julien solomita
julien solomita
julien solomita

i make videos that range from dog birthday celebrations all the way to recklessly cooking in my kitchen. also sometimes featured are my girlfriend jenna as well as our pack of crying doggos; kermit, peach, marbles and bunny

i made pozole rojo (mexican soup)
trying to deep fry ice cream

trying to deep fry ice cream

9 күн мурун

i made a lentil loaf for jenna

i made a lentil loaf for jenna

26 күн мурун

i tried making cheez-its
next stop pies!

next stop pies!

Ай мурун

making cornbread is really easy
i competed in jiu jitsu

i competed in jiu jitsu

2 ай мурун

i tried making a bloomin' onion
i made a better chicken sandwich
two vet appointments in one day
making sushi is really easy
kermit's 9th birthday

kermit's 9th birthday

7 ай мурун

peach's 5th birthday

peach's 5th birthday

7 ай мурун

bunny's first birthday party
making tofu that doesn't suck
trying to make diy lays chips
making a giant aries cookie

making a giant aries cookie

10 ай мурун

aries season (official trailer)
i got a tattoo at a tattoo expo
i got an italian greyhound tattoo
my new animal friends

my new animal friends

Жыл мурун

j&j's kitchen for a rainy day
home improvement

home improvement

Жыл мурун

crying for no reason

crying for no reason

Жыл мурун

my tribute to buttercup

my tribute to buttercup

Жыл мурун

kermit got bit by a spider
we threw a party with glow sticks
stress day

stress day

Жыл мурун

back in the tattoo chair

back in the tattoo chair

Жыл мурун

julien's kitchen - pad thai
a struggle at dinner

a struggle at dinner

Жыл мурун

kermit is an aggressive kisser
what kind of dog is this (cat)
an excited boy

an excited boy

Жыл мурун

an aries in the kitchen

an aries in the kitchen

Жыл мурун

kermit stepped in oil paint
the story behind my tattoo
peach and a pelican

peach and a pelican

Жыл мурун

our car eating show (vegan poke)
coming up for air

coming up for air

Жыл мурун

i got a new car

i got a new car

Жыл мурун

kermit fell into the pool

kermit fell into the pool

Жыл мурун

something fun i'm doing

something fun i'm doing

Жыл мурун

family dinner

family dinner

Жыл мурун

dog massage

dog massage

Жыл мурун

the second part

the second part

Жыл мурун

kermit got stung by a bee

kermit got stung by a bee

Жыл мурун

too thicc

too thicc

Жыл мурун

vegan pad thai *hunger warning*
scratching lottery tickets
our curry eating show (mukbang)
taking care of our cermets
kermit’s 8th birthday

kermit’s 8th birthday

Жыл мурун

peachy's 4th birthday

peachy's 4th birthday

Жыл мурун

mr. marbles 10th birthday

mr. marbles 10th birthday

Жыл мурун

a new chapter

a new chapter

Жыл мурун

we bought a house and moved
our pizza eating show (mukbang)
insecure dog

insecure dog

Жыл мурун

looking at memes with my dad
the most ratchet salon

the most ratchet salon

Жыл мурун

making our (vegan) hot ones
an aries birthday

an aries birthday

Жыл мурун

hey sisters

hey sisters

Жыл мурун

we got tattoos

we got tattoos

Жыл мурун

a tribute to our hamster

a tribute to our hamster

Жыл мурун

  1. Anne Hellwig

    Anne HellwigКүн мурун

    Yummy as usual, Solomita. Another recipe I will never make 🥰

  2. Nicole Day

    Nicole DayКүн мурун

    Nice choice, Julie

  3. esme

    esmeКүн мурун

    when julien make da spice

  4. a

    aКүн мурун

    when he busted out the repollo I felt proud for some reason

  5. Rhonda M

    Rhonda MКүн мурун

    He said I’m a Mexican cook nowwwww

  6. We Are Legion

    We Are LegionКүн мурун

    Can you make Corn nuts with the hominy, like making chickpea snacks?

  7. Jackie Barajas

    Jackie BarajasКүн мурун

    Update my mom and i are making pozole now 😂😂 gracias julien

  8. JooJooBee

    JooJooBeeКүн мурун

    Julien: I made pozole rojo Me (a Mexican): i am intrigued by this

  9. Know Your Produce

    Know Your ProduceКүн мурун

    *clicks over to read recipe >> pork shoulder and pigs feet 😵 Legit thought I subscribed to the wrong channel for a second, I'm down with the beyond! 😊

  10. J B

    J BКүн мурун

    Those charred shots are incredibly beautiful tho.

  11. invaderjam

    invaderjamКүн мурун

    did anyone else go for the hug thru the screen ? no? just me ? okay..

