Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch

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5 жыл мурун

5FDP  Birmingham

5FDP Birmingham

5 жыл мурун

Paris Hard Rock

Paris Hard Rock

5 жыл мурун

Zoltan liberates Cologne

Zoltan liberates Cologne

5 жыл мурун

5FDP World Tour Snap Shot Zurich
NIck join 5FDP on stage

NIck join 5FDP on stage

5 жыл мурун

Zoltan Undercover

Zoltan Undercover

5 жыл мурун

Meet the 5FDP crew Brad

Meet the 5FDP crew Brad

5 жыл мурун

5FDP World Tour Snap Shot Berlin
5FDP World Tour Snap Shot Hamburg
5FDP Snapshot Sydney

5FDP Snapshot Sydney

5 жыл мурун

5FDP Explore Sydney

5FDP Explore Sydney

5 жыл мурун

So you think you can dance?

So you think you can dance?

6 жыл мурун

Along came a Spider......

Along came a Spider......

6 жыл мурун

FFDP Tour Recap

FFDP Tour Recap

6 жыл мурун

5FDP Tour Recap

5FDP Tour Recap

6 жыл мурун

Five Finger Death Punch Tour Recap
Bowling for Rock Show Bobby

Bowling for Rock Show Bobby

6 жыл мурун

Jeremy wakes up a crew member!
5FDP Attack the Medford Armory
All Along The Watchtower

All Along The Watchtower

6 жыл мурун

Jeremy's Got the Pac-man Fever
  1. Andrew Riggs

    Andrew Riggs9 мүнөт мурун

    Ffdp is a one trick pony.... This is the same song I've heard for the last 5 years

  2. pinner.101

    pinner.10111 мүнөт мурун


  3. KeNFo Motion Pictures

    KeNFo Motion Pictures31 мүнөт мурун

    Anyone else feeling them Born of Osiris vibes from the beginning?

  4. Fjord

    Fjord54 мүнөт мурун

    I don't know what emotion this song makes me feel but I'm not sure if I like it or not

  5. Matthew Rogers

    Matthew RogersСаат мурун


  6. Thy F

    Thy F2 саат мурун

    KoRn did it first

  7. Oppressed Archer

    Oppressed Archer2 саат мурун

    A la mierda las logias masónicas, hay que proscribirlas, eliminarlas de la faz de la tierraa!!!

  8. Alexander Primel

    Alexander Primel2 саат мурун

    wow some kind of Freemason Symbolic, like in every video from every artist ye very creativ

  9. Harshit Jha

    Harshit Jha4 саат мурун

    Sick \m/

  10. Muddy Mobster

    Muddy Mobster4 саат мурун

    Maybe Slipknot might have that new Nero Forte video out. NOPE. Found something even better than Nero Forte INSIDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kenneth Tottenham Hotspur

    Kenneth Tottenham Hotspur4 саат мурун

    Hey from Stavanger hope you get my buddy back as a photographer for again Kenneth Sporsheim

