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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).
Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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League 10-Year | Live from Europe
  1. Jean

    JeanКүн мурун

    1:10 best scene

  2. Byeolguli

    ByeolguliКүн мурун

    3:00 W

  3. Hero Ykt

    Hero YktКүн мурун

    i like leage of legens!!!! no no no i LOVE leage of legens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CulpritS

    CulpritSКүн мурун

    Report lux.. Troll

  5. 꿀잼게임TV

    꿀잼게임TVКүн мурун

    한국사람 모여라...

  6. Thanh Chương Nguyễn

    Thanh Chương NguyễnКүн мурун

    Yasou is a DJ

  7. 이충민

    이충민Күн мурун

    왜 한국댓글이 없노

  8. Sen Xei

    Sen XeiКүн мурун

    KGwork: Ok new LoL players so this is the guy who invented the runes....

  9. Rainier Terez

    Rainier TerezКүн мурун

    i want to rework ramble pls riot :<

  10. Sir Johnathon

    Sir JohnathonКүн мурун

    So we just gonna pretend that isn't Yone's (Yasuo's brother) sword right there at 4:24 ?

  11. SomeDudeOnThe Internet

    SomeDudeOnThe InternetКүн мурун

    I like glitchy boi

  12. Matt

    MattКүн мурун

    Is it based on Solo or Flex rank?

  13. L1M4UM

    L1M4UMКүн мурун

    Você caiu na cópia do corno grátis, parabéns!!

  14. Talles Rodrigues

    Talles RodriguesКүн мурун

    Cool. But Warriors 2014 is better.

  15. denki

    denkiКүн мурун

    This is how to advertise

  16. Diabolic \m/

    Diabolic \m/Күн мурун

    Begining of the cancer. :/ everything start with this...

  17. rin okumura

    rin okumuraКүн мурун

    Enthernal in yasuo is level 7 badge spam

  18. nick jose

    nick joseКүн мурун

    Gente o da garena ficou mais TOP kkk sendo que ela copioi

  19. Glairton Moreira

    Glairton MoreiraКүн мурун

    Wtf kkkk

  20. rin okumura

    rin okumuraКүн мурун

    Yasuo is most popular then lux. Auto pick auto ban then not popular? Lol

  21. Alisha M.D

    Alisha M.DКүн мурун

    Algún español aquí? .w.

  22. MakaroV PsYFouR

    MakaroV PsYFouRКүн мурун


  23. rin okumura

    rin okumuraКүн мурун

    Most popular champion yasuo not in the list. Wtf whe

  24. 입니다쿠로송

    입니다쿠로송Күн мурун


  25. Marco Ibañez

    Marco IbañezКүн мурун

    Ah i remember when i unistall lol now im regreting :'c My HONOR left

  26. Mike Holman

    Mike HolmanКүн мурун

    And grandson, during the war we used to play this game called league of legends

  27. Darnell Woods

    Darnell WoodsКүн мурун

    GGWP Vi cant peel for adc FF@15

  28. Sasha Roserain

    Sasha RoserainКүн мурун

    I am hyped but I am using this for StarStable...........

  29. Miblue

    MiblueКүн мурун

    o menino parece o Super Shock mano kkk

  30. MakaroV PsYFouR

    MakaroV PsYFouRКүн мурун

    still better love story than twilight

  31. geovani jimmy

    geovani jimmyКүн мурун

    Que clase de frin frierr es esto :c

  32. DGZINN

    DGZINNКүн мурун

    Nem é copia mizera

  33. Randy Araujo

    Randy AraujoКүн мурун

    I just realized that ezreal is stealing the tear of the goddess

  34. Ilustranyan Moon

    Ilustranyan MoonКүн мурун

    omg why i luv so much Lily

  35. Malcon Ribeiro

    Malcon RibeiroКүн мурун

    Quem conhece o solzinho sabe o peso de cada música que a Riot escolhe pra representar em seus clipes !

  36. Edkun tolentino

    Edkun tolentinoКүн мурун

    Sooo battle academia is a thing for sett ?

  37. Sara-Chocolatefries

    Sara-ChocolatefriesКүн мурун

    Gamers are so awkward 😂

  38. PBML

    PBMLКүн мурун

    2020 gang wya

  39. Alienigena Sad :,v

    Alienigena Sad :,vКүн мурун

    garena vio esto y no lo penso mas lo copio :v

  40. Seiign

    SeiignКүн мурун

    For everybody saying that Sylas looks like an assassin, funny thing is: the studio that made Awaken* (and some of the other league shorts) made most if not all Assassin's Creed's cinematics (that includes 2, Brotherhood and Revelations). *Awaken: Season 2019's cinematic

  41. ImFalido FF

    ImFalido FFКүн мурун


  42. I . T

    I . TКүн мурун

    Hey rito you’re stupid for trying reworking Akali

  43. Are_Jay

    Are_JayКүн мурун

    3-0 draven at 8 minutes be like

  44. Military studio

    Military studioКүн мурун

    썸네일 소련여자

  45. ElMarcianito

    ElMarcianitoКүн мурун

    Hola gamer juguemos ligofleyends

  46. 이헣

    이헣Күн мурун

    3:01 galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!galio! galio! galio!

  47. Tacticalstrike Gaming

    Tacticalstrike GamingКүн мурун

    Riot gotta make some music every year the pro league music are out right fire

  48. desroth

    desrothКүн мурун

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: Yasuo: *T-POSE TO ASSERT DOMINANCE*

  49. Joshua Cook

    Joshua CookКүн мурун


  50. Nyotnoti

    NyotnotiКүн мурун

    Am I the only one who only thinks the animation/cinematic/music is awesome and not thinking about memes/jokes on the video?