  12. attackofthedro

    attackofthedroКүн мурун

    Yes Julien! We are so proud of you execution of this and that you guys loved it 🇲🇽 this is one of my favorite meals and the only thing I ask of my mom when my birthday comes around.

  13. MimiVi

    MimiViКүн мурун

    That looks so amazing!

  14. Venmo y0alex

    Venmo y0alexКүн мурун

    I just barely clicked onto the video but I love it already pozole is my fav. Try making pozole verde too!!!!

  15. Ana Karina

    Ana KarinaКүн мурун

    I like how Julien much like my Mexican family just eyeballs the proportions

  16. juanki cardenas

    juanki cardenasКүн мурун

    Man pozole is so good, as a Mexican I can corn-firm jaja get it cuz it has corn lmao

  17. Simplisticated

    SimplisticatedКүн мурун

    Ahaha I love the title. Mexican Soup. 😂♥️ Thanks Julien for representing us. 😉

  18. Crystal M

    Crystal MКүн мурун

    I love pozole 💖 We just made pozole yesterday at my grandma's house.

  19. Sarah Medrano

    Sarah MedranoКүн мурун

    DUDE this is so well timed, my dad is making menudo rn, and pozole & menudo are my favs🥵

  20. AKnight OfNight

    AKnight OfNightКүн мурун

    Wish the music was just a little bit quieter while your still talking

  21. Chelsea Witt

    Chelsea WittКүн мурун


  22. Laurie Myers

    Laurie MyersКүн мурун

    Nice! Looking for a yummy soup on this -10 degree-wind-chill-day in Missouri! Hubby is heading to the store for Pasta Fagioli but I think he’d like to try this!!

  23. dirt bag

    dirt bagКүн мурун

    when he pretended to take the knife to the can it reminded me of when my homony can broke my can opener. and i scliced my palm open and needed to go to the er to get stitches fun times lol

  24. camila

    camilaКүн мурун

    when you threw the chopped sausage into the pot i was like "oh he missed one" but then i realised that, that was in fact, your finger

  25. David Ortega

    David OrtegaКүн мурун

    Is there anything better that Mexican food? no, the answer is no.

  26. Jazmin Ingram

    Jazmin IngramКүн мурун

    This gave me flashbacks from the time the mexican community flipped out over how this one caucasian lady totally messed up a pozole recipe. Rocko Rockz made a video about it. Lol.

  27. Alex V

    Alex VКүн мурун

    This honestly looks like the pozole I ate growing up. You really did it to em like my abuela used to do it to em. Good job Julien!

  28. Grace Sung

    Grace SungКүн мурун

    You should make some Vietnamese food!

  29. gaby

    gabyКүн мурун

    julien: hominy me: ??? julien: [shows hominy] me: OHHH MOTÉ

  30. C. K.

    C. K.Күн мурун

    I must be really hungry bc I can smell those peppers through the screen🍲🌶🌡😍

  31. padillalili

    padillaliliКүн мурун

    JULIEN: (en español) Sabias que se lo teniamos que hacer. Me: gracias.😫

  32. an inside job was 911

    an inside job was 911Күн мурун

    why do i keep watching these and then want whatever juliens making but i never make it and just sit there sad

  33. River Cousins

    River CousinsКүн мурун

    Literally just finished making soup for dinner and now I get to watch fun soup making videos while I eat my s o u p

  34. Val's Review

    Val's ReviewКүн мурун

    This is great, fantastic job looks delicious

  35. Amber Masterson

    Amber MastersonКүн мурун

    Hominy is fucking bomb. Heat them on the stove with some butter.

  36. Mayra De

    Mayra DeКүн мурун

    my mommy’s favorite video love it

  37. Yeet On them

    Yeet On themКүн мурун

    Youre invited to la carne asada

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    omg!!! haven't had pozole in forever!!!

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    Hell yeahhhh mexican represent🙋🏻‍♀️

  42. yulissa aldana

    yulissa aldanaКүн мурун

    as a fellow mexican i was so excited to see you try this recipes, i think you did great!

  43. Ximena Elenasa

    Ximena ElenasaКүн мурун

    I stopped everything to watch this, us Mexicans have been waiting for this

  44. thecolorfulvegan

    thecolorfulveganКүн мурун

    My families gonna give me mad ups for showing up at Christmas with this bc we have this every year as a traditional Mexican families

  45. Patrick Chase

    Patrick ChaseКүн мурун

    I’m stressing in the middle of this video worried that he’s going to touch his eyes after working with all those peppers.

