I do what you want to see.

Making myself an OUTFIT!! 👕👖
Custom CAR!! (Volks Wagon)
Customizing my SKATEBOARD!!
Custom CARTOON Jacket!

Custom CARTOON Jacket!

7 ай мурун

HYDRO Dipping Ultra Boost! - 3
Custom Dragon Ball Z Yeezys!
Custom CARTOON Air Force 1's
Supreme x LV Scooter.... Diy
Let’s make a Cake

Let’s make a Cake

9 ай мурун



10 ай мурун

I Made Gucci Sketchers...

I Made Gucci Sketchers...

10 ай мурун



11 ай мурун

  1. A2Tikked YT

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    Come on do a life size Santa thing!

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    *custom Altoid mint container*

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    Hi marko your works are great Your fan from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

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    Iestyn Cattroll15 секунд мурун

    How am I ment to enter when I already have done those things ages ago

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    Marko the best

  8. It's Viciouxs

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    Please let me win... subscribed like 15 years go Followed you on insta like 15 years ago AND..... Liked this vid like 15 seconds ago 🤘🏽😁hope I win🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

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    pick me please !!!

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    the wallets were nice, and then u whipped out the bag like whoaw

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    I follow you on ig and I’m subscribed w post notifications on, it would mean the world to me if you read this and sent me something

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    Luis Meza37 секунд мурун

    Marko let me get the butterfly one 🦋

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    Marko you just ruined some Louis Vuitton what are you doing

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    Hope I get picked

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    Soooo awesome - Love the stuff !

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    that butterfly one crispy!!!

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    I've entered!

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    I am from germany and it is 2 oclock in the Night and I watch your Videos I love theme

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    if i win! Ill buy you a watermelon

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    I hope I win

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    Dude you're so talented 💓💓 IG: quscorpian

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    Marcoo you just ruined some louis vuitton what areee you doiinnggg

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    already was subscribed with post notifications on and followed you! hopefully I win Marko, my IG is @AlexisC_805

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    Marko didn't ruin them he "improved them" 😂

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    Julia Myers5 мүнөт мурун

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