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    Now they need to make a podcast

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    I want a giant markeplier google

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    Your clap is a nope

  9. caitlyn ramp

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    2:00 I'm I the only one that head tanner say "that shits hard"

  10. Fnaf fan 14

    Fnaf fan 1439 мүнөт мурун

    Just thinking about how many disgusting things have been placed on that poor table makes my skin crawl.

  11. Jamie Alexander

    Jamie Alexander41 мүнөт мурун

    How much gaff tape did y'all use decorating your set .🤣🤣

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    Grandad 👴

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    The blue jays


    LIFE IS GOOD51 мүнөт мурун

    You are clevers

  15. Tafkaprincess

    Tafkaprincess59 мүнөт мурун

    Play dough drill and fill had been one of my kids favorite toys for a few yrs.

  16. Chueyee Yang

    Chueyee YangСаат мурун

    Is that Nate Sexton?

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    Roses are red

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    1like on this video = 1shot of the strongest nerf gun pointed at tanner

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    Why do everybody do fake memes like matt: how out butter in the fridge stop it its fucking boring and lame no one i good like look at them every store Selma them in fridges wtf is that?

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    Puzzle me buzzle What, like a thousand? A thousand

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    Seems like toys Made in USA a Kind of garbage

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    Its now over 120k

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    Top 10 anime Crossovers

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    I had the drill and fill toy as a kid😂

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    Robert idk is that you 15:27

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  28. Rc Maddnes flying and driving

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    Do it just do it

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    Clone wars

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    Do u now were my eye brows are ?I lost them yesterday... Let me now if u find them.

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    Pls show us luna

  33. Monika DDLC

    Monika DDLC2 саат мурун

    That chimp went from nope to dope the moment I saw it poop out the batteries

  34. Sarah Emery

    Sarah Emery2 саат мурун

    oh my gosh I had the dentist toy as a child

  35. Nadim Fayad

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    Bro I got scared when it came near the cameras

  36. InsaneTrain HD

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    --Moo!! "Alright" *proceeds to assault cow*

  37. InsaneTrain HD

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    *Welcome to Lactation My Friends*


    RAPHA SEVEN-TEEN2 саат мурун

    GRANDAD plz make this like to buy into a video where you bring Luna to a video of: “products your kid would love!” And have Luna test every item and if she’s havin fun it’s a dope if not it’s a nope plz like so they can see

  39. Jason West

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    I love you guys my name is Jaxon

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    Hot beverage bags

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    Sexy man

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    Tan man

  44. Sam and Alec

    Sam and Alec2 саат мурун

    I had one of those inviable pens with the light I would write swear words on my desk worked pretty well until the teacher got a blue light for a weird party thing long story short don't do that kids

  45. Backtuck Borcherds

    Backtuck Borcherds2 саат мурун

    Cardi B

  46. James Youngs

    James Youngs2 саат мурун

    Dollar stores in florida sell the bang cap guns

  47. 蔡德灿

    蔡德灿2 саат мурун

    3:22 I have one of those and I shoot pencils and pens with it, it can actually shoot through hard cardboard and even thin plastic XD

  48. TheNintendoNerd

    TheNintendoNerd2 саат мурун

    The first one is from toy story 3

  49. MaryAnn Sympson

    MaryAnn Sympson2 саат мурун

    A girl was playing w/ one of these cabbage patch girls & her hair got stuck in it’s mouth and she just kept chewing & chewing her hair. Last thing I knew, it was recalled.

  50. fuck you

    fuck you2 саат мурун

    No one, not a single soul. Luna would love this

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    My kitten is called luna

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    bat boiz

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    Puzzle me buzzle

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    Clickbaited me like a mf

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    It’s winter for me

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    One like = one Zeus

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    I remember that i had that dentist playdow thing

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  62. Kan Meridoc

    Kan Meridoc3 саат мурун

    "Nothing more emasculating" -Tanner. Also Tanner: scared of a toy gun because it looks like a 1911.

  63. Some Stuff

    Some Stuff3 саат мурун

    I have that

  64. Vivian Dinsmore

    Vivian Dinsmore3 саат мурун

    "GRANDAD" I would love to see sweet Luna again. She is so cute.

  65. Eliza Welch

    Eliza Welch3 саат мурун

    Is it weird I own one of these products....?

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    #dogs are the best

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    Cardi b

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    Y is the car slow

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    i was in a tornado it ripped the roof off our house

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    spend noobilion or dhiareealion dollars

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    $139 for stupid things 🤣

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    The socks and the gloves are legit

  75. Привет мой друг

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    Tanner go train thowing Btw love the vids they are so funny lol

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    Hahaha! As I was watching this it activated my google home and it told me where koalas are located

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    Grandad 👴

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    2019 anyone???

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  83. Parker McColly

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    Dogs are better, cat people are depressing.

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    Why... Why No no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Yay tanner's back!

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    Yeah Tanner it's Tee tee

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    Gun gun

  89. Nasty Nilson

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    oh, i didn't even know that this could be my favourite youtube series idea. :D I need more!

  90. Hunter Cawley

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    Mat has to where it

  91. awsome bunny

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    That was way to wired

  92. Let’s Talk

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    RIP Etika

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    No is notis21

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    The monkey is so creepy!!

  96. Dylan Van Graan

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    Do a top ten ANIME PRODUCTS video please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    micheals appearance has changed a lot since 2018

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