First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by KGwork star and anime pro Reina Scully

  1. Sydney Jaden

    Sydney JadenКүн мурун

    The way you edited Theo’s coughs 😂😂

  2. TheHankBoss

    TheHankBossКүн мурун

    Billie: I can't do this, is very crazy. 3:34 Also Internet: And what do you always in your social networks?

  3. Lastkingof33

    Lastkingof33Күн мурун

    Libtard converted. Apparently not that bright.

  4. Zoë Gulliksen

    Zoë GulliksenКүн мурун

    Get Dave Grohl on here!!

  5. MotoCzar

    MotoCzarКүн мурун

    This guy's a solid 380lbs and he said "Elvis died because he ate stuff like this" *Curb your healthy habits....*

  6. David Messer

    David MesserКүн мурун

    This is the best episode yet! Awesome. I really can't believe that I have become addicted to watching people eat hot wings. What a strange world... :)

  7. Maximus

    MaximusКүн мурун

    everyone is weeb nowdays, and i like it :D

  8. Nelson Hernandez

    Nelson HernandezКүн мурун

    Crazy to think he was filthy frank bruh

  9. Nickolas Ecker

    Nickolas EckerКүн мурун

    Cam’Ron would make a great Drink Champs guest but I had read there was some sort of beef between the two and they have not spoken in years.

  10. killer memestar

    killer memestarКүн мурун

    I wouldn't be able to stand anywhere near Andrew without mentioning Destroy Build Destroy.

  11. anonymous opinions

    anonymous opinionsКүн мурун

    Dude was dying but still no selling. Pain management of Pro Wrestlers is on another level.

  12. David Messer

    David MesserКүн мурун

    That trick he does with his hand in front of a camera is great! I'm going to practice that. :)

  13. dylan orick

    dylan orickКүн мурун

    Yo, Shout out to camera guy Bill! Wet that wing!

  14. David Preis

    David PreisКүн мурун

  15. 2002

    2002Күн мурун

    Mans really said itai itai itai!

  16. Ghostey Gang

    Ghostey GangКүн мурун


  17. Darkpyro7

    Darkpyro7Күн мурун

    Crazy how this was 3 years ago and I’m now watching in 2020 without tattoos on his face

  18. Josh Frederick

    Josh FrederickКүн мурун

    Nobody: Forest Whitaker: 18:30

  19. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel HernandezКүн мурун

    I want Doug DeMuro on here

  20. Sublime Lizzy

    Sublime LizzyКүн мурун

    You can see how much Johnny loves Steve-O. They have such great chemistry together.

  21. Jermaine Marillier

    Jermaine MarillierКүн мурун

    How about a Hot Ones Roulette? Where you spin a wheel and have to dab the wing into that sauce..

  22. Maximus

    MaximusКүн мурун

    its funny to think how much thier asshole must hurt after this

  23. karen

    karenКүн мурун

    Ryan fucking reynolds

  24. Andrew Castleberry

    Andrew CastleberryКүн мурун

    Who's here after joining the kkk January 2020 anyone

  25. D Will

    D WillКүн мурун

    I love skip haha

  26. ItsJulian

    ItsJulianКүн мурун

    “Don’t pull an E-40”😭😂

  27. Grant D.

    Grant D.Күн мурун

    “Mooee deliseeoso”

  28. David Vu

    David VuКүн мурун

    Matty knows! Pho best food to nurse a hangover.

  29. JaggerFilms

    JaggerFilmsКүн мурун

    What if Coyote is just Charlie Day with a cowboy hat on

  30. Lang Liêu TV

    Lang Liêu TVКүн мурун

    Me trying to look at da girl group doing excercises : 19:32

  31. Maximus1Decimus

    Maximus1DecimusКүн мурун

    He cleaned the wings, what a champ!

  32. DatNigga Jeezus

    DatNigga JeezusКүн мурун

    You can't melt lil Wayne and pour em on me in a Miami Heat does that mean

  33. Devlin Hunter

    Devlin HunterКүн мурун

    ethans a simp?????