  12. Dukey Nukey

    Dukey Nukey4 саат мурун

    The opening reminds me of the opening theme for doom 64

  13. Noise Ordnance LLC

    Noise Ordnance LLC4 саат мурун

    If you are a veteran sign up for vettix and get free tickets to the shows! ‪‬

  14. Amanda Maupin

    Amanda Maupin4 саат мурун

    I mostly like all of five finger death punch songs

  15. Cameron JD: Drummer For Unus Annus

    Cameron JD: Drummer For Unus Annus4 саат мурун


  16. Canal do D4niel

    Canal do D4niel4 саат мурун


  17. Anthony Albitre

    Anthony Albitre4 саат мурун

    Ever since the beginning of 2019, I was already living inside my hell. First week back in school from winter break, my girl broke up with me and claimed she still cares. But she was never there when all I felt was pain inside out. I almost threw up my own blood at one point. And I was like that for an entire week. When my closest grandmother passed away, it left me and my family broken. She passed away just 4 days before I turned 18. My ex never even cared to give condolences and she knew about it for a long time. She was too busy trying to hook back with another guy. As for me, I was standing alone with lies being drawn on my face from her and her friends. Then I was falling for scams that stole my money, and it even closed 2 bank accounts I once had. Then in August, my grandfather who took care of my grandmother passed away. I lost the closest grandparents I had in my family this year, along with trying to keep myself together. All this year was hell for me. When Slipknot dropped Unsainted and Not Long For This World from WANYK, it reminded me what I experienced from the first couple weeks of January. And when I heard this song, all I could ever think was the pain I was living in because of her. Every word of this song described what it was like for me. This is why I love listening to metal. Because I can relate myself and my experience to the very songs these artists have made. She turned me inside out. This hell turned me inside out. 2019 turned me inside out. #fivefingerdeathpunch #insideout

  18. Jesse Justice

    Jesse Justice5 саат мурун

    This fucking band is so badass !!! They rock and support vets I'm fully engaged!

  19. bayley sondermeyer

    bayley sondermeyer5 саат мурун

    Am I the only one who thinks these guys are the best fucking band ever

  20. James Massey

    James Massey5 саат мурун

    The radio and xm version of this are different. He has more of the growl on this version the other the lyrics are sung in a different tone. Ivan has less menacing tone in the radio versions it seems

  21. Taykodd

    Taykodd5 саат мурун

    Killing each other... does it feel good? Will you be proud to kill someone? Why people killing each other and everything that is alive??? Hmmm...

  22. Jeff Jordan

    Jeff Jordan6 саат мурун

    This song goes so hard.

  23. Doom guy922

    Doom guy9226 саат мурун

    This is just a Melody I can't say that about many songs on all 5 or 6 play lists I got

  24. MonstRIBass

    MonstRIBass6 саат мурун

    3:22 is just pure magic

  25. RVNANT

    RVNANT6 саат мурун

    YOOOO FFDP IS BACK?! i literally prayed for the day they would go back to the way of the fist style of metal

  26. Troy Godfrey

    Troy Godfrey7 саат мурун

    🤘Wow....just fucking WOW Amazing 🤘

  27. Its Mac

    Its Mac7 саат мурун

    Bye bye porn,the best year 2019 has arrived wow boom after boom thank you guys for bringing new albums so many artists gave us new holly holly shits thank you

  28. Brian Whitney

    Brian Whitney7 саат мурун

    Whats up with all the freemasonic imagery Ivan.. I hope you did not sell your soul to them satanic bastards

  29. tybrosion

    tybrosion7 саат мурун

    Fuckin awful generic band

  30. Justin Fee

    Justin Fee7 саат мурун

    Fuck yeah this rocks

  31. srv always

    srv always7 саат мурун

    This 53 year old just found a new favorite song and band and all I can say is hoooooolllyyy $#%@

  32. celticfiend

    celticfiend8 саат мурун

    Every cd these guys get worse and worse... Guess when youre all out of talent you rely on politics and nostalgia

  33. Disco

    Disco8 саат мурун

    WOW! The heaviness, the luciferian symbolism, the lyrics. Pure badass!

  34. limplin7

    limplin79 саат мурун

    1:55 I just heard this fragment on the radio and loved it! Shazam brought me here with you!

  35. Mr. Mayhem

    Mr. Mayhem9 саат мурун

    Sounds better than most of the stuff on the last 2 albums, sounds like something from the “Wrong Side Of Heaven” albums. I’m glad they’re going back to heavier stuff.

  36. Dido Dutra

    Dido Dutra10 саат мурун

    Essa música é um porradão

  37. The Weeb

    The Weeb10 саат мурун

    Is it bad i already have every beat memorized? I don't think so!

  38. Zachary Colvin

    Zachary Colvin10 саат мурун

    Me: finds “inside out” Okay I’m a huge metal fan now.

  39. hola hola

    hola hola10 саат мурун


  40. Jukupätkä

    Jukupätkä11 саат мурун

    First time really reading lyrics of this band, I found out that the band is made for me.

