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Thank you

5 ай мурун

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  1. Nevaeh Wood

    Nevaeh Wood40 секунд мурун

    Wait; next product she comes out with is holo cat collars ? 😂

  2. Fuchsia Vicencio

    Fuchsia Vicencio3 мүнөт мурун

    Cristine is the professor Ben is the lab rat

  3. It’s just Sofie

    It’s just Sofie7 мүнөт мурун

    At least it was in h💿l💿

  4. Delmis Cruz

    Delmis Cruz10 мүнөт мурун

    Christine your makeup is on point 😍

  5. Fuchsia Vicencio

    Fuchsia Vicencio10 мүнөт мурун

    Sounds like he’s depressed 😹😹😹

  6. Eden M

    Eden M13 мүнөт мурун

    cat clock is having an identity crisis

  7. MysteryTouched

    MysteryTouched16 мүнөт мурун


  8. Alli Schoulte

    Alli Schoulte20 мүнөт мурун

    Wow ur actually mentally insane

  9. Noel Washington

    Noel Washington37 мүнөт мурун

    Simply: “ these people probably went to my high school ten years ago, and are still there” Anyone else: “ Oop” Me: “ OOoOoooOhhHhhhH “

  10. fernando garibay

    fernando garibay38 мүнөт мурун

    Umm look in the back 0:24

  11. Elle Hohl

    Elle Hohl38 мүнөт мурун

    "She didn't say holo.... but could I make it holo?" 😂😂 I died

  12. Erin Wtf

    Erin Wtf39 мүнөт мурун

    Well safyia(idk if I spelled it right) bathed in a green tea thing in Japan so I’m assuming it should be fun

  13. EJM White

    EJM White42 мүнөт мурун

    I just noticed that the finger puppet cat's collars match her nails?! Idk if she even did that on purpose

  14. TheFatIdiot

    TheFatIdiot54 мүнөт мурун

    "Is that a vibrator? " and "that looks like it wasnt the right time of the month to be playing around" cracked me up, dont judge me

  15. Megan Chiong

    Megan Chiong56 мүнөт мурун

    Dude in the intro Uhh she owns that underwear 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Tanita England

    Tanita England57 мүнөт мурун

    Me: *Silently making cat stuff in my room with cat fur* Mum: "What are you doing" Me: "Harvesting cat fur and making cat hats, Why?" Mum: *Disappointment*

  17. dog days

    dog days59 мүнөт мурун

    4:10 to 4:40 I tried to take a sip but o laughed so hard I spilled the tea I was drinking

  18. Emma Bell

    Emma BellСаат мурун

    Ben reminded me of Julien a lot in this video. Idk why

  19. lazy cat studios

    lazy cat studiosСаат мурун

    I always forget how stereotypical troom troom is.

  20. Tayler Lamont

    Tayler LamontСаат мурун

    cats tea and bennnnnn she has lost her mind

  21. Katie Bennett

    Katie BennettСаат мурун

    I’m just sitting here watching Cristene go crazy extremely slowly

  22. dorkacorns glasses

    dorkacorns glassesСаат мурун

    Why do u want someone to make christen a vsco girl by editing together all the " liquid latesksks "

  23. Olivia Groh

    Olivia GrohСаат мурун

    I finally have yellow nails Bc of how much I started using nail polish I can finally be like you

  24. Ronika Sassy

    Ronika SassyСаат мурун

    I’m Scorpio

  25. Cheesy Paws

    Cheesy PawsСаат мурун

    I liked the last one u just needed to clean up the edges

  26. Filipa Maskowicz

    Filipa MaskowiczСаат мурун

    Troom troom Ben is such a mood

  27. Liliana Clark

    Liliana ClarkСаат мурун

    they really both glowed up so much. goals

  28. Madison Flowers

    Madison FlowersСаат мурун

    why does she have a separate job ? Wouldn’t she make a living off of what she makes of of KGwork

  29. sharanjeet kaur

    sharanjeet kaurСаат мурун

    Actually I’m a cosmetologist and I beauty school learned that you could use base coat instead of top coat and use top coat instead of base coat 😂 lol just saying

  30. Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}

    Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}Саат мурун

    Ben: what is this stuff? Christine: It’s uhh I dunno I don’t f**king know Lmao dead I love these tutorial videos 😂❤️🤣

  31. Marcela Nieto

    Marcela NietoСаат мурун

    0:24 you forgot about sweatpants

  32. Levine Kids

    Levine KidsСаат мурун

    Did anyone else notice the small black sequin in the top left-hand corner of the camera??