  34. Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis

    Nikos Thanopoulos SarlisКүн мурун

    Get Dave Chappelle and then have Jah to make commentary so we know what happened.

  35. paul gauvin

    paul gauvinКүн мурун

    To hell with political correctness.

  36. Stargirl Channel

    Stargirl ChannelКүн мурун

    Wait minute is that was will Smith said? Your name?

  37. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel HernandezКүн мурун

    Get us Doug DeMuro

  38. TheRedHood

    TheRedHoodКүн мурун

    22:30 you’re welcome

  39. Samsonight33

    Samsonight33Күн мурун

    Show would be better if the guest knew anything about good food. Lol Marshawn smh. Couldn’t get past 8 minutes

  40. heyandy x

    heyandy xКүн мурун

    Here at hot ones, we're all about good clean family fun. :-)

  41. Meat Scepter

    Meat ScepterКүн мурун

    Liam is right about Noel🤣

  42. Magpie birb

    Magpie birbКүн мурун

    she faired better than Gordon Ramsay

  43. Jah Mari

    Jah MariКүн мурун

    He should voice funny valentine in the new jojo after part 6

  44. Sublime Lizzy

    Sublime LizzyКүн мурун

    I love Steve-O. He's put himself through hell but also has pulled himself out of it all under a huge microscope. A clean and sober Steve-O is awesome!!

  45. Deadshot9

    Deadshot9Күн мурун

    It's because of that one kitchen nightmares episode where he was at that bakery when he walked out for the first time

  46. Nathnael Terefe

    Nathnael TerefeКүн мурун

    Who's here after learning what the K in MKBHD stands for?

  47. ian burns

    ian burnsКүн мурун

    He ate that last wing and all I could think was... Ima ghost ghost ghost, 😂😂 for my true how high fans

  48. A Fig

    A FigКүн мурун

    His 15 minutes is up.

  49. Mário

    MárioКүн мурун

    Yo we need Ryan Reynolds on here fo sho

  50. MemerEthan

    MemerEthanКүн мурун

    RIP Juice

  51. Santi Ramirez

    Santi RamirezКүн мурун

    Ice cube should be on this show

  52. Goonz Gaming

    Goonz GamingКүн мурун

    Man Dwayne the rock Johnson needs to do this

  53. Daniel Nuñez

    Daniel NuñezКүн мурун

    This guy is such a cool interviewer!!

  54. Juan Swart

    Juan SwartКүн мурун


  55. Jack Sieben

    Jack SiebenКүн мурун

    wiz laughs lik ahahahah

  56. Sebastian Stachnik

    Sebastian StachnikКүн мурун

    Who is there because only of memes?

  57. kemuael

    kemuaelКүн мурун

    Gordon Ramsay is the only Celebrity I'll like to Meet in person

  58. Lorna Gladue

    Lorna GladueКүн мурун

    Wow, never thought Wiz was that buff but he's genuinely a sweet Rapp artist. . 😎

  59. Patricialyn Veal

    Patricialyn VealКүн мурун

    "Long Shot" is a film I want to own...this was good.

  60. Gavin Campbell

    Gavin CampbellКүн мурун


  61. Noah Colter

    Noah ColterКүн мурун

    We need Connor mcgregor

  62. Mr. Stradivarius

    Mr. StradivariusКүн мурун

    It's not effecting her.

  63. Zuglo HUN

    Zuglo HUNКүн мурун

    My god the ISP music from the start

  64. Heartbreak Kid

    Heartbreak KidКүн мурун

    Billie: I can I Cant I Can I Cant I Can! 14 yr old girls: Wow, that's so deep!

  65. Mike Dianda

    Mike DiandaКүн мурун

    Sean, finally you man up and take that big bite. Love ya man

  66. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan GonzalezКүн мурун

    She’s bad 😍

  67. Białamamba

    BiałamambaКүн мурун

    I think he's crazy.. ..but in a good way!

  68. Jamason Bush

    Jamason BushКүн мурун

    So wholesome

  69. Magpie birb

    Magpie birbКүн мурун

    Gordon: on his deathbed Sean: So about the shark fin-

  70. Yashas Kothapalli

    Yashas KothapalliКүн мурун

    This is what Indians eat on a daily basis

  71. JF- Mazzeratti

    JF- MazzerattiКүн мурун

    Stone cold just lived up to the hype ..can I get a hell yea?