  46. Marissa Peterson

    Marissa PetersonКүн мурун

    Omg julien me and my bff want you to cater our weddings in the future half joking half not dink fam 4 life

  47. Ellie Burgin

    Ellie BurginКүн мурун

    You can literally have a hug

  48. Anonymuse

    AnonymuseКүн мурун

    Pro tip #1: I see your spices are next to your stove. In theory to grab them sounds practical but in actuality it’s the last place you want them to be because when the steam comes up from the pans it often enters the spices affecting them in many ways, including causing them to harden up. Don’t ask me how I know. Ok, yes I learned the “hard” way unfortunately.

  49. Living With Liberty

    Living With LibertyКүн мурун

    That time I was this early was when I got my period at the beginning of a shift

  50. Junior X

    Junior XКүн мурун

    it’s soooo fun watching someone make food that you’re familiar with. i feel so comfy and at home!!

  51. Kariologyy

    KariologyyКүн мурун

    I’m scaaaaaaaared to watch this! But excited because I’m a vegetarian and if this turns out good, maybe I can remake this! I haven’t had pozole in 10 years :( 🇲🇽

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    stonksКүн мурун


  53. lee butters

    lee buttersКүн мурун

    No its a southern ingredient, it's called grits.

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    Alexandra RosaКүн мурун

    Perfect video to watch while I chop my hair myself and dye it pink let’s get fucked fam

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    Cecilia BarcenasКүн мурун

    Please do a video following a BA Test Kitchen recipe/video. *Cough* GOURMET MAKES WITH CLAIRE *Cough*

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    my mexican heart has been full!!!! ♥️

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    I'm so glad I have my notifications on because I'm first

  61. Victoria Reynoso

    Victoria ReynosoКүн мурун

    Aww.. thank you Julie. It’s so nice to see people respect, love, and enjoy cooking traditional Mexican meals. Mí abuelita used to make me pozole and videos like this just take me back 🧡

  62. Marisa Rubalcava

    Marisa RubalcavaКүн мурун

    I made pozole rojo with my dad using my grandmother’s recipe this new years day. This is so sweet and it warms my heart to see pozole being enjoyed by everyone. I’ve loved pozole all my life and I hope everyone enjoys it too

  63. Paper

    PaperКүн мурун

    You should do a series where you try to recreate foods from different countries! It would be an added challenge seeing as lot of traditional foods would be difficult to recreate using vegan and gluten free, just an idea :)

  64. PIX 27

    PIX 27Күн мурун

    Why does it sound weird calling pozole Mexican soup lmao, in not used it but I guess it is

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    Luckily I saw ur tweet because I didn’t get a notification about the upload. Lately I haven’t been getting notifications from my fave youtubers the function is not serving its purpose :/

  67. rockin' robin

    rockin' robinКүн мурун

    As a Mexican I think Julien did really good I'd definitely eat it

  68. Nancy Calderon

    Nancy CalderonКүн мурун

    You should try using soy meat! It tastes really great, I personally love chicken pozole. And I love adding lettuce, oregano, lime, radish, onion, and a bit of red pepper. But I've seen families add cabbage instead of lettuce, either way is great. And you have to eat pozole with tostadas.

  69. Shelby

    ShelbyКүн мурун

    when i was a kid my mom used to fry hominy in a pan with butter and salt. such a nice comfort food.

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    Madison PospisilКүн мурун

    I love when my mother in law makes pozole ❤️❤️ it's my new favorite winter time tradition

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    Diana CocoКүн мурун

    Hell yeah being Mexican making pozole can be hard but once you get it down it’s super easy

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    sweetsundaew/ 6xtrascoopsКүн мурун

    Hominy aka corn nuts

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    a girl has no nameКүн мурун

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    it’s stew but good job

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    Staedler StaedlerrКүн мурун

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    big chungusКүн мурун

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    Wilma EliassonКүн мурун

    would you ever do like a "real time cook with me" or something like that? like you don't cut anything out from the video? i personally would enjoy that!

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    Emily SianezКүн мурун

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  88. María José Fernandez

    María José FernandezКүн мурун

    Fun fact about pozole, it’s believed that originally the Aztecs served pozole when there was a ceremony for a god and it was served with human meat from a prisoner that was sacrificed for the ceremony.

  89. Arianah Truesdale

    Arianah TruesdaleКүн мурун

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    Dee 10103Күн мурун

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  91. X BelladonnaTears X

    X BelladonnaTears XКүн мурун

    I'm a native Texan from Dallas, pozole and Menudo are my favorite soups ever, you can get it everywhere on weekends, MENUDO IS LIFE!

  92. Lori Ann

    Lori AnnКүн мурун

    I am so on board with getting the biggest can of hominy you can find! I love me some hominy! Much love from Tennessee ❤️❤️❤️

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