  33. E mc Slime

    E mc SlimeСаат мурун

    My dad said holographic glitter is not and something that makes a hologram! He wrong!

  34. Marta Świączkowska

    Marta ŚwiączkowskaСаат мурун

    You actually shouldn’t put bell collars on your cats. How would you feel walking around with something that makes noise all the time? :(

  35. Julia Powell

    Julia PowellСаат мурун

    The foolish man built his house upon the sand.

  36. Pink Diamond

    Pink DiamondСаат мурун

    I have to admit I, a Canadian have ran into a stop sign and said sorry

  37. elena party city

    elena party cityСаат мурун

    you should make a video of you water marbling something using all of your nail polish

  38. ASMR Queen

    ASMR Queen2 саат мурун

    U should name it simplycraftlogical

  39. Chery Ramanadham

    Chery Ramanadham2 саат мурун

    T-T oh no……

  40. fluff cat

    fluff cat2 саат мурун

    7:24 literally just take a pen and throw it who on earth has this much time

  41. Emma Loving

    Emma Loving2 саат мурун


  42. Macey Lyrae

    Macey Lyrae2 саат мурун

    What has this channel turned into

  43. creamy.pixel

    creamy.pixel2 саат мурун

    They are purrfect

  44. Macey Lyrae

    Macey Lyrae2 саат мурун

    What has this channel turned into

  45. Fashion Fox

    Fashion Fox2 саат мурун

    4 whole minutes about Zyler and Menchie and IM NOT complaining

  46. Why am I Here

    Why am I Here2 саат мурун

    Grass is good for cats and dogs health *fun fact*

  47. Electrical Leaf

    Electrical Leaf2 саат мурун

    Zyler is *underrated!!*

  48. crystal clay

    crystal clay2 саат мурун

    I feel like christine is preggnant O_O

  49. Becca Lynn

    Becca Lynn2 саат мурун

    So f***ing painful

  50. Wandering Owl

    Wandering Owl2 саат мурун

    Have you ever thought about getting a third cat? Great video btw!

  51. crystal clay

    crystal clay2 саат мурун

    I didn't know christine went through a slut phase XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  52. Saule Strabeikaite

    Saule Strabeikaite2 саат мурун

    damn has zyler never been brushed before??

  53. Elena Stivers

    Elena Stivers2 саат мурун

    6:00 in the words of Taylor Swift..... 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙣𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙢 𝙙𝙤𝙬𝙣, 𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙗𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙤𝙤 𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙙 Yes I know it’s a year apart but Christine is funny to rewatch

  54. CrimsonSeas9109

    CrimsonSeas91092 саат мурун

    You didn't do it for either lol. You didn't get the sponge

  55. Stephanie Kruse

    Stephanie Kruse2 саат мурун

    Make more tik tok vids

  56. Élise Bertrand

    Élise Bertrand2 саат мурун

    Just saw this on pinterest and thought those nails looked familiar!?

  57. The Adventures of Emily Elizabeth

    The Adventures of Emily Elizabeth2 саат мурун

    s for simply

  58. Bread Cat

    Bread Cat2 саат мурун

    All the dislikes are all the 6 yr old fans of nail a peel

  59. mypupismup

    mypupismup2 саат мурун

    Hey, adults can enjoy bubbles too!

  60. •o• •o•

    •o• •o•2 саат мурун

    My cat is a shorthair and she ABSOLUTELY despises brushing.