  41. JoJoJohnnie Peterson

    JoJoJohnnie Peterson11 саат мурун

    I need a vehical that fucking flies

  42. gaввy elιzaвeтн

    gaввy elιzaвeтн11 саат мурун

    I had to watch this video like 9x because the video & lyrics were so much to take in at once. Very very well job done!

  43. JackieB.

    JackieB.11 саат мурун

    Agh can’t wait to see you guys this weekend 😍😍😍

  44. Brave-Ent

    Brave-Ent12 саат мурун

    I can looking for the meme song but this is heat

  45. ElliePlays

    ElliePlays12 саат мурун

    Sad, this is the first song without Jeremy.. (I guess)

  46. Momchil Nenchev

    Momchil Nenchev12 саат мурун

    how you turned me inside out INSIDE OUTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Skillful TV Gaming

    Skillful TV Gaming12 саат мурун

    What an amazing song 👆👆

  48. ArtzFemale

    ArtzFemale12 саат мурун

    1:14 To Skip The Intro.

  49. Courtney Pennington

    Courtney Pennington13 саат мурун

    favorite band coming out with another epic ass album, im fucking shaking. thank you for turning me into a metal fan :,)

  50. elk addiction

    elk addiction13 саат мурун

    KGwork keeps playing retarded rap as an add before every death punch song, trying to put the sheep, back in the herd! Oh KGwork, you can not win, what is done in the dark, will be revealed in the light.

  51. Pedro Pimentel

    Pedro Pimentel13 саат мурун

    what's the thing with the eyes and the pyramids ?

  52. Defne Zeren Yöndem

    Defne Zeren Yöndem13 саат мурун

    Riley would like this if she would be an emo

  53. Rusty Mokluk

    Rusty Mokluk14 саат мурун

    The 1:27 long wait is eh, start at 1:15 and its just as good <3

  54. Anna s

    Anna s14 саат мурун


  55. LeslieClaire Heil

    LeslieClaire Heil14 саат мурун

    My 10 month old grandson has to have this to go to sleep! Good music.

  56. Lady Mercury-May

    Lady Mercury-May14 саат мурун


  57. Steven Rainmaker

    Steven Rainmaker14 саат мурун

    All 5FDP songs sound the same Which sound amazing!

  58. Chris Garrrett

    Chris Garrrett15 саат мурун

    There back all ffdp fans will agree we have missed this and needed it for to long

  59. Дмитрий Ковальский

    Дмитрий Ковальский15 саат мурун

    Крутая песня. В предвкушении альбома

  60. scale

    scale15 саат мурун

    Anyone tell me if there is an age limit or not? Im gonna drive crazy for searching any age limit but I dont want to burn my money HELP ME PLS Im 17

  61. Tyler S.

    Tyler S.15 саат мурун

    Way of the fist is still the best album

  62. Daniel Diamond

    Daniel Diamond15 саат мурун

    Every song is perfection but this tops it my brothers always a big fan of the solos best line "INSIDE OUT"



    This is seriously pissed off!!! Badassery at it's best!!!!!

  64. Kezangh Zederozen

    Kezangh Zederozen16 саат мурун

    at least this year had one of the best music ive heard in a while ...falling in reverse with popular monster bmth with ludens a lot others and now this..

  65. alma neara

    alma neara16 саат мурун

    faggot music

  66. BOKUL

    BOKUL16 саат мурун

    0:11 Illuminati sign symbol 🤣🤣Nice try. BY the way the lyrics was good.

  67. Annastazia Roberts

    Annastazia Roberts17 саат мурун

    Sucks they aren't coming back to Wichita this year :(

  68. Leijona88

    Leijona8817 саат мурун

    I can't fucking wait for this album to drop! There's so much emotions going on when Ivan sings. Gives me the chills! LOVE IT!

  69. Rick Rascon

    Rick Rascon17 саат мурун

    Little man

  70. Jessica The Book Addict

    Jessica The Book Addict18 саат мурун

    Throughout the looooong intro I kept thinking "Get on with it, then!" and then it kicked in and I was like "FUCK YEEEESSSS!!!!"

