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    Make a film about die hard

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    Everyone using baby joda for views

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    How could you forget that Brad Davis guy. He's evil

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    Stefan Apavaloae5 мүнөт мурун

    I dislike the video just because you aren't right!!! It's not your fault that Disney NOW makes bad movies... I sincerely love more your videos then this movie... Those people are jealous of you! But hey, that's just a theory, a film theory

  6. Benja Min

    Benja Min5 мүнөт мурун

    There's a big problem here. It's never stated that Yoda's species is near extinct. In Legends there's even and explanation as to why you don't see a lot og Yodas running around. Their species lives in the unknown regions and are an incredibly peaceful species, which is why they makre sure to avert all war away from wherever their homeplanet may be.

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    Matpat if you mess with my clone troopers i will be so f##king mad

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    They said it’s love But I’m another episode it said gibberish

  9. Never Too Old Gaming

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    Although I know of this "baby" Yoda, I will never acknowledge it as canon. Lucas made Yoda, and his "species" obscure for a reason. Because they were meant to be the Watchers of the Star Wars universe. Immortal beings, all powerful, all knowing, cosmic entities. It is cute though and will give Disney even more money that they don't need to buy up even more studios. Yay monopolies! Nothing ever goes wrong when those are involved amirite?

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    There's a box in the garage named time travel stuff

  11. Jake Turner

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    Was yoda’s species almost wiped out because of long infancy or is it that no one knows the original planet of yoda because yoda never wanted to tell anyone. And he didn’t want to tell anyone because his home planet was full of peace and didn’t want others coming and introducing violence to his home world?

  12. Jhazz29

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    Who's excited to see the new episode theory about the cat😅

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    this would've been so amazing

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    Didnt Akira die in the jungle book?

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    Gotta laugh at the intro where darth vader do the weird dancing

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    The intro sound like a MEME =)

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    Hey thats my favorite movie how to train your dragon!

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    Never seen such a silly yet amazing intro before... ^^

  20. James Mitchell

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    Are they extinct or wiped out? Is it even a natural birth? (Clones have had thier aging altered before!) Do they birth like humans? What if they are hatched from eggs? (maybe they spend 45 years in an egg) Why is the show called the Mandalorian when its main draw is baby yoda?..... Is this theroy is written by Jar Jar?

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    He's name yeed

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    The Darth Vader wobbling got me

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    There is no problem and for that reason I'm leaving

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    4:20 mins long into to the episode. Coincidence ? I think not !!!!

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    Spiderman homeless

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    Wtf i disliked this for the intro its just sad and annoying

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    This is one of the most ridiculous videos I’ve ever watched🤣

  28. Dobby

    Dobby33 мүнөт мурун

    Please do a theory for Blendin Blandin(Gravity Falls time travel guy) being a Morty. They're both voiced by Justin Roiland and have similar stupid whimsical personalities.

  29. SKU11 does GAMING

    SKU11 does GAMING33 мүнөт мурун

    Mat, are you sure the book wasn't trying to say that it's the victim that's supposed to have dark hair and dark eyes? That part was in bullet points, as the killer description was in writing.

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  32. Jimi the Schmuck

    Jimi the Schmuck37 мүнөт мурун

    Yoda is a lot older than 900. He specifically says he's been training Jedi for 900 years, which puts him at well over 1000 years old.

  33. Laylah P

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    Neanderthals are the ancestors of Caucasians, not humans

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  35. yaret vazquez

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    You see, one of the abilities that spider-man got from the spider is just straight up no fall damage xD

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    the best in tro

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    I just had a thought you guys... SO with tridactyls having smaller hips as mentioned in this video would require the babies to come out even smaller...

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    "I own a toddler" Good for you I don't have a girlfriend

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    Baby Yoda is 50 years old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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    The last baby

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    "i currently OWN a toddler"

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    *no u*

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    You forgot grandma yoda


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    But BUT if you loook closely at the bodies youll see that some have been chopped in half others more burnt than a chicken nugget and most riddled with bullet holes wich will ruin the organd

  48. Leprychaun !

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    Baby Yoda is quite mobile, but doesn't talk. I think he's about 2 in human years. He may be capable to speak, but hasn't been taught yet.