  61. Clouddii Skies

    Clouddii Skies2 саат мурун

    *acetone* *-acetone-*

  62. Coco Harry

    Coco Harry3 саат мурун

    I hope when I buy a house I'll have 3 dogs 2 cats and a nail polish ,Makeup and hair room with clothes

  63. Mirror

    Mirror3 саат мурун

    I shifted my biting nail to the tips of my fingers Lord help me

  64. drdsasterify

    drdsasterify3 саат мурун

    Sometimes I forget Ben is an Aries And then I am reminded

  65. Camryn-Adrianna LOCKMAN

    Camryn-Adrianna LOCKMAN3 саат мурун

    Can we just talk about how pretty Menchie’s eyes are?

  66. Emily Scheib

    Emily Scheib3 саат мурун

    That's copyrighted by keyboard cat you asshole 😭 I'm dying

  67. moom11_1

    moom11_13 саат мурун

    don’t act like this video wasn’t meant to be an ad for the cat adoption place

  68. My World

    My World3 саат мурун

    15:06 15:07 doo doo XD

  69. Harvey Tan

    Harvey Tan3 саат мурун

    YANG 2020 MATH

  70. Grace Lutkus

    Grace Lutkus3 саат мурун

    You should try it on a vehicle to see if it does the same as it did in your child hood

  71. Alex :3

    Alex :33 саат мурун

    The video watching was so chaotic

  72. Maddison McCarthy

    Maddison McCarthy3 саат мурун

    Starbucks stocks dropped to zero

  73. Maya Bella

    Maya Bella3 саат мурун

    tea is actually really good 4 ur skin!

  74. Maddison McCarthy

    Maddison McCarthy3 саат мурун


  75. Brittany Barnett

    Brittany Barnett3 саат мурун

    Lol wow now I know how to use dip to make press-ons. Legit didnt think they were gonna come off with the peel off base

  76. Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}

    Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}3 саат мурун

    I literally laughed so hard during this video 😂🤣 Still it looks so beautiful ❤️

  77. Helena Pearl

    Helena Pearl3 саат мурун

    Where did you meet Ben?

  78. Pari Shumial

    Pari Shumial3 саат мурун

    Nail polish , tea, BEYN & cats are all i need in life- cristine 😍😍♥️

  79. Alyazia Mohammed

    Alyazia Mohammed3 саат мурун

    i lovet

  80. Κάτια Μαυροκεφάλου

    Κάτια Μαυροκεφάλου3 саат мурун

    5:51 I laughed so hard😂😂😂

  81. Ayako Chu

    Ayako Chu3 саат мурун

    My birthday was the 8 october :O

  82. Alpca Army

    Alpca Army3 саат мурун

    4:45 ‘’ dip an old marker into nail remover. ‘’ - Troom Troom

  83. Clara ok boomer

    Clara ok boomer3 саат мурун

    For my english essay i’m writing about Coco Chanel💞

  84. June Kim

    June Kim3 саат мурун

    You can life without us!!!???😭😭😭😭

  85. Lara Prado

    Lara Prado4 саат мурун

    I swear, your dad is younger than my dad and i’m 12 kkkkkk

  86. AM - 06VA - Lisgar MS (1569)

    AM - 06VA - Lisgar MS (1569)4 саат мурун

    what happened to her mom?

  87. Maddison Blandford-Baker

    Maddison Blandford-Baker4 саат мурун

    She is an alian!

  88. and_i_jolieflower

    and_i_jolieflower4 саат мурун

    I was gon’ die, no holo = no life

  89. hannah shark

    hannah shark4 саат мурун

    Cristine no please... ANIMAL ABUSE

  90. Mocha Gacha

    Mocha Gacha4 саат мурун

    Why did this come up when I searched about Vantablack XD

  91. Coconut - Blue British Shorthair cat

    Coconut - Blue British Shorthair cat4 саат мурун

    I have made some CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS from my Cat's Hair :-)

  92. Nick Cunningham-Moorat

    Nick Cunningham-Moorat4 саат мурун

    Purple holo

  93. Hannah Littlewood-clark

    Hannah Littlewood-clark4 саат мурун

    I was so happy when I heard the CHVRCHES song, as brief as it was👍

  94. Chays Love

    Chays Love4 саат мурун


  95. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl4 саат мурун

    Next video: Crafting using my own hair!

  96. Chalice Closen

    Chalice Closen4 саат мурун

    Fun to watch but ewwwwwww