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  1. - WaSTe -

    - WaSTe -Күн мурун

    Do a react to hardcore music video

  2. Briana M

    Briana MКүн мурун

    i love lucas hes so adorable!!!!

  3. Zombie Gamer

    Zombie GamerКүн мурун

    I drink black coffee 😂

  4. Rappin Rhinosheep

    Rappin RhinosheepКүн мурун

    SCOREBOARD Reptar Bar: 3 Spaghetti Taco: 3 Dumplings: 6 Krabby Patty: 7 It's a funny psychological effect that the later things were eaten more

  5. patricia sanchez

    patricia sanchezКүн мурун

    Please do more of this. Is way to fun to know if parents know their child 💜

  6. Craig Evans

    Craig EvansКүн мурун

    K have a strategy for this game get one cheap one and three expensive ones you rlly want then if you go over just put that cheap one back

  7. HowKidsBecomeKids

    HowKidsBecomeKidsКүн мурун

    Anybody else make it through the video but through all the replays and laughter of the participants you break?

  8. ItsSmudgee

    ItsSmudgeeКүн мурун

    5:59 “LEGO Minecraft sex”

  9. a_mackzz

    a_mackzzКүн мурун

    Lol I know every song 😂

  10. I sF x Murat I

    I sF x Murat IКүн мурун

    Ricky is so f***boy it’s actually funny

  11. ItsSmudgee

    ItsSmudgeeКүн мурун

    That joker laugh 😂


    SUBRO TURBOКүн мурун

    Did i read it wrong or did the title change one second ago

  13. Nadz Nuts

    Nadz NutsКүн мурун

    Omg what’s the recipes for the cake

  14. K S

    K SКүн мурун


  15. Aaron Page

    Aaron PageКүн мурун

    I don't do game theories, they're often wrong

  16. Sören Eriksson

    Sören ErikssonКүн мурун

    Adults react to Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  17. Filip Jan Zapotoczny Kocham Polska

    Filip Jan Zapotoczny Kocham PolskaКүн мурун

    Please do teen plays NHL 20

  18. Luke Patrick

    Luke PatrickКүн мурун

    This girl said Johny Bravo was Danny Phantom??????

  19. MsJokert6

    MsJokert6Күн мурун

    That look like a t.v dinner steak.

  20. Corgigames TV

    Corgigames TVКүн мурун

    Don sound like the joker when he laughs

  21. Sarah G.

    Sarah G.Күн мурун

    I think it’s pretty obvious where Joaquin Phoenix got the Inspiration for his joker laugh from... Don’s the real life joker, don’t at me

  22. BabyAmber1992

    BabyAmber1992Күн мурун

    Don is full of life 😂

  23. F.B.I

    F.B.IКүн мурун

    Do try guessing what there parents buy

  24. Adrielokil

    AdrielokilКүн мурун

    Just pick the most expensive every round, you still only have to put back one thing

  25. killainstinct87

    killainstinct87Күн мурун

    Damn Ricky is dope af!

  26. Emely Marsh

    Emely MarshКүн мурун

    How old are these kids

  27. Mango Tango

    Mango TangoКүн мурун


  28. DaddiesFuckToy n

    DaddiesFuckToy nКүн мурун

    Brandon at the end fucking same😂😂

  29. Bedbully

    BedbullyКүн мурун

    Pro locksmith my ass

  30. B. Africa

    B. AfricaКүн мурун

    Did anyone else notice that all of these teens have oddly spelt names?...

  31. Sajeda Siddique

    Sajeda SiddiqueКүн мурун

    First I thought he was mbappe

  32. Paul Hrahsel

    Paul HrahselКүн мурун

    Saw Chelsea and I clicked..She's so pretty ans cute

  33. jj popdrop

    jj popdropКүн мурун

    The pizza boxer is slow asf

  34. Ryan Natuor

    Ryan NatuorКүн мурун

    Jaxon was obviously wishing he didnt accept the invitation

  35. jackie alfaro

    jackie alfaroКүн мурун

    I got every one of them right except one. So I’m proud of myself. Lol

  36. Magical Unicorn

    Magical UnicornКүн мурун Watch and support a KGwork beginner please!