  51. Bryboss x

    Bryboss xКүн мурун


  52. Richard Morante

    Richard MoranteКүн мурун

    Next time vayne should be in the cinematics fighting evelynn because she want justice for her parents

  53. 생각비주얼

    생각비주얼Күн мурун


  54. desroth

    desrothКүн мурун

    Everyone: Amazing performance Yasuo: *T POSSES TO ASSERT ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE*

  55. Gerid Bowler

    Gerid BowlerКүн мурун

    Anyone else getting League's old cinematics in their recommended too?

  56. Holy Macaroni

    Holy MacaroniКүн мурун

    4.08 "during the waining phase" cant unhear it.

  57. The Punisher

    The PunisherКүн мурун

    Cuando sale?x d

  58. James Alex

    James AlexКүн мурун

    Mega super enjoy this

  59. collin luton

    collin lutonКүн мурун

    0:58 gave me chills anyone else?

  60. Ngáo Capuchino

    Ngáo CapuchinoКүн мурун

    So imba

  61. carolyn.cruz1106 Gatos

    carolyn.cruz1106 GatosКүн мурун

    Me encanto

  62. COLOM AK47

    COLOM AK47Күн мурун

    Halguien de español no entendí ni mierd*



    2:23 - 2:34 Giant mecha but is a teemo there. XD Teemo eat your mushrooms and grow your size XD

  64. Valentina Pineda

    Valentina PinedaКүн мурун

    lol that akali running like naruto at the end XD

  65. benjamin eriz

    benjamin erizКүн мурун

    esta animacion vale oro es vellisima

  66. 김시원

    김시원Күн мурун

    Faker is forever

  67. 남종연

    남종연Күн мурун

    Michudda dorradda

  68. 김시원

    김시원Күн мурун

    Fake is forever

  69. Dari Play

    Dari PlayКүн мурун

    The animation is beutyfull

  70. Eternal Asassins

    Eternal AsassinsКүн мурун

    Luego viene Garena y les copia xdd

  71. Anand Mongol

    Anand MongolКүн мурун

    How they put anime characters walking on stage???

  72. fan cứng Bi Usagii

    fan cứng Bi UsagiiКүн мурун


  73. COLOM AK47

    COLOM AK47Күн мурун

    Like si no entendiste ni mierd*

  74. Allan Da Silva Melo Allan Brado

    Allan Da Silva Melo Allan BradoКүн мурун


  75. Arts by Phoenix

    Arts by PhoenixКүн мурун

    Who else fell hard down the K-Pop hole because of this song??

  76. ErickGames

    ErickGamesКүн мурун

    Es mejor FRE FIRE 😂😂😂

  77. ϟ爪丹ㄥ口K丹ツ z

    ϟ爪丹ㄥ口K丹ツ zКүн мурун


  78. Myu Dz

    Myu DzКүн мурун

    couldnt fit any more dead memes in the video huh?

  79. Wesley Lima

    Wesley LimaКүн мурун

    É impressionante como a versão ao vivo é igual à gravada em estúdio... Que vozes !!!

  80. Joan GT DS

    Joan GT DSКүн мурун

    I love it

  81. Joan GT DS

    Joan GT DSКүн мурун

    I need it!!!!!

  82. Putino31

    Putino31Күн мурун

    I'm suprised that no one mentioned that Graves actually got his cigar back

  83. valentina S

    valentina SКүн мурун

    0:03 Senna Prestige Edition?

  84. svckJツᏒᎶᎬ ᎪᏟ

    svckJツᏒᎶᎬ ᎪᏟКүн мурун

    Como no se van a morir las leyendas si se murio juice WRLD :,,(

  85. joelma lisboa dos santos

    joelma lisboa dos santosКүн мурун

    estou começando a gostar de league o of legends e de mobilie legends

  86. Antonio Cortés

    Antonio CortésКүн мурун

    Frifai se "inspiró" en este video para sacar su propia canción. XD

  87. Taras1617

    Taras1617Күн мурун

    This ad is really cringe tbh. It's like he's trying to be funny, and be "cool with the kids", but fails miserably. Kinda reminds me of that mighty number 9 trailer guy

  88. Sandam McGucket

    Sandam McGucketКүн мурун

    El inicio es similar al inicio de Sonnie's Edge

  89. Antonio Cortés

    Antonio CortésКүн мурун

    Frifai se "inspiró" en este video para sacar su propia canción. XD


    OKEH KHEYOКүн мурун

    This song is inspiring me not going to school but to play league

  91. Ziabatsu

    ZiabatsuКүн мурун

    Nice! You just made tens of people happy!

  92. Francisco Juin

    Francisco JuinКүн мурун

    muchas gracias riot games por exitarme con la parte de los tres puñetazos de Vi

  93. Bruxo FF

    Bruxo FFКүн мурун

    F R E E F I R E 🔥

  94. Astraluz

    AstraluzКүн мурун


  95. Trey Hippensteal

    Trey HippenstealКүн мурун

    3:08- two things, and i dont LoL ... yet. 1. Standby for Titanfall 2. (if people watch Highrollers dnd, you'll get this) "Find the Prime"

  96. Justin Kim

    Justin KimКүн мурун

    Riot and these amazing scenes man..

  97. Chronos Ares

    Chronos AresКүн мурун

    Alguien más noto la referencia del anime No Game No Life

  98. Jorgito :3

    Jorgito :3Күн мурун

    Pero no que se llamaba i am fire?

  99. MAKOI 068

    MAKOI 068Күн мурун