎁🎁🎁

  37. Caitlin Baltazar

    Caitlin Baltazar3 саат мурун

    Keith eats the menu seems a little familiar here 🤔

  38. FH Pratiwi

    FH Pratiwi3 саат мурун

    favourite moment: when she throws her leftover butter to the baking sheet

  39. Alyiah W

    Alyiah W3 саат мурун

    Go to chilis next

  40. halie delaar

    halie delaar3 саат мурун

    fun fact toxic waste isn’t allowed to be sold in the US anymore because it’s made in pakistan and isn’t approved by the US😂

  41. Connie Garrison

    Connie Garrison3 саат мурун

    Its like a combination recipe of regular yeast rolls and Japanese milk bread!!! Think I will give it a try.

  42. Alyiah W

    Alyiah W3 саат мурун

    She’s boring, can we have someone else?

  43. Tammie Powell-Bishop

    Tammie Powell-Bishop3 саат мурун

    Dolly hands down real chicken & dumplings it's a southern dish. Nothing personal Chrissy that just how most make that dish.

  44. Styy Hawk

    Styy Hawk3 саат мурун

    How do you remove bits of feathers and fur? Or just leave them in.

  45. Sarah Rios monzon

    Sarah Rios monzon4 саат мурун

    is it just me or does Natalie look absolutely beautiful !!!!!!

  46. HamzaA

    HamzaA4 саат мурун

    She took the miracle berriee

  47. Karl 9

    Karl 95 саат мурун

    do you agree with this so called top 10 youtube trend creators

  48. Raudel Chavez

    Raudel Chavez5 саат мурун

    You bitch! I was gonna watch this whole video, then you said "blue cheese" Gross!!

  49. Salina Kim

    Salina Kim6 саат мурун

    She’s 31?? 🤩🤩 Lindsey Lohan is 33 and looking like 60 😳

  50. Salina Kim

    Salina Kim6 саат мурун

    Asians don’t raisin!!!

  51. ashley gonzales

    ashley gonzales7 саат мурун

    Did anyone else get that feeling in their mouth when watching him eat them?

  52. Beulah307

    Beulah3078 саат мурун

    She looks the same just lost some weight! Not that she had to though!! 😂♥️

  53. G Fleming

    G Fleming8 саат мурун

    That outfit is less than flattering. Makes her look a little puffy and out of shape. Would not want to see her jumping out of the shower.

  54. Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen8 саат мурун

    I like the song they used while cooking what’s the name of it?

  55. Simone Eli

    Simone Eli8 саат мурун

    Anna Sophia robbs sister

  56. Dee

    Dee9 саат мурун

    The recipes called for a simmer, not a boil. Geez, the cook/cooks don't know what a simmer is? I'm surprised the tasters liked either one since they were served boiled meat.

  57. Nam Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen9 саат мурун

    Im happy for him to like natalie but i thibk everyone forgot abour liza.

  58. Nora Arredondo

    Nora Arredondo9 саат мурун

    uggh yuck the meat is raw

  59. Louis Nuno

    Louis Nuno9 саат мурун

    BTW your HOT 😉

  60. Louis Nuno

    Louis Nuno9 саат мурун

    I was wondering what you did with rest of the food cause to me that would be a waste

  61. Jamila

    Jamila9 саат мурун

    this video is edited horribly

  62. Trayvon Parker

    Trayvon Parker10 саат мурун

    Why's it sweet though?

  63. Nora Arredondo

    Nora Arredondo10 саат мурун

    she seems more like a drunk than a foodie.. plus wtf was up with the fish n chips over a lil bee?-rolls eyes-

  64. Harmony J

    Harmony J10 саат мурун

    as someone who works at texas roadhouse I can say this is me af eating the food all the time

  65. Amanda Chung

    Amanda Chung10 саат мурун

    She is like the real life Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

  66. Sochy _

    Sochy _10 саат мурун

    Sis doesn’t age.

  67. golfmaniac007

    golfmaniac00710 саат мурун

    doctors make lots of money on patients.....why would ur doctor hate u for eating so much butter? ...unless you are married to one.