  37. Barbie Santiago

    Barbie SantiagoКүн мурун

    Lucas reminds me so much of Valentina from RuPaul’s

  38. Daeneth Bruiners

    Daeneth BruinersКүн мурун

    Vegas Don is the best😂

  39. Top Rock

    Top RockКүн мурун

    Bro! They got Connor from Detroit and Good mythical morning had Cal from Jedi fallen order! What a day guys

  40. Mr.Mudkip

    Mr.MudkipКүн мурун


  41. thedarknightme

    thedarknightmeКүн мурун

    That same gauntlet costs twice as much here in the Philippines. WTF??

  42. UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTE

    UgadaiLyam LIKE REALLY CUTEКүн мурун

    Lucas is so sweet

  43. Robo Scythe

    Robo ScytheКүн мурун

    @2:48 that Joker laugh though is on point!! 👍

  44. Izzat Baharudin

    Izzat BaharudinКүн мурун

    Dude just ate them all, forget about the point pleasw

  45. Kaylee Witmer

    Kaylee WitmerКүн мурун

    LOL!! Was watching and Lucas was asked what his dad would think he bought out of the stuffed animals. “He’d think I’d buy the big dog cuz it’s expensive, but...” then it cut to a huggies commercial and it immediately said “I’m a big kid now!” It was just perfect timing.

  46. Haylee Christian-brearley

    Haylee Christian-brearleyКүн мурун

    We need Will in more dance challenges!!

  47. Blubblib

    BlubblibКүн мурун


  48. Dominic Herrera

    Dominic HerreraКүн мурун

    Who doesn't like Wendy's

  49. Naila Sophia

    Naila SophiaКүн мурун

    yayy its backk

  50. Blubblib

    BlubblibКүн мурун

    Yay! It is back! :D

  51. Tariq Jahangir

    Tariq JahangirКүн мурун

    Why does Dominick look emo?????

  52. __.Fenia.__

    __.Fenia.__Күн мурун

    2:33 lol😂

  53. Munawwar Azmi

    Munawwar AzmiКүн мурун

    Can you react to this? Malaysian rap

  54. fallingawayfromthenorm

    fallingawayfromthenormКүн мурун

    My brain has a terrible gift at remembering useless information, like every single show they brought up in this video. 🤣

  55. Luce Ojeda

    Luce OjedaКүн мурун

    the g note i-

  56. the_nikster

    the_niksterКүн мурун

    my baby Lucas said “new year, new me.” I died! 😂😂😂

  57. adriel locklayer

    adriel locklayerКүн мурун

    11:05 awkward handshake

  58. Forever Rain

    Forever RainКүн мурун

    I love Lucas lol

  59. Earl Jonathan Formacion

    Earl Jonathan FormacionКүн мурун

    React to the witcher

  60. Darth Felix

    Darth FelixКүн мурун

    Ty for bringing this back 😊😂

  61. Its Maracuja

    Its MaracujaКүн мурун

    Omg I Rate my chemical romance black parade by the first second 😦❤️

  62. R' n' B

    R' n' BКүн мурун

    Dons Joker laugh 😂😂😂😂

  63. Shoog Z_x

    Shoog Z_xКүн мурун

    I feel like i want a lil brother when i watch those two kids

  64. Leo You

    Leo YouКүн мурун

    The idea is great but this over-produced, TV-clone concepts being applied for a game concept more fit for KGwork? That's why your like ratio is so bad and nobody is going to rewatch this.

  65. Ash Ketchum

    Ash KetchumКүн мурун

    He sounds like Olaf

  66. Barracuda Blanche

    Barracuda BlancheКүн мурун

    Watching on our TV *Came here to read rude comments about ricky

  67. Ash Ketchum

    Ash KetchumКүн мурун

    I think Ricky is trying to be cool not rude

  68. Ash Ketchum

    Ash KetchumКүн мурун

    Sooo boring

  69. Ash Ketchum

    Ash KetchumКүн мурун

    The dads are paid actors?