  71. Bobby Roberts

    Bobby Roberts19 саат мурун

    My favorite singer and band along with pantera as my 2nd favorite and its awesome my grand daughter has same name as ur daughter

  72. Shelby Ducharme

    Shelby Ducharme19 саат мурун

    okayyyy but....FU*K YES MAN...

  73. Павел Л.

    Павел Л.20 саат мурун

    reminds scar symmetry

  74. ben davis

    ben davis20 саат мурун

    What's it with all the sacred geometry and Illuminati symbolagy

  75. Zhac onyx Erispe

    Zhac onyx Erispe20 саат мурун

    What the!!!!..

  76. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams20 саат мурун

    I literally use thing song to fall aslee ppl and to wake up. Fuck yes

  77. Satanic Thunder 21

    Satanic Thunder 2123 саат мурун

    I've been a fan of Five Finger Death Punch for a while and can't wait for the new record in 2020!

  78. bone crusher

    bone crusherКүн мурун

    Ffdp ? With all the illuminati signs are u with us or against us.... Praise jesus.

  79. bern ie

    bern ieКүн мурун

    Universe has jokes #Tatttunes13

  80. Metalhead

    MetalheadКүн мурун

    This is one of those videos where I wish they would have shown the people singing in the studio. Those are always more badass imo.

  81. Kenzie Gregg

    Kenzie GreggКүн мурун

    gives me goosebumps everytime!

  82. LS6-SS

    LS6-SSКүн мурун

    Great song. And for everyone posting "reaction" videos... Fuck you. I don't give a FUCK about your fuckin opinion. Die slow

  83. MakSaus

    MakSausКүн мурун

    Someone needs to chart this for JasonParadise to play that kickass solo

  84. Norm

    NormКүн мурун

    What does everyone think the meaning of this song is?

  85. Buzangia Nicusor

    Buzangia NicusorКүн мурун

    Man i love this <3

  86. Faded Ques

    Faded QuesКүн мурун

    Jesus Christ this shit slaps

  87. Brother Dave

    Brother DaveКүн мурун

    the luciferian serpent imagery is overkill... songs rocks but the visuals are so unnecessary

  88. Captain Amit

    Captain AmitКүн мурун

    Is evan moods illuminate member???

  89. Terri Mash

    Terri MashКүн мурун

    I know everyone and everything evolves and I still love what the band is doing but please but please still throw in a little hate an attitude once in a while Oh my love Ivan !!!

  90. Terri Mash

    Terri MashКүн мурун

    I applaud Ivan and his struggles with sobriety so please don’t take this the wrong way I miss all of the anger in the songs. That is one of the main reasons I fell in love with the band The unapologetic in your face kiss my ass I’ll do what I want attitude

  91. dale grible112

    dale grible112Күн мурун

    You know I have a Masonic ring... I got it cause I thought it was my initials... A G and the V at the bottom was my POS sperm donors last name initial...

  92. Perro Lobo

    Perro LoboКүн мурун


  93. Anne Brown

    Anne BrownКүн мурун

    Thank you

  94. Crimzon

    CrimzonКүн мурун

    Head banger! 🔥💀

  95. Proud American

    Proud AmericanКүн мурун

    Why the illuminati imagery? The m@son and @ll seeing eye bullshit? Why????? 🤬

  96. Tyler High

    Tyler HighКүн мурун

    About time 5fdp...last couple albums have been some pussy ass pop shit. This sounds closer to the original 5fdp I knew and loved

  97. Ashley Tucker

    Ashley TuckerКүн мурун

    I love this band..Ivan is amazing... see yall April 11 2020.. in Alabama ... yay can't wait

  98. chris riker

    chris rikerКүн мурун

    For a man that looks like he could end the universe he lives a very peaceful lifestyle

  99. William Jefferson Clinton

    William Jefferson ClintonКүн мурун

    This song comes to me when a woman just shattered my heart. Perfect timing for this. I mean that in the most sincere way.

  100. Shay Perry

    Shay PerryКүн мурун

    Not only are you a killer singer your a raiders fan RNFL!!!!