  68. Lorena Burgueno

    Lorena Burgueno11 саат мурун


  69. golfmaniac007

    golfmaniac00711 саат мурун

    her body doesn't fit her face

  70. Danielle L

    Danielle L11 саат мурун

    Love the slow mos LOL

  71. Joe Cookies

    Joe Cookies11 саат мурун

    Bruh is that Wendy wu lol

  72. Nene Original

    Nene Original11 саат мурун

    They should just call these videos Chrissy vs....

  73. KFC_box_0007

    KFC_box_000711 саат мурун

    So we just ganna act like she thought she was suppose to dip the pork chop into apple sauce?

  74. golfmaniac007

    golfmaniac00711 саат мурун

    this girl does makeup right

  75. CapitalCH

    CapitalCH11 саат мурун

    She seems so fun and beautiful.

  76. Zaid Rahman

    Zaid Rahman11 саат мурун

    Damn, I thought it was Jeannie Mai

  77. Lizbeth Hernandez

    Lizbeth Hernandez11 саат мурун

    She looks ssooooooo beautiful

  78. Cristina

    Cristina11 саат мурун

    Wait didn’t her and joe Jonas have a thing ? 👀

  79. KIANO

    KIANO11 саат мурун

    My English homies out there would get mad when she referenced a pasty to a fricking calzone

  80. LO L

    LO L12 саат мурун

    So glad they finally had Jeannie Mai on <3

  81. Miles Washington

    Miles Washington12 саат мурун

    Looks cold

  82. VictoriaIsBored

    VictoriaIsBored12 саат мурун

    she is unrecognisable!

  83. VeganQueen

    VeganQueen12 саат мурун

    did she say she LIVED with both the twins?

  84. LaVivaLEXX

    LaVivaLEXX12 саат мурун

    Looking at the comments, I’m sure Bron salmon had a bit of spice to it considering it had sriracha in it. . .

  85. Richard

    Richard12 саат мурун

    Lmao I love all the triggered people in the comments. This is an Americanized version of enchiladas, get over it. This series is hosted in America, not Mexico.

  86. The Dominguez Twins

    The Dominguez Twins12 саат мурун

    Will never forget PRNDL 😂❤️

  87. billy joe

    billy joe12 саат мурун

    i was literally WAITING for the spitters are quitters joke

  88. Scotty Tilley

    Scotty Tilley12 саат мурун

    is that louisiana it seems very familuar

  89. Nebba Toad

    Nebba Toad13 саат мурун

    I wish I was eating all those sour candy

  90. Brittany Gonzalez

    Brittany Gonzalez13 саат мурун

    I'M SO SAD THEY DIDN'T LET YOU TRY THE PRIME RIB!!!!!! Best food on the menu!

  91. Chad Lowery

    Chad Lowery13 саат мурун

    The road kill is just a hamburger with no bun.

  92. Bulbul

    Bulbul13 саат мурун

    Jeanie Mai has left the chat😂

  93. Mykah Turner

    Mykah Turner13 саат мурун

    I don't never want no hot sauce wing. When the heat has overtaken the food, you can keep it. Next.

  94. Randi Sticker

    Randi Sticker13 саат мурун

    Next time you do one of these do Epcot boring the food and wine festival

  95. sabrina howard

    sabrina howard13 саат мурун

    Maggianos little Italy !!!

  96. Malvina Shoukri

    Malvina Shoukri14 саат мурун

    She didn’t even try the chicken pizza thing she dipped it in marinara and then went to try it but just put it back in the plate. you can see it when she grabs the margarita

  97. rashawndadavis91

    rashawndadavis9114 саат мурун

    Chrissy has chicken and dumplings, Dolly has chicken and pastry.

  98. freedom is mine

    freedom is mine14 саат мурун


  99. Jolee Kee

    Jolee Kee14 саат мурун

    "F'n Demon Fire Fly" !! Tess is hilarious.

  100. Monkey

    Monkey14 саат мурун

    You could tell me she’s 19 I’d believe you no cap