  70. NiCoLaS

    NiCoLaSКүн мурун

    Crossover, will smith and the rock

  71. Elissandrea/Edna Cruz/Sierra

    Elissandrea/Edna Cruz/SierraКүн мурун

    I’m so proud of Lucas, keep growing and being you 💕

  72. Lois Sanborn

    Lois SanbornКүн мурун

    Erin's awesome. She has a great voice. What was the paper-choke girl trying to do? Like, what was the goal there?

  73. Moon Dash

    Moon DashКүн мурун

    Why is Jaxon such a mood💀

  74. Amelia

    AmeliaКүн мурун

    I really didn't like Ricky

  75. Malcolm McNab

    Malcolm McNabКүн мурун

    Aww man Tom got left on ice with that fist bump. Hilariously sad 😂😭

  76. Turbold Go

    Turbold GoКүн мурун

    Mom:*twerking* Me:*eyes bleeding*

  77. Lee Felix

    Lee FelixКүн мурун

    My dirty and corrupted mind get it all.

  78. Steinar Brandvik

    Steinar BrandvikКүн мурун

    I wonder why nobody peels the lemon when they are to eat it like this. It is separated inside like an orange, much easier to eat that way, and not messy like this.

  79. Luke Daniel Galon

    Luke Daniel GalonКүн мурун

    react to plazma burst 2 funtage by mingo1 pls it is priceless.

  80. Jeremy Rivers

    Jeremy RiversКүн мурун

    isnt don from 60 days in

  81. Wehbe Rassam

    Wehbe RassamКүн мурун

    Ricky is rude

  82. Victoria Fernandez

    Victoria FernandezКүн мурун

    i see brandon i click

  83. Markeesha Jordan

    Markeesha JordanКүн мурун

    I want to know where they got that infinity gauntlet for 69.95 🤔

  84. Jack Ward

    Jack WardКүн мурун

    Is Dons surname Wayans?

  85. Borut Jurisic

    Borut JurisicКүн мурун

    Damn... nobody knew 2 Stupid Dogs??? They were really, REALLY funny!

  86. Harry Kay

    Harry KayКүн мурун

    Teens react to oasis.

  87. Boi_Eli

    Boi_EliКүн мурун

    I have the same waffle maker😂

  88. Erin Gauthier

    Erin GauthierКүн мурун

    Try cooking on a coffeemaker!!!

  89. LoneShadow

    LoneShadowКүн мурун

    Connor. The emotionless cyborg. Bryan Dechart. A human being that can laugh at almost everything.

  90. Walter Arroyo

    Walter ArroyoКүн мурун

    Tori needs to make a shirt that says JUST FUCKING EAT IT!!!

  91. GoaDog7

    GoaDog7Күн мурун

    Im calling police!

  92. Bruno Felipe Costa da Silva

    Bruno Felipe Costa da SilvaКүн мурун

    fuck off this bunny I have a infinty gauntlet.........AND ICECREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Mary Tesic

    Mary TesicКүн мурун

    Don should be a comedian actor xD

  94. Therese Bonnier Höglander

    Therese Bonnier HöglanderКүн мурун

    Santa´s hand?! HAHA that was epic.

  95. Random Channel

    Random ChannelКүн мурун

    i see kendell i click

  96. Monica Barragan

    Monica BarraganКүн мурун

    It bugs me that they didn’t show how to solve the last one

  97. Ryley Russell

    Ryley RussellКүн мурун

    I only knew sailor moon I really hate it sailor moon sucks

  98. Cindy Do

    Cindy DoКүн мурун

    A test of ocd

  99. Kristine

    KristineКүн мурун

    "Real" People vs Locksmiths

  100. Duy Lê Quang

    Duy Lê QuangКүн мурун

    everyone in this video look like me trying to hold my cuming when having sex