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    I can't hear brainstorm at all whether I try focusing on it or not

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    I get it too matbob sqearpatt eh eh

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    Is it bad this video scared me

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    There’s more than 3 Yoda species. You’re forgetting Jedi Master Vandar Tokare from the KOTOR series of games.

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    Maybe they are oil

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    you don't blame people. you blame the crap director

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    He is the agent of chaos, pure chaos always strives for actual balance

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    11:00 ok but why do I look like that

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    If the pay off is 800 years as an adult I would gladly take 50 years a toddler

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    Well wouldn't a peaceful ecology lead to a long lifespan? Maybe Yoda's planet doesn't have predators, by having a threat to a species they reproduce faster to accommodate for there loses. So if no loses, then there wouldn't be a need to reproduce at a fast pace. We as humans face threats every day so we accommodate for it, but once you remove threat off the table... then you get a Yoda. But hey it's just a theory!

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    Have fun with COPPA couse of that intro

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    I don’t have cabble

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    This video was just an excuse to show off how cute Olly’s baby pictures are and I’m not complaining

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    theres actually four known yoda people theres one from the old republic era comics (he exists but i don't really know anything about him)

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    Okay, this took a turn, big head, big problem

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    I subscribed before you asked me to but if you lose you will do a PacificRim theory

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    Wasn’t Yoda a Jedi master at 100?

  66. Zack Dragon

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    15:38 This section makes me think Hemingway is Deadpool, not the other way around.

  67. MJ_ Might_be_fine

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    Also he used Rhett from good mythical morning. I just thought it was cool

  68. LavaringX

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    Alright, this is gonna blow your mind- Baby Yoda is 50, and the Mandalorian is set five years after Return of the Jedi. The Epoch of the Galactic Calendar is the Battle of Yavin, aka the events of A New Hope. This means that the Mandalorian is set in 9 ABY, because RotJ takes place 4 years after A New Hope. 50 minus 9 is 41, meaning that Baby Yoda was born in 41 BBY. You know who else was born in 41 BBY? Anakin Skywalker.

  69. Kepa Maetani

    Kepa MaetaniСаат мурун

    But what if after around 50 years maybe 60 years they can rapid age (I mean it is Star Wars) so that by the time of 70 they act like 20 year old humans. Also, Hutt babies get older before they are at the same stage as Baby Yoda So....

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    This is the way

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    Beginning of the video earned you a dislike

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    11:36 “baby tridactyls aren’t able to take care of themselves” Baby Yoda: “devours frogs”

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    After a dab will do ya its just him repeating the rest of the things he said in the video no cringy memes

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    lame starwars is never about complots its never about jedi ore sith is just wars on planets and space

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    When it hit you what he was doing in the beginning... thumbs up if you felt the sharp pain in your lungs

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    I have a feeling that Mat made this episode to show off his baby's photos

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    imagine being matpat kid, that would be lit😭

  87. John Verhoeven

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    The council is shown in the new star trek discovery series which took place before any other series it was a prequel so the multi ethnic council predates any of the movies

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    50 was a mistake. We are talking about disney writers after all

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    it was said that all might flex’s all of his muscles to gain his muscle form, maybe he has some other resistance to damage tho

  90. xzCeeJayzx

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    Baby Yoda is just a glorified way to get more merchandise sold faster. *and I love it.*

  91. John Verhoeven

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    But matpat the federation is run by a concil of planets and different races it is a mega alliance rather than a unified state therefore if the federation if fascist there would be no chance of a multi ethnic council

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    I think your song is what made it put on the trending list.

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    Wholesome intro

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    So May OWNS a toddler ? 😂

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    The stock sound of the emporers laugh is either from ep 6 after luke forces his lightsaber to meet vader. , or palpatines duel with yoda

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    Would be fun if Disney made Star Wars preprequel trylogy, how all of this started. It would like: 4 Trylogy - started with armies of Jedi and armies of Sith knights - ended with armies of Jedi and some Sith knights 2 Trylogy - started with armies of Jedi and some Sith knights - ended with some Jedi and some Sith knights 1 Trylogy - started with some Jedi and some Sith knights - ended with some Jedi and no Sith knights 3 Trylogy - started with some Jedi and no Sith knights - ended with no Jedi and no Sith knights

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    I love the videos, but could you guys put on-screen citations? I like to research things on my own after your videos, but sometimes it's hard to find a starting point. (I was most interested in the longer childhood research)

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