  72. Dariusz C

    Dariusz CКүн мурун

    DaBomb is way hotter than 120000 scoville. Habanero is 300~500k and DaBomb is hotter.

  73. Dhiren Sonawane

    Dhiren SonawaneКүн мурун

    17:59 cross between Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Eeugh. Why.

  74. Curtis W

    Curtis WКүн мурун

    That haircut does not meet Ron Swanson's pyramid of greatness standards.

  75. Zexy Artist

    Zexy ArtistКүн мурун

    Get Conor McGregor on hot onesss

  76. Cody Laramore

    Cody LaramoreКүн мурун

    Why can’t the two cities just agree to disagree? I personally, like a mixture of the two, a fully loaded pizza that’s not heavy on sauce but the toppings. Fricano’s in west Michigan is by far the best pizza I’ve ever had.

  77. Serg Ivash

    Serg IvashКүн мурун

    Wth is a vegan wing?

  78. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan GonzalezКүн мурун

    Didn’t realize at first but I think this could be frank pinellos twin lmao

  79. Tag anobie

    Tag anobieКүн мурун

    I've watched a ton of these, hands down she is my favorite guest

  80. Valec Landini

    Valec LandiniКүн мурун

    “Fuckin grapefruit in hot sauce... are you serious?” Fuckin love this mans

  81. Oscar Dahmer

    Oscar DahmerКүн мурун

    Asuka is so beautiful

  82. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hideКүн мурун

    Here is my list for the new season: Ryan Reynolds Matthew McConaughey Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hardy Steve Carell Cillian Murphy

  83. Hy Chiu

    Hy ChiuКүн мурун

    Get Andrew Yang on the show

  84. jahja killer

    jahja killerКүн мурун


  85. Leena Raphael

    Leena RaphaelКүн мурун

    Please bring Paul Wesley. It would be so fun his humor is just so excellent!!!!

  86. Kwazi Hlela

    Kwazi HlelaКүн мурун

    I just have to say that I love Shia. The respect I have for him as an actor cant really explain. If you ever read this Shia, you are so deep. You roles have always been very honest to me. The guy you are off screen is refreshing in so many ways

  87. Andrzej Nastlame

    Andrzej NastlameКүн мурун

    19:00 Thank me later.

  88. Leena Raphael

    Leena RaphaelКүн мурун

    Please bring Paul Wesley. It would be so fun his humor is just so excellent!! 😂😂😛

  89. Kubrick Wall

    Kubrick WallКүн мурун

    Here's a suggestion. Instead of pulling out a laptop , they should display images via projector , since the wall to their right/left is plain

  90. Renee Howard

    Renee HowardКүн мурун

    That's MyNicca

  91. FavoredLeather On Demand

    FavoredLeather On DemandКүн мурун

    I always love the vibe of this channel the music is so soothing for people setting fire to their mouths..

  92. FavoredLeather On Demand

    FavoredLeather On DemandКүн мурун

    I always love the vibe of this channel the music is so soothing for people setting fire to their from mouths..

  93. Brett Deutsch

    Brett DeutschКүн мурун

    Get Margot Robbie. Birds of Prey comes out the same week Hot Ones comes back. It makes perfect sense.

  94. Revving

    RevvingКүн мурун

    Just wash your tongue with a little dish soap and the pain will be completely gone. This was proven with VSauce and it definitely works.

  95. Devon Batista

    Devon BatistaКүн мурун

    My coworker ordered "Da Bomb," I dipped the TIP of ONE prong of a fork in that shit and BOYYYYYYY did that shit light me up. And I'm a hot sauce connoisseur, so that's saying something lol

  96. Fran Co

    Fran CoКүн мурун

    What a bitch

  97. julioARTUROS

    julioARTUROSКүн мурун

    A champion.

  98. Doughboi

    DoughboiКүн мурун

    Mah name ish cheeeeefffff